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Annual Membership Meeting
June 6, 2000
Meeting Minutes


The 2000 Annual Membership Meeting was held in the Senior Gallery at the Greenbelt Community Center, beginning at 7:00pm, immediately prior to the:


A generous table of food and beverages for attendees was provided by Social Director Ellen Lee (and family), beginning at 6:30pm and throughout the meeting.

Acting Secretary Neil McLeod provided an alphabetical register of Members in good standing, which Members in attendance signed to receive ballots.


    Members - Anne Andersen, Jim Bates, Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Charles Dickson, Carol Gordon, Mary Halford, Susan Jones, Gilbert Lee (presiding), Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Jean Snyder, Ray Stevens, Norma Van Allen, Joyce Wineland
    Guests - Uttam Chand, Jeff Clark, Ellen Lee, Katie Lee, Thomas Lee

At 7:00pm, Neil established the presence of a quorum (5% of the membership = 0.05*87 = 4.35 Members) and President Gilbert Lee called the meeting to order.

Neil provided evidence of proper notice to the membership regarding the time and place of the Annual Meeting.

  • Preliminary Agenda

    Members in attendance approved the agenda without change.

    Annual Reports

    "State of GIAC" Message:

    Welcome, Members and Friends, to the GIAC 4th Annual Meeting. My name is Gilbert Lee. I would like to take a moment to thank Ellen for providing the refreshments. Also many thanks to all the Directors and Officers for making this meeting possible.

    This time last year I was elected as a Director/Vice President. Brian Schieber was our newly elected President. Unfortunately for us, Brian found great job in Washington State. We all wished him luck in his new adventure. As Vice President, I was asked to act in his place. I was new with the workings of GIAC and really didn't know much about the job as President or Vice President. Eventually, I accepted the President's position. I learned a great deal about this organization with the help and support of Neil McLeod.

    The Board of Directors and committee members have operated as a team. Because we can rely on each other, we have accomplished much this year.

    The Audit Committee did a great job. They achieved the following objectives: verified the Member's journal balances, compared payments received to bank deposits, verified all disbursements, and evaluated GIAC record-keeping procedures. They met once a week between the months of February and April. They produced a ten page report which shows that GIAC is very healthy organization.

    We have improved our relationship with Chesapeake. Our work orders are now completed in a timely manner. But there are other ongoing issues that need to be worked on, which will be addressed by the new Board.

    The Legal Committee has made a step forward in our quest for tax-exempt status. They are in the process of redrafting the Articles of Incorporation to clarify our current mission and to better support our application for tax-exempt status as a charitable and educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

    The Board has made changes to the Bylaws and procedures to improve the workings of GIAC, discontinued the VIP program, and instituted a new incentive program in hopes of attracting volunteers to be Officers and class instructors.

    We have continued giving free computer classes for our Members and the Greenbelt community. These classes have generated interest in the Internet and also new Members.

    It has been a good first year for me. Thank you.

    - Gilbert Lee, President

    Activity Report:

    Hi. My name is Mary Camp. After Gilbert Lee accepted the GIAC presidency, I became the Vice President in March. During the past year GIAC has offered monthly free classes on a variety of computer topics, as listed below:

    • JUN 1999 - Annual Class Planning Open House (Gilbert Lee)
    • JUL 1999 - Internet Basics (Doug Love)
    • AUG 1999 - Basic E-Mail (Gilbert Lee)
    • SEP 1999 - Advanced E-Mail (Gilbert Lee)
    • OCT 1999 - Y2K (Steve Kane)
    • NOV 1999 - Buying a Computer (Mary Camp)
    • DEC 1999 - [cancelled]
    • JAN 2000 - Building a Webpage with HTML 4.0 (Larry G Hull)
    • FEB 2000 - Using Graphics Software on a PC (Mary Camp)
    • MAR 2000 - Five Easy Windows 95/98 Utilities (Mary Camp)
    • APR 2000 - PC Basics/Windows Basics (Bill Dupree)
    • MAY 2000 - Custom Forms in Word & WordPerfect (Mary Camp)
    • JUN 2000 - Custom Forms in Word & WordPerfect - Part 2 (Mary Camp)

