Monthly Board Meeting October 11, 2001


Present: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Doug Love, Leonie Penney Members: Ed James, Sharon Natoli, David Wallace

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

2. Additional Issues to Agenda: For the Wish List (item 10): a laptop. Teaching Materials, Sharon's Ideas

3. Agenda Approved (Peggy moved, Doug seconded, unanimous)

4. Secretary Report (Leonie Penney) - Leonie distributed the minutes of the September 13, 2001 Board Meeting. They were reviewed and approved (Peggy moved, Doug seconded, unanimous). Leonie will e-mail the approved minutes to Neil for posting.

5. Vice President Report (Mary Camp) CLASSES FOR THIS MONTH - September: - No class: Mary was brushed by the tornado. - Monday, October 22, in Community Center's Rehearsal Room: - Doug: "Introduction to the Internet" (elementary class) - Mary: will prepare handouts (give Mary material you have already) - Friday, November 9 - Mary: Spam, Cookies etc.: popups and a pinch of security - Wednesday, November 28: - Mary: How to buy a Computer - Monday, December 10: - Doug: What a Computer is made of (assembles own computer) SEPTEMBER PROMOTION - The one-month-free-membership is won by the Iliana Restrepo and David Whiteman account.

6. Treasurer Report (Peggy Bates) - Peggy had e-mailed to the Board (1) the September Profit and Loss Statement (2) the January thru October 1 Profit and Loss Statement and the October 1 Balance Sheet. - In September we had a $128.50 profit. This is expected to continue the next two months: we can expect roughly a $200 profit for the next 2 months (we still have the post office bill to pay). See also item 8 (Fire Proof Cabinet) which can be purchased from the current assets. - Peggy has mailed next year's monthly coupons to the users who have requested coupons.

7. System Administrator Report (Anne Andersen) Anne was not present, Peggy reported on some System issues: - BooNet 13 hour outage during October 6/7 weekend. Discussed with Margaret Zook. Margaret provided emergency telephone numbers for after-hours (see Peggy’s e-mail of October 10). These numbers can only be used for Emergency (not individual, but relating to the whole network). For individual, after- hours problems e-mail to, which is monitored regularly. During office hours call 301-657-0863 x105. - Neil has reported several problems with dialing into BooNet. This hampers him in transferring web pages FTP. The Board wants to help Neil as much as possible: they are extremely impressed with the wonderful job he is doing on the Community Calendar and the webpages. The Board is dealing with this by heightening BooNet's awareness of existing dial-in difficulties, and it trying to get information from the users to be able to compile statistics regarding dial-in difficulties. This includes problems connecting and problems staying connected. - There also is a problem with sending e-mail when connected via another ISP. This will be solved once WebMail has been activated (before the end of the year). - The website pgpjc has been replaced by P.G. Peace and Justice Org. - Gil is having problems updating GIAC pages when logged in as GIAC. - The GIAC mailbox: how much is in it? - Mary will make an alphabetical listing of all members, showing their account numbers (link to listing by account number) - Mary noted that "All Users" (in Mail Room) does not work - GIAC has 2 new members in September and (so far) 2 new members in October.. - Anne assisted the Arts Center with solving their MAC problems. Received 4 free tickets. She also started to give FTP lessons to some members of the News Review Staff

8. President Report (Gilbert Lee) - The purchase of the previously approved Fire Proof Cabinet was discussed. Gil received a blank check for its purchase. It will be placed in Peggy's house. (see also item 6. above)

9. Legal Committee Report (Doug Love and Neil McLeod) - The committee did not meet during September: no report.

10. Additional Issues: - Wish list: - Laptop - Mary will research - Teaching Materials such as markers, folders etc. For items up to $50.00 only Gil Lee's approval is required - Sharon's ideas: New member Sharon Natoli suggested: - a Round Table Discussion on computer problems: questions and solutions. Everybody thought this was a great idea: to be implemented after the Holidays. Peggy suggested a column (page?) Questions and Answers on a web page: - a Bulletin Board. Ed James will look into available software to implement this. - Peggy told us that PrintScreen will capture the active window and Ctrl-V will paste it into another application (e.g. a word processing package). This can be useful when preparing handouts for classes.

11. The President closed the meeting at some time after 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Leonie Penney Secretary October 23, 2001