Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative


Annual Membership Meeting

June 3, 2003

Meeting Minutes




The 2003 Annual Membership Meeting was held in the Greenbelt Community Center, beginning at 7:00 pm, immediately prior to the:



A generous table of food and beverages for attendees was provided by Social Director Ellen Lee (and family), beginning at 6:30pm and throughout the meeting.


Secretary Leonie Penney provided an alphabetical register of Members in good standing, which Members in attendance signed to receive ballots.




Members _ Alexander Barnes, Peggy Bates, Jessi Britton, Mary Camp, Austin Conaty, Ed James,

Bruce Kuhl, Gilbert Lee (presiding), Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Leonie Penney, Joyce Wineland.

Guests _ Agnes Conaty

At 7:00pm, Leonie established the presence of a quorum (5% of the membership = 0.05*102 = 5.1 Members) and President Gilbert Lee called the meeting to order.


Leonie provided evidence of proper notice to the membership regarding the time and place of the Annual Meeting.


Approval of Agenda: Peggy Bates moved, Joyce Wineland seconded, unanimously accepted.


Annual Reports


                    "State of GIAC" Message: (Gilbert Lee) See attachment A


                    Activity Report: (Mary Camp) See attachment B (missing)


                    Membership Report: (Leonie Penney) See attachment C


                    Treasurer Report: (Peggy Bates) See attachment D

Neil McLeod questioned whether a rebate was justified in the bylaws


                    ISP Report (Peggy Bates) See Attachment E


Ed James made a remark related to AOL. Bruce Kuhl had also a remark.

Joyce Wineland asked for a description of the SPAM blocking measures.

Peggy Bates will post a list of "bad" words (stringwords) in the Subject line,

which bounce the message back as SPAM.

Since people leave in order to get faster access, we should publicize

that it is possible to get DSL thru Boonet and still keep one's GIAC account.


                    Website Report (Neil McLeod) See Attachment F (missing)

Alexander Barnes, webmaster for Lakeside, got ? for free from Mapquest.

Will detail this.

Peggy Bates thanked Neil for all the work done.

Old Business


* Neil McLeod: help other Community Groups. Motion by Neil, seconded by Doug Love:

Board consider using its financial resources to support or assist appropriate local


In favor: 10, against 1. Passed


New Business


                    Appeal for volunteers to staff jobs and committees


See end of Attachment A. Mentioned during discussion: Legal Committee, Webmail

Development, SPAM.

Mary Camp appeals to volunteers to staff activities.

Jessi Britton may help.

Neil McLeod wants a stronger public presence. Motion by Neil, seconded by Gilbert Lee:

To make a stronger, visible effort to recruit people to volunteer.

Unanimously accepted.


The following motion was moved by Leonie Penney, seconded by Neil McLeod:

Consider a direct link from Greenbelt.com to the Resource Advocate Page.

Unanimously accepted.

Nomination and presentation of Director candidates


* Incumbents Gilbert Lee, Leonie Penney are nominated


* Nominations from the floor: Ed James, Neil McLeod



Election of Directors


* All four nominees are unanimously elected.


At 8:50 p.m., the 2003 Annual Membership Meeting was recessed for the

2003 Annual Board Meeting


Respectfully submitted,

Leonie Penney, Secretary