    There are a number of activities planned for the next year. In July, we will have our second annual Class Planning Open House. During the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, we will have an information table on Saturday and will be in the parade on Monday. We are planning to have a parade of the "propeller-heads" and hope lots of you will turn out. In September, October and November, we will have three classes on building a webpage. These classes are consecutive, starting at the very beginning in September, and having constructed a webpage by November. In October, we are also planning on having our first Website Harvest party -- a combination website exchange and dessert pot luck. More details of these activities will be forthcoming in August and September.

    If there are classes you would like us to offer or activities that would benefit GIAC and the community, please e-mail your ideas to me at campm@greenbelt.com.

    I look forward to the coming year and hope to see you at our classes and activities.

    - Mary Camp, Vice President

    Membership Report:

    Account Statistics
    GIAC Members87161687
    Service Subscribers61162453
    E-mail accounts71202863
    FTP accounts49------41
    Website directories52------42

    Reasons for Resignation

    Unsatisfactory ISP service3
    Unsatisfactory GIAC service1
    Unhappy co-op experience2
    Nonpayment / payment dispute3
    Financial distress1
    Moved from service area3

    - Neil McLeod, System Administrator

    Financial Reports:

    Accounts Manager Portion (June, 1999 - April, 2000)

    After the Annual Meeting in June, 1999, GIAC struggled to find a permanent Treasurer. Finally, during a Special Membership Meeting held on August 10, Peggy Bates volunteered and was named by the Board to fill the vacant office. At the same meeting, a paid outsourcing arrangement with CENTER Enterprises was authorized under which most routine duties of the Treasurer related to the business operation of GREENBELT.COM were contracted to the Accounts Manager role (Neil McLeod) as an agent of CENTER Enterprises.

    This arrangement continued until completion of the 1999 Audit Committee Report and full conversion of GIAC accounting records into Quicken for Windows. As of April 4, 2000, the outsourcing contract was terminated by CENTER Enterprises and all GIAC financial records and duties were turned over to Treasurer Peggy Bates.

    - Neil McLeod, Accounts Manager

    Treasurer Portion (April, 2000 - May, 2000)

    There have been significant changes in the bookkeeping since the last Annual Meeting. There were three different people who held the Treasurer position. In the fall, a temporary outsourcing arrangement for bookkeeping was made with CENTER Enterprises. This finished in April and the Treasurer took over that duty. All the bookkeeping was brought into one software package (Quicken) by the Accounts Manager and then transitioned by the Treasurer to Quickbooks, which is now being used for all the financial transactions of the Cooperative. This allowed us to establish and create industry-standard financial reports, not only for the current fiscal year but for all the years since the Cooperative was founded.

    During February-March, an intensive and exhaustive audit of the books was conducted, back to the beginning of the Cooperative in 1996. During that audit, all the transactions of the Cooperative were checked, including: incoming payments (revenues), payments to the ISPs, reimbursements to Members, and other payments. All the Member Journal balances were checked for completeness and accuracy.

    Current financial status (through May, 2000):
     Net Income:
        2000-$257.00    $600.00 due to taxes in 1st half
         $150.00 due to outsourcing
    We expect to end the year in the black because we are refiling income taxes for the years 1997 and 1998 and are changing our tax reporting method from a cash basis to an accrual basis. This will result in a tax refund on the order of $500-$700.

    Still on the "to do" list:

    • Refile income taxes for prior years (1997-1998) and file for 1999 (filing extensions requested)
    • Investigate interest-bearing accounts for Members' equity (long term) and for checking accounts
    • Normal operating business

    In calendar year 1999 the net change in membership equity was -$200.00, due to more Members leaving than joining. From June 1999 through June 2000 there was no change in total membership equity ($800.00 received and $800.00 refunded).

