Monthly Board Meeting September 13, 2001


Present: Anne Andersen, Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Doug Love, Leonie Penney

1. Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM.

2. Secretary Report (Leonie Penney) No meeting in August (no quorum); no minutes.

3. Treasurer Report (Gil Lee) Gil gave Anne a list of deposited checks.

4. Vice President Report (Mary Camp) UPCOMING CLASSES - Last week in September - Mary: "Internet Nuisances" (spam, cookies) - October - Doug: "Introduction to the Internet" (elementary class) Doug will talk with the GATE people to get a phone line for both classes.

5. System Administrator report (Anne Andersen) BOONET - Anne will call BooNet to determine the status of WebMail (Is it activated and what do you have to enter to use it?) - Anne will also ask BooNet how the owner of GIAC web pages can get access in order to update these pages (Margaret Zook did not respond to a relevant e-mail from Gilbert). Does the GIAC mailbox already exist? How can we access it? She will also find out what the privileges are of accounts 'giac' and 'sysman'. TRANSITION - Anne reported that she still gets some questions, but much fewer than before. Doug mentioned that the Arts Center still has problems, which he will fix.

6. Additional Items LABOR DAY FESTIVAL - Information Booth on Saturday, September 1, was a great success. Gilbert and Peggy staffed the booth with help from Jane Jaworski, Nancy Allen, and Ron Ansted. The telephone line worked fine. Nancy Allen took pictures, which were transferred to a live website. Many people visited the booth: 10 membership kits were picked up, Gilbert sent out 11 more (after taking down the names and addresses). - Volunteers for the Parade signed on too late so we did not participate. Next year Mary will start asking for volunteers at the Annual Membership Meeting. POSTERS - Mary will develop a poster for the "Introduction to the Internet" class, without a date. Since this class will be given more than once, the date can be filled in for each new class. - Mary will also make a GIAC info-bookmark (from hard blue paper) to be distributed by us in places such as the Library and the cafeteria in the Community Center. VOICE MAIL - Leonie will start her (first) turn Sunday, September 16, thru Saturday. CITY ELECTION - Doug has been asked by the City to set up, for the upcoming City elections, a webpage for the biographies of the candidates for City Council membership. Doug will use Mary's website and give the City a link to it.

7. Meeting closed at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Leonie Penney Secretary October 13, 2001