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Monthly Board Meeting
June 8, 2000
Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station, beginning at 7:03pm.


    Directors - Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Gilbert Lee (presiding), Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Norma Van Allen

  • Preliminary Agenda

    Monthly Reports


    The meeting began with an orientation for new Acting Secretary Norma Van Allen. As some duties of the office are outside Norma's experience, the Board promised to provide training and support to help elevate her technical skills and to phase in the total workload of the office. Meanwhile, certain tasks were temporarily assigned as follows:

    • Meeting minutes
      • Raw notes & transcription - Norma Van Allen
      • Distribution & consolidation of comments - Norma Van Allen
      • Final proofreading - Peggy Bates
      • Website posting - Neil McLeod
    • Notices of meetings/classes/events
      • Meetings (e-mail) - Gilbert Lee
      • Classes (e-mail) - Mary Camp
      • Classes (newspaper) - Gilbert Lee
      • All events (website) - Neil McLeod
    • Maintain membership records & voting list
      • Printed reports (monthly) - Neil McLeod
      • Website reports (monthly) - Neil McLeod
    • Maintain legal documents
      • Legal version (permanent file) - Peggy Bates
      • Printed version (working copy) - Legal Committee
      • Website version - Neil McLeod
    • Maintain GIAC forms & documentation
      • Membership forms
        • Printed version (membership kit) - Membership Committee
        • Website version - Neil McLeod
      • Attendance registers for meetings/classes/events
        • Meetings - Norma Van Allen
        • Classes - Mary Camp
        • Events - Officers
      • Administrative procedures documentation - Officers
    • Member of Membership Committee - Norma Van Allen

  • Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting - May 11, 2000 < Neil
  • Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting - June 6, 2000
  • Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting - June 6, 2000


    [Not much new to report since the Annual Meeting on June 6.]

    System Administrator:

    Neil McLeod distributed a membership roster and a voting list to each Officer present.

  • Account Summary - June 1, 2000

    Audit Committee:

    The Audit Committee will meet on July 20th and will need a Director to attend. A job credit of $10.00 will be given to the committee chairman in each month the committee meets and a progress report is submitted to the Board meeting.

    ISP Committee:

    At its next scheduled meeting, the ISP Committee will go over the problems outstanding with Chesapeake.

    Motions were made, seconded and carried that the ISP Committee become a standing committee and that the committee chair receive the job credit available to other standing committee chairs. Neil McLeod will look into the bylaw changes required to effect the change.

    Legal Committee:

    The Legal Committee will meet this month to continue dedrafting the Articles of Incorporation.

    Old Business

    Annual Meeting:

    Annual Report

    Neil McLeod had previously distributed to the Officers (via /giac/offline) a WordPerfect document detailing his portions of the Annual Report. Officers were asked to forward their portions to be consolidated into the final report.

    Notification to Committee Chairs

    Neil reminded the Officers to notify committee chairs regarding new policy provisions for incentives (job credits) and accountabilities (monthly meetings and written progress reports). To ensure proper application of job credits and avoidance of misunderstandings, it should always be clearly understood between the committee principals and the Treasurer which individual(s) on each standing committee are designated to bear accountability and earn the job credit, currently:

    • Audit Committee - Carol Gordon (acting chair)
    • ISP Committee - Doug Love (acting chair)
    • Legal Committee - Doug Caprette (chair)
    • Membership Committee - N/A
    Also, details of the new provisions, as well as any tracking procedures or mechanisms involved (reminiscent of the defunct VIP program), should be documented on the GIAC website for general reference.

    Notification of Vacancies

    Neil also reminded the Officers to continue by all means possible (e-mail / bulletin / newspaper) to seek candidates to fill important vacancies, currently:

    • Directors (3)
    • Assistant(s) to the Vice President
    • Understudy for the System Administrator
    • Understudy for the Community Webmaster
    • Delegate Webmasters

    Doug Love expressed interest in both of the technical understudy roles, but was unclear how much time he could spend in consideration of his employment and his GIAC committee roles.

    It was noted that the current overload of duties within the Vice President role would be somewhat alleviated by a substitution (as now proposed) of any Director to serve on the Audit Committee instead of the Vice President specifically.

    Bylaw Proposal

    A previously tabled motion, to decrease the number of Directors from nine to seven, remained tabled.

    Voice Mail Duty Roster:

    Gilbert Lee will establish and forward a new duty roster schedule to Neil McLeod to be posted online.

    Class Planning:

    Mary Camp reported that the class on June 28 will be "Custom Forms in Word & WordPerfect - Part 2", to be held in the Senior Gallery of the Community Center.

    The July class meeting will be "Class Planning Open House". Mary proposed a series of three website development classes, starting in September, with publicity for the classes beginning in August. Doug Love has offered to teach these classes.

    New Business

    Permanent Records:

    Peggy Bates suggested the acquisition of a fireproof box for GIAC permanent records (but no motion was offered).

    Procedures & Documentation:

    The Officers will meet next week to discuss procedure documentation and administration.


    Mary Camp will forward to the Secretary a list of all those attending classes to prompt GIAC recruiting activity.

    It was suggested that GIAC post flyers on bulletin boards at libraries, grocery stores, etc., in College Park, Berwyn Heights and Riverdale.

    Community Events:

    • Labor Day Festival:  It was suggested that GIAC participate in the Labor Day parade on September 4. Topic was tabled for discussion at a later date.


    Peggy Bates moved that Mary Halford be given a check for $50.00 in appreciation for all the work she has done on GIAC's financial and tax records. The motion was seconded and carried.


    The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, July 13, in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.

    The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00pm.

    - Notes 6/00 by Norma Van Allen
    - Reformatted & edited 7/15/00 by Neil McLeod

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