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Before subscribing, please familiarize yourself with the information, options, and guidelines provided below. For additional information, access the eGroups Help Center.
  • The 'Greenbelters' eGroup is PUBLIC -- you need not subscribe in order to read messages at the website. However, you must subscribe in order to:
    • receive 'Greenbelters' messages via your e-mail account
    • post (send) messages to 'Greenbelters'
    • access extended 'Greenbelters' functions

  • To safeguard your personal e-mail account when registering, specify an eGroups sign-in password that is different from your e-mail account password.

  • After registering, various configuration options are available at the website to customize your eGroups service and your personal profile.

  • At the eGroups website, messages can be viewed and posted, if desired, in "bulletin-board" style (i.e., with threaded responses).

  • Be advised that the eGroups website uses browser cookies (at your option). If you specify "Remember Me" at sign-in, your sign-in information will be stored in a cookie for use upon your next visit to eGroups. However, if you sign out before leaving eGroups, the cookie will be deleted.

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For your convenience, or if the eGroups website doesn't like your browser, or if you don't like browser cookies, you can subscribe to and participate in the 'Greenbelters' eGroup via your e-mail account using the links provided above.
  • To subscribe by e-mail, simply send a blank message, then reply to the confirmation message you will receive in order to complete the process.

  • You must subscribe in order to post (send) messages to 'Greenbelters'.

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  • You may wish to subscribe to other eGroups. Be advised that other PUBLIC or PRIVATE Greenbelt eGroups, not related to 'Greenbelters', may be found in the eGroups directory.
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Please consult the comprehensive information provided at the eGroups Help Center before contacting your Group Administrator for assistance. Thank you.

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An Invitation from 'Greenbelters' to Greenbelters

eGroups is a free e-mail group service that allows you to easily create and join small e-mail groups. E-mail groups offer a convenient way to interact with others who share the same interests. Another name for an e-mail group is "listserv". An e-mail group service distributes a copy of each message it receives to all those who subscribe to the service.

The 'Greenbelters' eGroup was established by GHI resident Andy Carruthers for people who live or work in Greenbelt, Maryland. Please join and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to join, too! All local topics pertaining to Greenbelt (local politics, public safety, local history, community events, architecture, gardening, garage sales, etc.) are welcome. Commercial postings are welcome from businesses located within Greenbelt.

Here's your chance to speak your mind for all to see. The 'Greenbelters' eGroup is free, public, open and unmoderated (i.e., anyone may join or post messages to the group). Please be nice (or at least, polite).  :-)

Postings may be viewed by anyone at the eGroups website or received by subscribers via e-mail.

- Posted 6/2/00 by Community Webmaster in cooperation with Andy Carruthers

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eGroups Update

The listserv facility formerly known as eGroups is now called
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