GIAC Monthly Meeting Minutes: 01/06/2000<

Minutes of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative Monthly
Meeting, January 6th, 2000


The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Gilbert Lee President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7:05 p.m.

Board Members and Officers present:Gilbert Lee, Bill Dupree, Ed James, Neil McLeod, Peggy Bates, Shawn O'Neil, Patty Merryman, Dan Andrews and Doug Love.

Guests and members: Anne Andersen and Dorian Winterfeld

Presidents Remarks

We will come back to the Secretary's report after addressing the Chesapeake situation. First the President indicated that the meeting with Joyce Brown was positive and four main items were addressed. The President turned over the meeting to Neil McLeod for the System Administrator's report:

All in all it was a good meeting with good attitudes and people acknowledging some problems. Rates were not discussed at that session. Neil is checking the CD for Keith Jahoda.

Secretary's Report

The Secretary has written up his post and duties from all existing sources on file and will have them posted to up date procedures. As requested the Secretary examined the website for errors or ommissions and found we needed to update references to our monthly meetings at the Greenbelt Library to indicate the Greenbelt Community Center. He found a typo on the Lakewood webpage, found that giac/policies/money.htm was returning a 404 error and had questions about whether Dan Macy's address should be revised in the articles posted to the web. Neil asked that all those officers or board members responsible for sites look over the sites for errors and outdated content.The Secretary also found references to conflicts of interest in regards to our pending outsourcing contract, but Neil asked that that be deferred to another time. Doug Love was asked if the New Deal Cafe was going to have a website and maybe cybercafes in the future. He would ask. GIAC's voice mail provider lost their primary programmer and is in jeopardy of closing. It was suggested by Patty Merryman to at least start looking, or find what CommWear Technologie's specific needs are.

Chesapeake's mass mailing of competitive service rates to GIAC subscribers

Peggy Bates relayed that the broadcast rate reduction had a window of a month and it would be unfair for all the membership and new members not to have the equal advantage of the offering. The board voted to not to pick up the offer. The Board commended Peggy Bates for the informative E-mail to our members about rates and the value they receive for their fees. Chesapeake has given us notice of a rate increase in February. The Board feels for many reasons that this increase is unwarranted because of the length of time we have been with Chesapeake, the level of service and the unmet promises. Peggy Bates will contact Joyce Brown as the Board representative in this matter. The Board felt we should draft a response to the matter since our verbal agreement is less than a year old and a notice to our customers has to be done so if they opt out the customers can find another internet service. The Board spoke to the matter of officers and Board members contacting the ISP directly. Only Gilbert Lee President and Neil McLeod Administrator are entrusted with that responsibility and only the Board can designate a representative on their behalf. Please refrain from freelancing if you have a problem come to a board meeting and use correct channels.

Vice President's Report

Patty Merryman brought up a good point about the need for members to come forward and participate in the Annual Audit. We need enough members to come forward so that the people associated with the expenditures not do the audit themselves. President Gilbert Lee will craft an E-mail to go out with explanation.

Legal Committee Report

OOPS we goofed! It was Doug Caprette who did the IRS research not Doug Love, our apologies.

Giac has received its tax package Account20 has offered to help Neil set up a chart of accounts. Our version of Quicken is Y2k compliant and our Dos version is dead.

Treasurer & Membership Committee Reports

Summary information for both committees can be found here .

Status of Outsourcing Contract

Articles of Incorporation investigated. Otherwise no progress.

Volunteer Activities and LOGO Contest

We Have A Winner!!! Nancy Allen has won the GIAC Logo Contest. She will receive a pass to three free classes, continuous recognition for her artistic abilities and our thanks.
Bill Dupree checked with Joe McNeil and Hank Irving of the City Recreation Center about the possibility of using a room and holding classes. There is space at the Community Center. Gilbert finalized a location over New Years.

Thanks to Gil's wife the Social Director for the fine cookies and drinks.

Next Meeting

The next monthly meeting is February 3rd 2000, 7 p.m. at the Greenbelt Police station.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

Remember your help means better service for all !!!