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About Greenbelt
We're Cooperative!


Community Gallery

Take a walking tour through our growing collection of new and old photographs and art images in the Community Gallery. Your contributions to the gallery are encouraged and appreciated.

The gallery is also available for guest exhibitions by Greenbelt artists and photographers. For details, please contact the Community Webmaster.


Greenbelt History

Unlike most towns that develop gradually over a long period of time, Greenbelt, Maryland, was the first of three "green towns" built from scratch by Rexford Guy Tugwell's Resettlement Administration as part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Although many more green towns were planned, only two others were actually built, Greendale, Wisconsin, and Greenhills, Ohio.

For historical overviews, visit the Greenbelt Museum or the History of Greenbelt pages by the City of Greenbelt.

For fascinating details about Greenbelt's unique history, visit Virtual Greenbelt, a project under development by the University of Maryland in conjunction with the Greenbelt Museum. For a truly nostalgic experience, dig around in the project's photo box.

The Library of Congress American Memory project also displays a treasure trove of Old Greenbelt photos.

Finally, for a wealth of historical documents and information, visit the Tugwell Room of the Greenbelt Library.

Greenbelt Online

Neighborhood sites now online:

Greenbelters:  We need your help to develop material about other Greenbelt neighborhoods:
  • Boxwood Village
  • Charlestowne North
  • Charlestowne Village
  • Glen Oaks
  • Greenbrook Estates
  • Greenbrook Village
  • Greenspring
  • Greenspring II
  • Greenwood Village
  • Hunting Ridge
  • Lakeside
  • Lakeside North
  • Springhill Lake
  • University Square
  • Windsor Green
  • Other neighborhoods?

  • Buddy Attick Park
  • Northway Fields Park
  • Schrom Hills Park
  • Greenbelt Lake
  • Indian Creek
  • Other parks & fields?

  • Public facilities
  • Historical sites
  • Other sites?
Please send your community information and suggestions to the Community Webmaster; however, please send electronic images to Webmaster Images.

Thanks for your help!


Greenbelt Today

Visitors' Guide Relocation Guide
  • Real Estate - Washington Post classified listings of new homes, resale homes, rentals and apartments.
  • Rental Guide - Rental information for houses & apartments, storage units, trucks, automobiles, furniture, etc.
  • Job Search - Washington Post classified job listings and more.
  • Cost of Living Calculator - Compare living costs between two cities.
  • Schools - Prince George's County public & private schools.
  • Child Care - Area day care & pre-school providers.


Greenbelt Features



For more information about City of Greenbelt
location, government, departments, services and history,
visit Greenbelt CityLink or call 301-474-8000.


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