Monthly Board Meeting

 February 14, 2002

 Greenbelt Police Station




 Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Doug Love, Peggy Bates, Leonie Penney, Anne Andersen (came later)

 Member: Alexander Barnes            Non-members: Robert Schafer, Dennis Jelalian, John Bird


1. Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM


2. Additional Issue to Agenda:

            Mary Camp: Voicemail Monitoring


3. Peggy Bates handed out Minutes of last meeting, typed by her.  Corrections are to be e-mailed to Leonie, who

    will finalize Minutes.


4.Mary Camp, V.P., reports:

   * Classes: Next scheduled class: Thursday, February 28, at the Community Center's Senior Gallery. Subject:

      differences between e-mail, webmail, Internet etc. She precedes her classes with a roaring commercial re


      In March the "Ask the Experts" session will take place. Mary will work with Sharon Natoli on this.

      Doug will take care of the April class.

   * Mary will buy a laptop computer, to be used for teaching classes. A $ 2,000.- upper cost limit was decided

      upon, including software. Doug is looking forward to giving a powerpoint presentation during his next class.

      Gil mentioned his purchase of the Office 2003  series by Corel. This includes Word Perfect 2003, all for

      $ 30.- (no manual)

      It was suggested to partition the laptop's harddrive into a Linux and a Windows partition. Note that Dell

      does not support anything with Linux on it, due to their current contract with Microsoft.

      Make sure all our software is legal!

   * Mary assisted two users in their home, and explained the details of their problems to us, followed by her


   * Mary mailed one membership kit. She will bring more kits to the next meeting (Leonie would like one).


 5. Doug Love (Audit Comittee, members Doug, Mary, Gil) reports:

     They met twice. Their work is easier because the previous audit committee "cleared the way": they can

     follow in their path. They went through all the papers and compared workorders with journals. They

     will meet again Monday, February 18, at Peggy's house. Some errors were discussed: these will be

     straightened out.


6.  Peggy Bates, Treasurer, reports:

     *  Handed out Balance Sheet as of January 31, 2002 and monthly Profit and Loss Statement. Net income for

         January:  $ 147.63

         All checks received before the end of the year have been cleared. Gil will buy a stamp to endorse received

         checks to be deposited in account, account number xxxxxxx

     *  Membership report

         - Karl should have given this report, but he did not respond to work-orders for two new members. Neither

            did he work on the web-pages nor our web-mail (as promised). Gil will investigate.

         - As of February 1, we have 96 members and 62 connection accounts. Since then 2 more members are

           "in the works". Peggy enumerated the members who joined since January 1.

         - Peggy asked Lee to send her a listing of deposit slips, sorted by date. This ties in with her book-keeping

            program (Quickbooks)


7.  Gilbert Lee, President, reports:

     The only item to report is the fact that Gil bought office supplies and received the check for that.


8.  Doug Love, Chair and only member of Legal Committee, reports:

     Doug got from 2 organizations copies of their applications for 501C3 non-profit status.The organizations are

     1) the Astronomy Club, wich is most like us and 2) GATE. GATE's application was done by a lawyer:

     we could learn from this. Doug will start working on our application and he could use some help. Peggy

     offered to help Doug get the needed data.


 9.  The Additional Issues:

    * Voicemail Monitoring.       First the March schedule:

       Week starting Sunday, March       Board member

                                          3                Karl

                                         10               Mary

                                         17               Leonie

                                         24               Peggy

                                         31               Gil

        Next: Mary proposes to add these duties to the monitoring function:

        Check the Web mail, look for duplicates of voice mail and delete junk mail.  The URL for our webmail site

        is:  Our user name is GIAC. We also have to enter our password.

        Question: what to do with the other e-mail? Our current, primitive webmail software does not allow us to

        file messages. Karl is supposed to install more professional webmail software for us.

        Mary will adjust our voicemail message regarding procedures for those callers who sign up for classes. (see

        minutes of December 13 Board meeting).

     * Alexander asks how he can volunteer. Helping with voice-mail monitoring?  Traditionally Board members

        perform this function. Leonie suggests helping the News Review with their web-page. Mary states that

        experts are needed for her "Ask the Experts" session.

     * Dennis reports on the interest for his proposed Computer Lab. Gil informs him that he has gotten a

        phonecall from a K. Lau, who is very interested. Lau works for the Park and Planning Commission.

     * John Bird inquires whether he can be connected to from VA. Lee gave him a Boo-net

        telephone list;  the answer is "yes".  John will also receive a membership kit.


 10.  Meeting is closed at 8:30 p.m.


 11.  The following issue is then discussed:

        Daniel Macy (2nd President) wrote us a letter. He does not want to be our Registered Agent anymore.

        Doug suggests to make the needed change in our Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation at our next Annual

        Meeting. He then moves (Peggy seconds): "Change the Registered Agent of GIAC from Daniel Macy

        to Douglas Love, unless prohibited by Bylaws or Articles of  Incorporation. A letter stating this change

        has to be send to the Secretary of State".

        Before taking a vote, Gil will research the matter.


Respectfully submitted,


Leonie Penney, secretary