Monthly Board Meeting
September 14, 2000
Meeting Minutes



The meeting was called to order in the Green Room at the Greenbelt Police

Station at 7:08 p.m.

In the absence of a permanent Secretary, Doug Love volunteered to act as Recording Secretary for this meeting.


    Directors - Peggy Bates, Gilbert Lee (presiding), Doug Love
    Members - Anne Andersen, Jim Bates, Ed James, Jeff Travis, Joyce Wineland
    Guests - Leonie Penney


·        Preliminary Agenda

Monthly Reports


In the absence of a permanent Secretary, Gil Lee inquired whether Board members had reviewed the minutes from the Board meetings of 8 June, 13 July, and 10 August, as well as the minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting and the Annual Board Meeting of 6 June. No one had. Provisional approval was granted by consensus.



Vice President:

In Mary Camp’s absence, Doug Love reported briefly on the class entitled, “Building a Website: Part 1”, which he taught on 13 September. Doug felt that the class was well attended, although he did not have a sign-up sheet to record attendees. Doug will teach Part 2 of his 3-part class on 18 October. Leonie Penney commented that the majority of the attendees were women.


Peggy Bates reported that GIAC had $115 income last month, -$8.62 for the year. $580 was paid for out-of-house accounting earlier in the year. Gil spent $30 for the tent used for the GIAC information booth at the Labor Day Festival; he will keep it as his own and use it every year.


A slight profit is expected at the end of the year.


There were no takers for the drawing for 2 months free service.


The fireproof box has not yet been bought. It will cost $400 - $500.


System Administrator:

GIAC has 88 members, with 1 new connection in the previous month.

Discussion of outstanding issues with Chesapeake Online, our current ISP, were tabled in favor of the ISP Committee’s discussion of the search for a new provider.

Anne Andersen agreed to take over the post of System Administrator. Gil will stop monitoring the SYSMAN e-mail. Peggy asked Anne to stand for election as a Board member, to which she also agreed. A vote was taken among the eight members present; the result was unanimous in favor of Anne’s appointment. Lastly, Anne agreed to join the ISP Committee.

ISP Committee (no written report submitted):

Doug reported on two ISP Committee meetings that had taken place since the last Board meeting.

A list of candidate ISP’s to replace Chesapeake Online has been started. No formal initiative to contact candidates has been taken, although individual ISP Committee members have looked into various options on their own. Dorian Winterfeld has begun contacting ISP’s.


Ed reported that Zeke's Store in Arizona would give us the level of service we want, and wants to support us for $12/month. They have a local dialup deal.


Leonie Penney recommended her ISP, a small but reliable company called

Toward.Net in Virginia. She pays $19/month for 4 hours/day.


By unanimous vote, the Board directed the ISP Committee to begin contacting candidate ISP’s. Gil will review the RFP at the next ISP Committee meeting. The Board will insist on a written contract with the new ISP, in hopes of avoiding the type of problems that have plagued our relationship with Chesapeake Online.


Gil wanted to make sure that GIAC really does want to replace its ISP before we embark on this course of action.


Anne mentioned an ISP trade show in Tyson’s Corner, VA on Oct. 20 that she plans to attend. Doug suggested that a link could be added to the GIAC web site to invite other GIAC members. The consensus was that this would not be appropriate, as the trade show is not targeted toward end users.


Doug stated that Chesapeake Online declines to support CGI commands, which are crucial to the Coop’s ability to make GIAC membership application and other types of form submission available online to the community. Others present noted that Chesapeake’s E-Mail services are not up to industry standards. There was a strong consensus that reliability of service and ready availability of support are the coop’s key requirements for an ISP, and that Chesapeake’s performance has been unsatisfactory in both respects.


The next ISP committee meeting will take place at Generous Joe's at 7:30PM on 18 September. Doug noted that Generous Joe's will be remodeling, and is considering becoming a Cyber Café.


Doug stated that until GIAC is able to replace our Web Manager, numerous ISP issues are not being addressed. Neil McLeod, formerly the GIAC Web Manager, resigned his post.


Jim Bates volunteered to keep the website Calendar up to date.


There will be a private Web Manager refresher course at Peggy’s house on 2 October. A smaller class will be held on 20 September for those starting their volunteer jobs.


The membership directory on the GIAC website has been mined by a dance club. Members will be contacted to see if they want to have their contact information removed from the directory.


Peggy has been adding new members’ names to the web site.

Legal Committee (no written report submitted):

Gil reported on the September Legal Committee meeting, which was done as a teleconference. Doug Caprette suggests that we give back the $50 membership fee; he has started a lot of 103C’s, and believes this is sound policy.


Leonie stated that this was nonsense. Doug noted that GHI charges an $800 fee, and does not return it when a member leaves the Co-op. Jim agreed that other Co-ops do this. Gil noted that most other coops are trying to make a profit; GIAC is not.


Gil stated that Doug Caprette will make a formal presentation to the Board at the October meeting.

Audit Committee (no written report submitted):

Peggy reported that Carol Gordon has returned from Kansas, but there have been no meetings. Audit Committee reports have been sent to Neil for posting.

The web pages will be revised by Oct. 2.



Old Business

Board and Committee Vacancies:

Gil has not yet written articles for the News Review and Gazette.

Bill Dupree has declined to become Secretary.

Joyce Wineland will work on the Audit Committee, but will not become its secretary.

Jeff Travis declined to become Secretary at this time due to schedule constraints, but volunteered to prepare the minutes. He will work from others’ notes if he is unable to attend the meeting. He will forward Working Draft minutes to Peggy for posting prior to the next Board meeting.

Cyber Café:

Action on the Cyber Café was put off until after Labor Day.

Labor Day Festival:

The consensus was that GIAC’s participation in Labor Day was very successful. Mary Camp was commended by all for her organizational efforts.


The $20 Labor Day Parade winnings will be applied towards the $25 table cost.

Activity Planning:

A “Website Harvest Party” is scheduled for 14 October. Doug expressed a preference to reschedule the event to another date, as he has a conflict that weekend.


New Business

Community Website Appearance:

Neil had previously asked for comments on the appearance of the website. There were none at this time.

Windows 3.1 Connection Issues:

Any member with a need for browser software compatible with Windows 3.1 software should be referred to Doug Love, who has Netscape Version 3.0 with a dialer on disk.



The next regular meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, 12 October in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9:00PM.

- Notes 9/14/00 by Doug Love
- Reformatted & edited 10/9/00 by Jeff Travis

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