GIAC Monthly Meeting Minutes: 02/03/2000<

Minutes of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative Monthly
Meeting, February 3rd, 2000


The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Gilbert Lee President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7:01 p.m.

Board Members and Officers present:Gilbert Lee, Bill Dupree, Ed James, Neil McLeod, Peggy Bates, Shawn O'Neil, Patty Merryman.

Guests and/or members: Marsha Barrett, Jim Bates, Agnes and Austin Conaty, Mary Camp

Presidents Remarks

It is seven o'clock let's start the meeting:

Secretary's Report

The Secretary has posted his duties. As requested the Secretary canvassed multiple voicemail providers to find the most cost effective.They are eFax, who with which we have free fax to email, Ace VoiceMail and Tasco. The last two ran $14 to $14.95 per month with a $15 setup fee however eFax offered voice to email, voice to fax and standard voicemail with telephone pickup of messages for $2.95. We are investigating further about payment and local number availability. Patty Merryman suggested until we get the voice carrier in place we take rotation and had no problem getting board members and officers to volunteer.

Marsha Barrett of the Greenbelt Writers Group and member of GIAC asked for some time to discuss a liason between the groups to develope training and a computer lab that benefits GIAC classes and helping aspiring writers. Their group consists of 15 active members as well as a 40 to 80 person mailing list. She suggested we elect a liason person and that grant writing and fund raising could support the effort.Secretary was asked to give e-mail notice of upcoming class.

Chesapeake Issues Continued

We, GIAC, are not getting complete information on account activation status. We have asked why since September that Chesapeake has not come up to the same level of service that we received from SigmaNet. GIAC now received notice from Chesapeake that Bell Atlantic is doing upgrades in February which they hope improves line noise and access problems. Our customers felt unsupported and some have left because of it. We need to have Joyce Brown trust what we tell her and to forward information. We need work orders done in a thorough and complete manner and to have problems followed to resolution not placating customers with inaccurate technical reasons or excuses.In regards to CGI we have offered help to Chesapeake which could help us all. Gilbert Lee and Neil McLeod met with Joyce Brown again. There was no further talk of rate increases. The search for a new ISP has been put on hold at least through February to see how our service settles out. Our customized setup disc and CGI has been put on a lower priority list for now, because service matters are more important.

Vice President's Report

Patty Merryman moved Mary Camp fill the remainder of the Vice President term of office. It was said she had to be a member of the board first so they changed the motion to reflect her position and Neil seconded the effort it was passed unanimously. The motion that Mary Camp be GIAC's new Vice President was made by Neil McLeod, seconded by Patty Merriman and was passed by acclaimation. The Board and Officers welcomed Mary Camp. She will start her term with a class; Let's Get Creative - Using Graphical Software on your PC.

Treasurer & Membership Committee Reports

Summary information for both committees can be found here .

Auditing Committee Report

The auditing committee meeting will be Friday at Patty's house at 7pm.

Legal Committee

Gilbert will investigate status of the Legal Committee's progress. Jim Bates asked what was and it was explained that they set up their organization as charitable tax exempt and educational just like GIAC wants to do.

Unfinished Business or Other Issues

There will be an inservice training class for all officers and board members February 17th 7 pm at Peggy Bates house 1A Gardenway. An overview of responsibilities and duties will be presented by Neil McLeod as well as explanations of the GIAC website. There will be food and drink.

We are hopeful that a renewed relationship will develope with the New Deal Cafe. In the past GIAC has held CyberCafes and helped with their website. We again are willing to do so.
There will be an e-mail about the Audit distributed.

Health and Welfare

Gil's wife and our Social Director had an attack of sciatica. We hope she is ok and that she did not do it making us those fine cookies. Take care and be well.

Next Meeting

The next monthly meeting is the first Thursday! March 2, 2000, at 7 p.m. at the Greenbelt Police station.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 p.m.

Remember help someone with your knowledge. The rising tide floats all boats !!!