  • Financial Summary - FY 1999
  • Financial Summary - FY 1999 (PDF format)*

    * Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read this file and is available via free download. If you wish to see a hardcopy version of the report, please contact the Treasurer at 301-419-8044.

    Finally, many thanks to non-Member Mary Halford for all her efforts in helping us during the 1999 audit, the transition to the Quickbooks software package, and the upcoming refiling of tax returns for previous years.

    - Peggy Bates, Treasurer

    Audit Committee Reports

  • 1998 Audit Committee Report - Part 1 - July 1, 1999
  • 1998 Audit Committee Report - Part 2 - July 29, 1999
  • 1998 Audit Committee Report - Part 3 - April 10, 2000
  • 1999 Audit Committee Report - April 12, 2000

    ISP Report:

    Transition to GIAC's current Internet service provider, Chesapeake Online, was still underway as of the Annual Meeting in June, 1999. As Acting System Administrator, Neil McLeod continued to coordinate the ISP transition through July. At a Special Membership Meeting on August 10, all account administration (work order) duties of the System Administrator related to the business operation of GREENBELT.COM were contracted to the Accounts Manager.

    At the same meeting, the ISP Committee volunteered its four members to cover the ISP interface duties of the vacant System Administrator role. From August until March, however, the committee did not fulfill any of those duties, nor meet with the ISP or with each other. Eventually, the committee was declared defunct by reason of nonfeasance. An ad hoc ISP Committee (Gilbert Lee, Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod) resumed negotions with Chesapeake Online with regard to the numerous problems that had been allowed to languish.

    After some misunderstandings had been clarified and some fences mended, the Board of Directors formally notified Chesapeake on April 7 that a requested service rate increase would not be paid until a particular list of outstanding service and support problems had been resolved. Chesapeake and GIAC are now working cooperatively to achieve those goals.

    Upon termination of the Accounts Manager role on April 4, Neil McLeod returned to full duty as the System Administrator and chair of the ISP Committee.

    - Neil McLeod, System Administrator

    Website Report:

    Community Website

    After three years, the website is still comprised primarily of the Community Calendar and the Community Directory, with no volunteers in sight to develop upgrades or enhancements.

    The Calendar is updated at least once each week by the Webmaster from a variety of sources, including newspapers, press releases and other online calendars. The GIAC Membership has not responded in any significant way to assist with maintaining or enhancing the Directory. Volunteers are needed to review and verify current listings, many of which by now are inevitably stale. No technical skills are required for this role. Contact the Community Webmaster to volunteer.

    Delegate (Neighborhood) Websites

    Volunteers are also needed to "adopt" and create webpage content for Greenbelt neighborhoods not now represented on the website (listed on the About Greenbelt webpage). Webmaster skills, while useful and welcome, are not required for this role; technical assistance is available. Contact the Community Webmaster to volunteer.

    Inactive Websites

    Most GIAC subscribers do not use their 5.0mb webspace allocation. As a service to the community, GIAC encourages subscribers to consider "donating" their unused websites to local nonprofit organizations. GIAC's current ISP agreement supports the creation of separate logins for the e-mail and FTP (website maintenance) portions of a subscriber's basic service account so that access to the website will not interfere with the subscriber's e-mail service. Contact the System Administrator for more information.

    - Neil McLeod, Webmaster

    Presentation of Awards

    Audit Committee chair Jim Bates was honored as GIAC Member of the Year in recognition of his successful planning and coordination of the most extensive audit of GIAC financial and membership records undertaken to date.

    Audit Committee member Mary Halford was awarded a GIAC Certificate of Appreciation and a monetary gift in recognition of her major contributions to the upgrade of GIAC financial accounting procedures and tax reporting.

    Old Business

    Distribution of Member Account Journals

      details, please ...

