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The next meeting is on August 10th (2006) See Activity Annoucements for more information.

Welcome to the Greenbelt Geeks' webpage! Who are the Greenbelt Geeks? Well, we're an organization of people who know about, or are interested in learning more about computers. We provide a forum where you may get assistance with your technical needs. You may also host or attend free classes several times a year. If you're interested in them, click the link that says "Activity Annoucements", under the word "Navigation."

Joining The geeks?

    Want to join? The only requirement for you to join is that you're interested in joining! Feel free to show up at any of our meetings, a schedule will be posted on this website.

    Navigating The Site

    Pages such as news and other information show up under the word that says "navigation." Links in the box above the words saying "Other Important Sites" are not directly related to the Geeks; however, they may be worth visiting for information of interest or just to go back to the Greenbelt main page (which is already posted up there).