Minutes of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative Annual Membership Meeting, June 8, 1999


The meeting was held in the second floor Conference Room of the Greenbelt Community Center Nancy Revis, President, presided over her last official meeting. The meeting began at 7:05 p.m.

Members in good standing present: Dan Andrews, Jeanette Bass, Austin Conaty, Cathleen Cooney, William Dupree, Carol Gordon, Ed James, Clement Lau (2 votes; second vote represents swim team), Gilbert Lee, Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Patty Merryman, Chris Morris, Shawn O'Neil, Nancy Revis, Brian Schieber, Dorian Winterfeld, giving a total of 18 voting members.

Members in good standing were asked to sign in and receive voting ballots. Presence of a quorum (5% of the membership = 0.05*87 = 4 members), was established by the secretary.

State of GIAC

Nancy Revis, outgoing president, gave a short state of GIAC address. She stated that GIAC was in good condition and that she was proud of GIAC's accomplishments during the year. She also thanked volunteers for their hard work.

Vice President's Report

No Vice Presidents report.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Chris Morris reported that GIAC is a financially solvent organization, with approximately $10,300 in assets. The assets at the time of the meeting are up from last year, based on 87 members. Chris Morris will be stepping down as Treasurer and we need a new one. If you have some numbers background please come forward and help.

Membership Report

Neil McLeod gave the membership report. He reported that at this time last year GIAC had 76 members, compared to a total of 87 members at the time of this annual meeting. We lost 4 members in May due to none payment and one outside our service area. We announced the meeting in the Greenbelt News Review and the web site in the Community Calendar.as well as a postal mailing and e-mail to our members.

Auditing Committee Report tabled until July meeting.

Webmaster Report

The Webmaster reported that the GIAC Changed ISPs and that there were some technical problems in the changeover. Our old ISP tried to steal our Domain name. The transition has occurred and we have technical support. We will soon have telnet although out NT connection has a small glitch that we are addressing. Our new ISP Chesapeake is also business friendly and can provide a domain alias for a charge. Neil McLeod presented the Member of the Year award to Doug Love for teaching many classes and being there when needed whether asked or not. His constant support has helped GIAC survive and thrive.

Legal Committee

No bylaw changes appeared on the ballot. We need 2 members to help on the committee. This is why our tax-exempt status is on hold.

Board Elections

Before voting for the vacant Board seats was conducted, Patty Merryman explained the duties of the Board of Directors and Officers. She posted those names of members who came forward to volunteer and empty seats on the bulletin board. Since there was enough members to fill the seats on the Board, Director Bill Dupree who is also acting secretary resigned as a Board member to give someone else a chance at improving the input to the governing process. At this time the president asked those incoming officers why they wanted to serve and to share a little about themselves.:

Neil McLeod motioned to accept the new slate of officers by acclamation. Brian Schieber seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.