Monthly Board Meeting

               7:00 PM, June 14, 2001

              Greenbelt Police Station





Gilbert Lee, Peggy Bates, Anne Andersen, Mary Camp, Leonie Penney, Doug Love


*  Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM


*  Agenda / consent items approved




*  Secretary (Leonie Penney)

   ‑ Monthly Board Meeting ‑ April 12, 2001

     Unanimous approval of corrected minutes (moved by Peggy, seconded by Gil)

   ‑ Action Items:

       1) Send Neil corrected and approved minutes from April 12 Board Meeting for

          posting on web.

       2) Check website (activities) for missing minutes from Board Meetings for

          period January thru May 2001. Try to locate still missing minutes.

       3) Finish minutes of Annual Membership Meeting. Receive all reports

          delivered at Annual Meeting.


*  Vice President (Mary Camp)

    ‑ Class Report

      See Minutes, Annual Meeting

    ‑ Action items

        ‑ Week of July 9: planning meeting for classes

        ‑ Week of July 16: proposed ISP transition workshop


*  Treasurer (Peggy Bates)

    ‑ Financial reports

      See Minutes, Annual Meeting

    ‑ Expenditures

      Unanimously approved to pay:

        ‑ $ 60 for Chesapeake Online for re‑instating directories erased by accident (moved by

          Peg, seconded by Doug).For background see e‑mail exchange.

        ‑ Set‑up fees one‑month‑charges to Boonet. These will amount to about $ 800,

          as recorded in Contract. Gil will ask Boonet for the most recent contract

          and for an invoice.

    ‑ Action items

       ‑ Send Joyce $ 60 plus July payment for services. The latter before June 30

         For details, see relevant e‑mail messages

       ‑ Purchase of fire proof, 2 drawer, file cabinet

       ‑ Post financial reports online



*  System Administrator (Anne Andersen)

    ‑ Membership reports

      See Minutes, Annual Meeting

    ‑ Action Items

      See Transition under ISP Committee


*  ISP Committee (Doug Love)

    ‑ Meeting reports

      See Minutes, Annual Meeting

    ‑ Transition Report

      June 5, 2001: Peggy and Anne met with Boonet's Margaret Zook and Michael

      Frodyma. They discussed the responsibilities of each (Boonet and of GIAC)

      during the Transition. The results are documented in Boonet's Transition

      Notes, which will be posted. This document will guide the Transition. We

      will shortly receive educational Transition material for our members.

      Transition Calendar:

      June 25: deadline for Peggy to send member information to Boonet

      July 9 : Boonet sets up membership accounts. Websites are transferred from

               Chesaspeake to Boonet. Two parallel operations are maintained,

               giving members the opportunity to test Boonet


      July 9 ‑ July 25: Members should upload to both sites July 19: Training session for Anne, Peggy                        and Gil at Boonet

      July 24: GIAC sends request for domain transfer to Network Solutions

               (keeper of domains

      July 25: Boonet now is

      July 31: Members do final download from Chesaspeake

    ‑ Action items


       Anne will send out a Survey, asking a.o. for Operating Systems used by

      members. Results will help in designing ISP Transition Workshop during week

      of July 16

       Next Board Meeting on Transition: Monday, June 18


   *  Legal Committee (Neil McLeod)

    ‑ Status: See Minutes Annual Meeting

    ‑ Action items

      ‑ Draft Articles of Incorporation changes

      ‑ Draft related bylaw changes

      ‑ Posting, review & approval of drafts

      ‑ Draft work in progress

    ‑ Next meeting will be setup by Neil


   *  Audit Committee

    ‑ No activity in May


   *  Miscellaneous (Open)

    ‑ Action Item




   13  Procedures & documentation (Officers)

    ‑ Officers' meeting ‑ November

         Web Page responsiblities

         Anne Andersen

                FTP Security:


         Mary Camp

       index page:,


         Jim Bates

                Community Calender:

         Peggy Bates

                Welcome to GIAC:

         Gilbert Lee

                Monthly agenda:



                About Our WebSite:

                Community Directory:

    ‑ Action items


    ‑ Next meeting ?


14. Activity planning (Mary Camp)




*  Prepayment Joyce

   See Monthly Report ‑ Treasurer above


*  Jobcredits

   ‑ The following motion, moved by Peggy and seconded by Gilbert, was approved

     unanimously: "Webmaster position be categorized as a primary position and be

     awarded with a $ 15.‑ jobcredit each month"

   ‑ The following motion, moved by Gilbert and seconded by Peggy was approved by

     Gilbert, Peggy, Anne, Mary and Leonie, with Doug abstaining:

 "Service Donation pool to be used to collect jobcredits not used for ISP service"


 *  Motions adopted during Annual Membership Meeting:

    ‑ August 2, Board Meeting to discuss the two motions, taken during the annual

      meeting: (1) development of an expenditure plan that addresses our resources

      needs and (2) determination of a donations policy for GIAC to propose to the



 *  Costs of *Annual Meeting Refreshments

    Peggy moved and Doug seconded to reimburse Ellen Lee the $ 101.40 spent on the

    purchase of refreshments for the Annual Meeting. Unanimously approved.


 *  Next general Board Meeting:

    July 12, 2001




 Respectfully submitted,

 Leonie Penney, Secretary