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Monthly Board Meeting
October 12, 2000
Meeting Minutes



·        Preliminary Agenda


The meeting was called to order in the Green Room at the Greenbelt Police

Station at 7:03 p.m.

In the absence of a permanent Secretary, Jeff Travis volunteered to act as Recording Secretary for this meeting.


    Directors - Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Gilbert Lee (presiding)
    Members - Anne Andersen, Jim Bates, Jeff Travis


Monthly Reports



Gil Lee inquired whether Board members had reviewed the minutes from the Board meeting of 14 September.  Anne Andersen offered minor corrections.  The minutes as corrected were approved unanimously.  Jeff Travis will incorporate Anne’s corrections and re-submit the minutes to Peggy Bates for posting.


Vice President:

Mary Camp reported that there were 8 attendees at the class entitled “Create Personal Web Page,” held on Wednesday, 11 October at the Community Center.  The next class, entitled “Developing Web Pages with Editors,” will be held on Wednesday, 15 November.  Doug will seek help with logistics for this class from the Information Technology Dept. at the University of Maryland.

There was extensive discussion of the “Website Harvest Party,” to take place on Saturday, 14 October, from 7:00-9:30PM at the Community Center.  Mary noted that the room in which the party is to take place is reserved from 6:00PM onward, and that Doug Love had pointed out to her the need for someone from GIAC to contact Chris Kunkel of Greenbelt Access Television (GATE) to verify access to the room as well as the availability of a phone line.  Gil volunteered to make this call, using a number to be provided by Doug.  Gil will also pick up the projector for the party.  Peggy stated that the Greenbelt News Review article about the party promised refreshments; Mary replied that only liquid refreshments would be provided, and that “pot luck” desserts were to be provided by attendees.

Peggy suggested that Russ Haynal, a professional web developer, might be persuaded to speak at some time in the future for an honorarium.  In addition to website development, Russ is also expert in Internet security issues and in the use of search engines.

Peggy reported that Doug had requested his Instructor Credit in the form of a check.



Peggy reported that GIAC had a net income last month of $86.05, and $74.93 YTD.  There was some discussion of interest income received from the IRS.


The fireproof box has not yet been bought.


Gil flipped a coin to determine the winner of the door prize for 2 months’ free service (from the Labor Day Festival?); the coin came up heads, and the Uttam Chand was declared the winner.  Gil will call Uttam to inform him; Peggy will send him a statement.


Jeff inquired about the necessity of sending the yellow slips in with the monthly charges.  Peggy replied that it is not necessary to do so, that they are sent out primarily as a memory jogger for members to remind them that the charges are due.


There was extensive discussion of PayPal (web-based bill payment), electronic funds transfer (EFT), and GIAC’s banking arrangements.  Peggy noted that currently our account with Bank of America is a non-interest-bearing business checking account, and that BoA was chosen primarily because of their branch office’s convenient location in Roosevelt Center.  Peggy reported that BoA offers an interest-bearing checking account for non-profit organizations, but that the minimum balance is $10,000, which we do not meet.  AllFirst offers a similar account, but with a $1,000 minimum balance.  Peggy volunteered to look into what is available from Chevy Chase Bank.


System Administrator (no written report submitted):

Anne reported that GIAC has 89 members, with 1 new connection in the previous month and one family membership resignation.


FTP access by SYSMAN to the /cal, /pho, and /dir directories of the website is still not working correctly.  Uploaded files are somehow becoming read-only, making it impossible to reload them after any changes.


Jim Bates volunteered to become WEBMAN; he and Peggy will pursue FTP issues with Chesapeake Online.


Anne described her computing background in mainframes, and stated that while she is making progress, she is not yet up to speed with her SYSMAN duties. 


Anne cautioned that a change of ISP would bring with it inherent difficulties in making the transition.  She requested that any GIAC members experiencing difficulties with Chesapeake e-mail their complaints to her (E-mail address?), and noted that in her conversations with Joyce Brown at Chesapeake, Joyce had expressed willingness to help resolve any difficulties. 


Lastly, Anne noted that Dorian Winterfeld would negotiate with Chesapeake Online regarding GIAC’s need for CGI services, and stated that she favors continuing our current month-to-month arrangement with Chesapeake.

ISP Committee (no written report submitted):

Anne reported on the ISP Committee meeting of 18 September.  She is working on updating the RFP, but has not finished yet.

Doug has a list of 8 candidates inherited from Neil McLeod; he and Dorian will

make initial contact with them.  It was noted that www.thelist.com has hundreds of ISP listings, which the committee might make use of in its search.  A solicitation from www.localhost.com was presented.


There was discussion of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services.  Gil noted that DSL connections are not currently 100% reliable.


Anne accepted an action item for the ISP Committee to present a list of candidates at the November Board meeting.


The next ISP Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, 25 October at Generous Joe’s. 

Legal Committee (no written report submitted):

Doug Caprette was to have made a formal presentation to the Board at this meeting regarding GIAC’s prospects for gaining tax-exempt status.  In Doug’s absence, Gil suggested skipping over this agenda item; all present agreed.

Audit Committee (no written report submitted):

Peggy will contact Carol Gordon regarding Audit Committee action items.



Gil has contacted Jackie Curley of GCP (?) regarding the ongoing availability of the meeting room at the police station, with the result that GIAC Board meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month through the end of 2000.



Old Business

Board and Committee Vacancies:

Gil has not yet written articles for the News Review and Gazette; no additional recruiting of volunteers has been done.

Procedures and Documentation:

Gil reported that at the Officers’ meeting on 5 September, the Web page responsibilities were delegated; these are listed in the agenda.


The next Officers’ meeting will be held on Monday, 16 October at 7:30PM at Peggy’s house.


Activity Planning:

Mary reported that the “Cyber Café” is still in the works, but is on the back burner for now, pending the telephone situation at the Community Center.


New Business

Group E-mails:

Mary noted that the various group mailing lists in greenbelt.com are in need of update.  Messages sent to a list containing invalid addresses within the greenbelt.com domain are not sent at all.  There was some discussion apropos of this of a member whose services are currently suspended.

Website Appearance Issues:

Jeff commented that the web page which contains all of the links to GIAC meeting agendas and minutes is inconvenient to use, as the links are listed in chronological order, vs. reverse chronological, which is more the norm for pages of this nature.  All present concurred with Jeff’s assessment, noted that the problem is one of long standing, and invited him or anyone else to work on correcting it by editing the page.



The next regular meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, 9 November in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9:00PM.

- Jeff Travis

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