Monthly Board Meeting

 March 14, 2002

 Greenbelt Police Station




 Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Leonie Penney.

 Member: Ed James.


1. Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM


2. Peggy moved, Mary seconded to approve Minutes. Unanimous.

    * If feasible, Minutes will be mailed by Secretary one week before the meeting, so they can act as

       a reminder for Action Items.


3. Additional Items on Agenda:

             * Another Mailbox

             * Special Projects (so people can report on those they took on)                           


4. Mary Camp, V.P., reports:

   * Classes: Taught Thursday, February 28, at the Community Center's Senior Gallery. Subject:

      differences between e-mail, webmail, Internet etc. There were 11 attendees, of  which 9 non-members.

   * No class planned as yet for March. It is postponed and will be announced as "Ask the Exprt".

   * Made 3 trips to set up new members: Mariane Olah, Abby Weiner and Leonore Gooding. There still is a problem

      with the latter one.

   * Prepared envelopes and labels. The labels indicate GIAC as the sender. Handed out some kits.

   * Mary  started to look at lap-top computers. There is quite a price range: from $ 1,500 to $ 2,700. Mary wants the

      computer for teaching purposes only. There seems to exist a function key which switches to the screen. Peggy

      likes her Dell lap-top. If anybody has recommendations, please inform Mary.


 5. Doug Love (Audit Comittee, members Doug, Mary, Gil) Gil Lee reports:

     Doug gave Gil notes on what he did (notes not yet complete). Not all accounts have yet been audited. Workorders

     have to be checked against member's journals.

     Starting next year part of the audit will take place as follows:

     * The Treasurer sends each member a statement. If no response by e.g. January 31, the statement is final. We are

        all volunteers: volunteer to check your own account.

     * Gil wants to see an Detailed Audit Check List. Auditors are sometimes unfamiliar with the terminology. The list

        will make the audit foolproof, provides a manual of audit guidelines. 

        Action Item:Gil will develop it.


6.  Peggy Bates, Treasurer/System Administrator, reports:

     * A Tax Extension Request will be mailed tomorrow (the deadline for Corporations is March 15)

     *  Handed out the Balance Sheet as of February 28, 2002 , the February 2002 Profit and Loss Statement and the January

         through February 2002 Profit and Loss Statement.

         Net income for February:  $ 131.18. Net income for 2002 so far: $ 278.81

         Let us start thinking how to use this money for educational purposes.

         Stamps, used by Board Members, will be re-imbursed. Give Peggy your receipt.

     *  Membership report

         We have 99 members and 65 connection accounts. This includes 3 new members (Bird, Moore, Olah).

         We have to inform John Bird that he can set up a domain with Ocean Park Cooperative( in Maine). This

         can be done thru Boonet.

         Domain Hosting costs $ 25 set-up and $ 4 monthly.

     *  We have no System Administrator. A professional webmail version is available,  has to be set up

          Jim Bates may do this.

     *  Mary has several problems with webmail: sometimes small fonts.( Control[ and Control] seem to change

         font sizes.)  She has also problems opening attachements. She uses webmail as a diagnostic tool to check

         on accounts she sets up.

     *  Last week nobody checked our voice mail (Karl should have done it). Gil will contact Karl and Anne. As

         Director, one has voice-mail duty. Also check the GIAC account. If not junk-mail:

        - forward to person who has to deal with it (stating GIAC webmail as its origin) (use forward button)

        - c.c. to others

        - delete

     * needed: Security audit on ISP (who has the time???)

     * Another independent Mailbox for Mary for Diagnostics (teaching) and Screen Capturing. Not sure whether

        needed. If so, co-op will get a separate e-mail account, paid for by the co-op.


7.  Gilbert Lee, President, reports:

     *  Registered Agent: nothing in the Bylaws. Article 3 of the Articles of Incorporation names the Agent. Has to be

         changed:  Will replace Mason's name and address with Doug's. Will inform Mason that we are working on it.

         Updated Articles will be e-mailed to Directors. If o.k.ed, we will submit  them.

     *   Gil got stamp (on-line!)


8.  Doug Love, Chair and only member of Legal Committee, not present


9.  The Special Projects:

     *  Logo Fund (Mary). GIAC hats for parade participants.  (We do have a logo).

                                        Refrigerator magnets, including our phone #


10.  Meeting is closed at 8:50 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Leonie Penney, secretary