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Monthly Board Meeting
July 13, 2000
Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station, beginning at 7:05pm.


    Directors - Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Gilbert Lee (presiding), Doug Love, Neil McLeod
    Members - Ed James, Jean Snyder

  • Preliminary Agenda

    Monthly Reports


    As Acting Secretary Norma Van Allen will be unable to continue in that office, Peggy Bates volunteered to serve as recording secretary for this meeting. The principal office of GIAC Secretary remains vacant.

    Neil McLeod reminded that minutes of the Membership and Board Meetings held in June had not yet been posted, leaving important decisions and election results undocumented. Various minutes notes then magically appeared and, in the absence of a sitting Secretary, were given to Neil McLeod to be posted. For the benefit of this meeting, Neil briefly outlined the proceedings of those meetings from the notes just received.

    [Neil still needs from the Officers copies of their reports presented at the Annual Membership Meeting.]

  • Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting - June 6, 2000
  • Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting - June 6, 2000
  • Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting - June 8, 2000

    Vice President:

    Mary Camp reported that GIAC's most recent class meeting was kicked out of the reserved room halfway through the setup in favor of another group's meeting. The GIAC class was relocated to another room on the 2nd floor, where a band happened to be practicing nearby. Gilbert Lee will contact the Community Center management regarding the cancellation of GIAC's room reservation.

    A suggestion was made that class materials be posted on the GIAC website. Neil McLeod pointed out that web server directories already existed for this purpose [i.e., online class documents, as well as unpublished offline documents] and that previous class materials could be found there. At least one GIAC class was taught directly from pages posted on the instructor's personal website.

    A suggestion was made to change the class announcement to read "call to reserve a handout", rather than "call to reserve a seat", to encourage class attendance even without a reservation. All are welcome to attend classes--the purpose of reservations is to identify how many copies of handouts will be needed.

    There will be an Open House for class planning on a date yet to be determined (Tuesday, July 25, was suggested). Invitations will be extended to GHI, the City of Greenbelt, the Greenbelt News Review, and the Greenbelt Community Center.

    An instructor is still needed for the August class. Mary will check with former instructors and the general membership.


    Peggy Bates led a discussion on minimizing GIAC's tax burden by spending its earnings during each tax year. The discussion also touched on insurance issues with respect to owning equipment. Suggested spending possibilities:

    • Fireproof box for GIAC records
    • Digital camera
    • Leased computer (perhaps a laptop for use in classes)
    • Color printer (Doug Love will discuss sharing a printer with GATE)

    A motion was made and seconded to reimburse Peggy for the cost of QuickBooks accounting software, now used to maintain GIAC's financial records. The issue passed unanimously. With financial reports now readily available, Peggy will forward the information to Neil McLeod to be posted online.

  • Balance Sheet - July 1, 2000
  • Profit & Loss - June, 2000
  • Profit & Loss - January-June, 2000

    System Administrator:

    Neil McLeod distributed a membership roster and a voting list to each Officer present.

  • Account Summary - July 1, 2000

    Neil reported that GREENBELT.COM domain registration at InterNIC was recently updated to specify current ISP contact information.

    Procedures and rates have been established with Chesapeake to "attach" a registered domain name to a subscriber's GREENBELT.COM website directory. If desired, e-mail routing for the registered domain can also be established. This mechanism (negotiated as part of the original ISP agreement in May, 1999) provides a painless and inexpensive growth path for small business websites. Neil expects to actively market this feature to current and prospective business subscribers. Attaching 'www.centerway.com' to 'www.greenbelt.com/centerway' will soon be used as the test case.

    Joyce Brown of Chesapeake has indicated that all outstanding "back issues" (enumerated in a letter from the Board of Directors dated April 7, 2000) have now been resolved. Accordingly, she now wishes to receive the retroactive payment of increased service fees (effective with the February service month) that the Board promised upon resolution of the outstanding items. Neil will verify Joyce's claim and will coordinate with her to resolve any remaining issues.

    ISP Committee:  (no written report submitted)

    As promised to the Officers, System Administrator Neil McLeod, de facto chair of the ISP Committee, gathered up all outstanding ISP issues and gave one more try to this nonfeasant group by calling the first committee meeting of the new GIAC year on June 22. However, as no one showed up except Jim Bates (self-described committee kibitzer), Neil forthwith resigned from the committee, leaving it to whomever may become sufficiently motivated.

