Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Annual Membership Meeting – June 9, 1998

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Jim Heagy, Chris Morris, Nancy Revis (Absent: Tom Crompton)

MEMBERS:     Nancy Allen, Anne Andersen, Carol Bailey, Jim Bates, Peggy Bates, Ralph Bram, Mark Miller, Steven Harper, Glenn Harris, Clement Lau (2 votes: himself and Greenbelt Swim Team), Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Patty Merryman, Claude Revis, Brian Schieber, Dorian Winterfeld

GUESTS:       Friazeal Anderson, Kitt Kling, Frieda Schieber




1.      Neil McLeod provided a list of Members in good standing (i.e., eligible to vote).  Members in attendance signed in to receive voting ballots.


2.      The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, with Nancy Revis presiding.

-         Agenda of the 1998 Annual Membership Meeting




3.      Secretary (Jim Heagy)

·         Jim established the presence of a quorum (5% of the membership = 0.05*75 = 3.75 Members) and provided evidence (postal receipt) of proper notice to the membership of the Annual Meeting.


4.      President (Nancy Revis)

·         Nancy gave a short "State of GIAC" address.  She stated that GIAC was in good condition and that she was proud of GIAC's accomplishments during the year.  She also thanked volunteers for their hard work.


5.      Vice President (Tom Crompton)

·         Tom sent his regrets from Florida.


6.      Treasurer (Chris Morris)

·         Chris reported that GIAC is a financially solvent organization with approximately $7000 in cash holdings.  Year to date income is $600.85 and the share value at the time of the meeting is $61.54/share, based on 75 Members.  The share value has been increasing steadily by approximately $1/month since the beginning of the calendar year. 


7.      Membership Committee (Neil McLeod)

·         Neil reported 76 Members of the Cooperative at the time of this Annual Meeting, compared to 50 Members in 1997.  Member services include 70 mailboxes and 56 websites.  Since the previous Annual Meeting there have been 12 resignations, most of which occurred during (or as a result of) our affiliation with DSI, GIAC’s previous Internet service provider.

·         Neil also explained our special relationship with the Greenbelt Library, where GIAC classes are held.  GIAC provides the Library with a free Internet connection in return for the use of the classroom.  GIAC classes are advertised in the Greenbelt News Review one week prior to the class, as well as in the Community Calendar.




NOTE:  Contrary to previously published voting plans, voting on the following issues was conducted separately from the election of Directors.  Pre-printed ballots were used to vote on the issues, while blank voting cards were used to vote for Directors (by writing in candidate initials).


8.      GIAC Articles of Incorporation

·         The Legal Committee reported that the Articles of Incorporation are in need of modification, pursuant to our application for tax-exempt status.  A motion was made to authorize the Legal Committee to initiate the required modifications.  The motion was voted on and passed.


9.      GIAC Bylaws

·         Proposed changes to GIAC Bylaws were discussed and debated.  Results of the vote were as follows:

Proposal 1 - Annual meeting change - not accepted

Proposal 2 - Voting requirement – accepted

Proposal 3 - Expectation of Director involvement – accepted

Proposal 4 - Secretary and Treasurer exemption from Board – accepted

Proposal 5 - Treasurer bond premium - accepted




10.  Vacancies

·         The number of vacant Board seats was five.


11.  Nominees

·         Board nominees appearing on the ballot at the time of the meeting were named:  Anne Andersen, Carol Bailey, Ralph Bram, Doug Love, Neil McLeod and Jeff Silvis.  Since Jeff Silvis was not present, his name was removed from the ballot.  Brian Schieber's name was added to the ballot.  There were no additional nominations.


12.  Nominee Statements

·         Brian Schieber expressed his desire to help GIAC, but stated that he was not big on meetings.

·         Anne Andersen expressed her interest in remaining on the Board, now that she was nearer to getting her computer on-line.

·         Carol Bailey expressed her desire to get more people involved in GIAC.

·         Ralph Bram said that he would concentrate on GIAC outreach to the Greenbelt community and its organizations.

·         Doug Love said that GIAC was a vibrant organization and that he was glad to serve on the Board.

·         Neil McLeod stated that he would continue to coordinate technical issues with the ISP.


13.  Voting

·         Members were asked to vote for five of the six nominees.  Results of the initial vote were as follows:

Anne Andersen:  8 votes

Carol Bailey:  19 votes

Ralph Bram:  18 votes

Doug Love:  19 votes

Neil McLeod:  18 votes

Brian Schieber:  18 votes

·         A tie-breaking vote was then conducted among Ralph Bram, Neil McLeod, and Brian Schieber to decide who would occupy the single one-year Board seat.  Neil McLeod won this vote.


14.  Results

Carol Bailey:  2-year term

Ralph Bram:  2-year term

Doug Love:  2-year term

Neil McLeod:  1-year term

Brian Schieber:  2-year term


NOTE:  To avoid past confusion regarding which Board seats were up for election, Directors were assigned to specific seats and policy established to vacate and re-elect even-numbered seats in even years and odd-numbered seats in odd years.




15.  Volunteers

·         With an aim toward the Volunteer Incentive Proposal discussed at the June Board Meeting, some Members gave statements about GIAC activities they would support during the coming year.

-         Patty Merryman stated her interest in continuing to help with classes.

-         Nancy Revis said she would lend a hand (and her husband's truck) in the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival.

-         Doug Love was still searching for a time and place for a GIAC anniversary party.

-         Jim Heagy volunteered to act as liaison between GIAC and SigmaNet to help resolve technical problems.




16.  At 9:10pm, the 1998 Annual Membership Meeting was recessed for the:





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