    Correction of Payment Coupons

      details, please ...

    Status of Interest-Bearing Accounts

      details, please ...

    - Peggy Bates, Treasurer

    Status of Application for Tax-Exemption

    Since its inception in April, 1996, GIAC has flirted with the idea of obtaining tax-exempt status for the dual purposes of eliminating the burdens of income and property tax and of qualifying GIAC to receive tax-deductible grants and donations. At the Annual Board Meeting in June, 1997, the GIAC Treasurer was tasked by the Board to perform a feasibility study, but the effort produced no actual progress or results.

    At the Annual Membership Meeting in June, 1998, the Membership authorized the Board to modify the Articles of Incorporation as needed to support applications to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the State of Maryland for tax-exempt status. Once again, the project languished.

    At the Annual Board Meeting in June, 1999, the Board tasked the Legal Committee to actively pursue the project and submit the applications. However, no accountabilities were established for the assignment, with the result that the committee met only three times during the entire GIAC administrative year.

    Despite the lack of concentrated attention, a modified Articles is now very near completion by the committee, as soon as possible after which the new language will be distributed via e-mail for approval by the Membership. Details regarding the rationale and costs of the applications will be included in the distributed proposal.

    - Neil McLeod, Member of Legal Committee

    New Business

    Change(s) to the Articles of Incorporation

    1. Proposed revisions to support application for tax-exemption
      • Details of this proposal are still in the hands of the Legal Committee.
    2. Motions from the floor (all tabled pending notifications)
      • None.

    Change(s) to the Bylaws

    1. Ratification of changes previously approved
      • Pre-approved changes were ratified by acclamation.
    2. Other proposed changes
      • None.
    3. Motions from the floor (all tabled pending notifications)
      • Neil McLeod proposed a bylaw change to clarify the authority of the Board to propose bylaw changes via website or e-mail, and of the membership to vote on such changes via e-mail, without the requirement of subsequent ratification in a regular or special membership meeting of bylaw changes so approved. The motion was seconded (by ?).
      • Doug Love proposed a bylaw change to reduce the number of Directors from nine to seven. The motion was seconded (by ?).
      • Neil McLeod proposed a bylaw change to require (and permit) any Director to serve on the Audit Committee (as opposed to the Vice President specifically). The motion was seconded (by ?). [Subsequent to the meeting, this proposal was modified to require any one Director to serve on each standing committee (as opposed to a specific Officer or principal for a particular committee, as now provided).]

    Appeal for Volunteers to Staff Jobs and Committees

    President Gilbert Lee made an appeal for volunteers to help with the tasks of the organization. The following Members volunteered to be appointed by the Board:

    • Norma Van Allen volunteered to act as Secretary until someone else volunteers.
    • Carol Gordon and Ray Stevens volunteered to serve on the Audit Committee.
    • Ray Stevens also volunteered to serve on the Legal Committee.
    • Doug Love volunteered to help Norma with her existing task of welcoming new Members.

  • Job & Committee Volunteers Needed

    Nomination & Election of Directors


  • Vacated Board Seats (6 of 9)


    Directors standing for reelection were Doug Love, Mary Camp and Peggy Bates. No additional Members in attendance could be persuaded to accept a nomination.

    Nominee Statements:

    [Inasmuch as all nominees were incumbents well-established in principal roles, statements of intent were not requested.]


    All three Director nominees, Doug Love, Mary Camp and Peggy Bates, were elected by acclamation, leaving three Board seats vacant.

    Other Business


  • The new (voice mail) telephone number for GIAC is 301-419-8044.

  • Mary Camp announced a class to be given by her at 7:00pm on June 28 at the Community Center: "Creating Custom Forms in Word & WordPerfect - Part 2".


    At approximately 9:15pm, the 2000 Annual Membership Meeting was recessed for the:


    - Notes 6/11/00 by Jean Snyder
    - Reformatted & edited 7/15/00 by Neil McLeod

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