Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Annual Board Meeting – June 10, 1997

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Ann Andersen, Matt Elliott, Jim Heagy, Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Greg Meyer, Chris Morris, Nancy Revis (Absent: Clement Lau)

MEMBERS:     Dan Macy, Dorian Winterfeld




The 1997 Annual Board Meeting immediately followed the:




1.      The meeting was called to order at ~8:00pm, with Matt Elliott presiding.




2.      Officer Elections

·         The first order of business was the election of new Officers. Two nominations for President were made and seconded: Greg Meyer and Nancy Revis. Each made a short statement and an open vote was taken, the result of which was a 4-4 tie. A motion to have a second vote by secret ballot was made and seconded. The outcome was 5 in favor of Nancy Revis and 3 in favor of Greg Meyer, making Nancy Revis the new President of GIAC.

·         A motion was made to continue with the election of remaining Officers. The motion was seconded.

·         Outcomes were as follows:

Vice President:  Greg Meyer (uncontested)

Secretary:  Jim Heagy (uncontested)

Treasurer:  Chris Morris (uncontested)


3.      Transition Discussion

·         Jim Heagy brought up the possibility of newly elected Directors and Officers to meet with outgoing and remaining Directors and Officers for the purpose of discussing transition issues. Dan Macy suggested a cookout at his house. A tentative date of Sunday June 29 was set.

·         Neil McLeod discussed his willingness to stay on long enough to effect a smooth transition, but no longer. He recommended that the Board make an effort to find a replacement for his function as Website Manager.

·         Dan Macy added that Chris Morris (the new Treasurer) and Neil McLeod get together ASAP to discuss the transition.

·         Jim Heagy inquired about the legal stewardship of GIAC and what issues were involved in effecting this transition. Dan Macy advised that the Board should contact the Maryland Corporation Commission to change the resident agent of GIAC from himself to Nancy Revis.

·         Greg Meyer inquired about the phone numbers of newly elected Officers. They were given out and are:

Nancy Revis: 301-441-2771

Greg Meyer:  301-345-5285

Jim Heagy:  301-982-0279

Chris Morris:  301-595-0026




4.      Classes

·         Greg Meyer inquired about the next Internet class. The class is to be held at the Greenbelt Library, Wednesday, June 18, 1997, at 7:00pm. Doug Love said that he was going to bring a computer and projector.

·         Matt Elliott brought up the proposed Q&A session. It is intended to be less formal than a class - sort of an open "bull session" on Internet topics. The Q&A session is tentatively scheduled at 7:00pm on Monday, June 23, in the GATE Office in the Greenbelt Community Center.


5.      Internet Service Provider

·         Greg Meyer raised the issue of changing ISPs. Matt Elliott gave a brief history of previous efforts to form a committee to study the issue. Nancy Revis asked whether such a committee exists. Matt replied, "no", and added "DSI (the current provider) was essentially forced down GIAC's throat." Matt also said that he was willing to be on this committee, provided he is not THE committee. He added that US.NET, who gave an earlier presentation to GIAC, has yet to get back to GIAC.

·         Greg Meyer stated that before any such changes were made, a clear proposal should be spelled out and distributed to the membership.

·         Neil McLeod said that the issue of ISP change has come up repeatedly, but GIAC has lacked the people resources to give the matter the attention it deserves.

·         Doug Love proposed that he would favor the creation of a second domain that is cross-linked to the current one. He stated that this would ensure that one or the other domain would be up over the weekend.


6.      President’s Remarks (Nancy Revis)

·         After the ISP discussion, Nancy addressed the Board. She said that many new issues were brought up, but expressed concern over the possibility of taking on too much too soon. She (and others) emphasized the need to prioritize efforts.

·         Greg Meyer stated that Dorian Winterfeld be approached to contribute to the ISP issue.

·         Ann Anderson offered to help in the effort to seek a second provider, as she has collected much information on the subject.




7.      Scheduled Meetings

·         Matt Elliott suggested that the next Board Meeting be scheduled before adjourning. He added that traditionally the meetings are held the first Thursday of the month. Due to the 4th of July holiday, it was agreed to meet instead at 7:00pm on Thursday, July 10, in the GATE Office, and resume on the first Thursday of the month thereafter.

·         Neil McLeod proposed that the time of 7:00pm be universally adopted for Board Meetings. There was general agreement.

·         NOTE:  It was found out later that the GATE Office is no longer available for meetings not connected with TV access. Konrad Herling of GATE has volunteered to host the planned June 23 GIAC class, but the July 10 and subsequent Board Meetings will have to be held elsewhere.


8.      The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:50pm. Casual "offline" discussions continued after the meeting.



- 06/__/97 Posted by Jim Heagy
- 05/15/00 Edited by Neil McLeod

- 09/01/05 Reformatted by Neil McLeod