    [Neil did not, however, resign his key responsibility as GIAC's technical interface to the ISP. Any activities by current or future ISP Committee members or subscribers that involve communicating with ISP personnel about any technical matters beyond one's own dial-up connection should be conducted with this relationship (prescribed by Board policy) firmly in mind. Also, whether or not an ISP Committee exists or functions on any level, within the roles of System Administrator and Webmaster Neil will pursue with the ISP all technical issues related to the inherent needs of GREENBELT.COM.]

    A resurrected ISP Committee, chaired by Doug Love, met for one half hour on July 11. The committee reviewed recent job orders and discussed multiple e-mail problems, subscribers not connecting on the digital line group, and perl/CGI/Java topics. The next meeting of the committee has not been set.

    Neil mentioned that Dorian Winterfeld, in recognition of his professional expertise on the subject, had been authorized to act as "CGI Webmaster" to permit appropriate testing. Neil agreed to send the committee an overview of the CGI directory structure previously arranged with the ISP.

    Ed James inquired about the availability of DSL service at Chesapeake. Neil will broach that subject again during his next meeting with Joyce Brown.

    Legal Committee:  (no written report submitted)

    The Legal Committee met on June 15 to complete proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation that are designed to support GIAC's eventual application to the IRS for tax-exempt status. Board liaison and designated writer Neil McLeod (behind schedule, as usual) is putting finishing touches on the draft Articles and related changes to the Bylaws, after which his interim role on the committee will expire and Gilbert Lee will serve as Board liaison.

    At the June meeting, the committee welcomed the fresh thinking of new member Ray Stevens. Sadly, committee member (and original GIAC incorporator) Clement Lau announced his upcoming resignation and relocation to Montgomery County.

    After gaining approval of the amended Articles from the Board of Directors (and possible review of the Articles by any captive GIAC lawyers), the committee's next task will be to prepare an application for submission of the Articles to the State of Maryland for official approval. The application filing fee will be $40.00. As with the original filing in 1996, a certain number of "official incorporators" (legal residents of Maryland) will need to sign the Articles and application. The committee recommends that all eligible members of the Board of Directors and the Legal Committee should be named as the incorporators.

    Subsequently, if approved by Maryland, the new Articles will be used to support GIAC's application to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt status. The filing fee will be $150.00.

    The next meeting of the committee is scheduled at 8:00pm on Thursday, July 20, again at Doug Caprette's office.

    Audit Committee:  (no written report submitted)

    Peggy Bates reported that Carol Gordon had met with her and had started to verify all accounting system entries for FY 2000.

    Neil McLeod raised the issue of posting the 1999 Audit Committee report. It was previously agreed that no individually-identifiable information would be posted online. Peggy will arrange for Jim Bates to forward the report to Neil.

    Old Business

    Roll Call Voting by Directors:

    Neil McLeod reminded about a recent policy decision to record in the minutes the votes of individual Directors on all policy/procedure issues, whether at meetings or by e-mail.

    Board and Committee Vacancies:

    Gilbert Lee reminded that three Director seats and the office of GIAC Secretary are currently vacant.

    Gilbert will run articles in both the Greenbelt News Review and the Greenbelt Gazette, advertising the vacancies and inviting applications from any persons who may be interested.

    In response to a previous News Review article, three people had responded by voice mail but failed to appear at the next monthly meeting. Gilbert and Mary Camp will re-contact these individuals to determine their level of interest.

    Neil McLeod will contact the business Members of GIAC to seek participation by any of their principals or employees.

    Procedures & Documentation:

    Neil McLeod will distill update decisions from recent meeting minutes and forward information to the Officers.

    The Officers will meet next at Peggy Bates' house at 7:30pm on July 18, 2000.

    Activity Planning:

    Issues regarding GIAC's Information Day table during Labor Day Festival were discussed. Gilbert Lee will look into acquiring a free-standing canopy to provide shade for the table.

    New Business

    Bylaw Change Proposal:

    Doug Love proposed a reduction in the number of Directors from nine to seven. The idea behind the proposal was a concern for possible difficulty in assembling a quorum at Board meetings; however, a clarification of the existing rules for determining a quorum alleviated that concern without requiring a change to the bylaws.

    Tabled Items:

    Due to the lateness of the hour, Neil McLeod moved the remaining agenda items be tabled for discussion at a later time. Gilbert Lee seconded the motion, which was then carried by all Directors leaping to their feet.

    • Community Website appearance / new browsers
    • Overview of WIN31 connection issues


    The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, August 10, in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm.

    - Notes 7/31/00 by Peggy Bates
    - Reformatted & edited 8/6/00 by Neil McLeod

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