GIAC Monthly Board Meeting MINUTES
May 9, 2002
Greenbelt Police Station

Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Doug Love, Leonie Penney


1. Call to order promptly at 7:11 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda
-    Removal of inactive directors
-    Premiums (VP report)

3. Approval of Agenda
Moved - Approve agenda as amended, Peggy Bates, seconded - Doug Love: unanimous approval

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)
    Review of month Minutes: Some minor typographical changes suggested and incorporated.
Moved to approve minutes as amended - Peggy: Gil Seconded.

5. Vice President report (Mary Camp)
-    Friday April 19th at the Senior Classroom 7-8:30 Basics of Computer Viruses
o    ~ 8 people came
-    "Ask the experts" class Thursday May 23rd in the senior classroom:
o    Peggy, Gil, Doug, Mary
-    We have a volunteer (Matt Elliot) wants to teach a class on Data Compression. June Class
-    July - Class Planning Session
-    August - Buying a computer
    Laptop report
-    Laptop Computer was ordered on May 9th.
-    Should we insure the computer? Leonie Penney will check with Jim Cassels about insurance for assets covering $3,000 to Six Thousand $
-    Need to buy for the computer:
o    Norton System Works Professional 2002
o    Word Perfect
    Audit Committee Status (Doug Love)
-    Audit is complete
-    No changes to the books required
-    Gil started the report today. Will send in both Word Perfect and Word to Board by Sunday May 12th.

6. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)
Financial report
-    Net income for April: $169.18. Net income for 2002 so far: $581.92
-    Does not include interest income - Needs to be added to the books for last year

Membership report
-    We have 98 members and 63 connection accounts.
-    Nancy Revis has resigned.

7. System Administrator report
Peggy will put out a call for a volunteer to prepare and coordinate a customer satisfaction survey.
Want to set up a meeting with BooNet to cover outstanding reporting issues & connection problems & webmail

8. President report (Gilbert Lee)
    Reserved Meeting Room for monthly meetings.

9. Special Projects
    Annual Meeting - We went over the Annual Meeting Preparation checklist, set up Meeting on May 20th to prepare the agenda and to prepare the membership mailing.
Annual Meeting Action Items:
    Gil    Reserved Wednesday June 5th in the Dining Room
    This year Doug Love, Mary Camp and Peggy Bates are up for re-election.
    Mary    Sent an Annual meeting message to the membership regarding nominees for Directors.
    Postcards are printed and stamped will be put in the mail tonight
    Peggy    Find Minutes and Actions Items from last year's annual meeting and send around.
    Gil    Check out the trophy store.
    Gil    Modify Agenda & Send to Peggy to be Posted
    Schedule for Ads and Notices
        Ad in News Review for the May 23rd issue (if not too costly): Leonie
        Community Calendar notice in News Review for May 30th issue: Mary
        Send notice to Webman immediately: Mary
        Greenbelt City Cable Channel B71: Mary will email
Move - Approve $120.00 for refreshments for Annual meeting (Peggy Bates), Mary - seconded, passed unanimously.
    Meet on Monday May 20th to finalize the Annual Meeting Preparation

    New Web Mail Software
Jim Bates will look into setting up the Web-Mail professional version to include mailboxes etc. After he gets Linux up and running on his own computer.

    GIAC Application Form on the Web
Anne Andersen was going to work on an application form for GIAC. Haven't heard from her.

-    Peggy will call Maureen Gaffney about promotional products to see if she can join us for the next meeting.
-    Mary brought the a catalog with products we could put our logo on. Will send the website info to the board members

10. Legal Committee report
    Status of tax-exemption initiative:
    Doug is trying to put together the application for GIAC for 501c status.
    Doug    will make a copy of the 501c application from the Astronomy club and give to Peggy so she can gather the financial information needed for our application.

    Status of Articles of Incorporation update
Each monthly meeting we will review part of the Articles of Incorporation so we can get through them to further the tax exempt status initiative.

Reviewed Articles I and II in the Draft. There are minor typographical errors that Gil Lee will fix. Peggy Bates moved we accept the first two as amended. Doug Love seconded - carried unanimously.

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

    Peggy: May 5 - May 11
    Gil:    May 12 - May 18
    Doug:    May 19 - May 25
    Mary:    May 26 - Jun 1
    Leonie:    Jun 2 - Jun 8
    Peggy: Jun 9 - Jun 15

12. Additional Issues:
    Removal of Non-active directors.
    Anne Andersen has missed three consecutive meetings with no notice. Gil will call Anne and put her on notice that she is on probation as a director.
    There were Action item from last years annual meeting that are still pending: Peggy will find the minutes and report on what the Items from last year were. We will go over them at the 20th

13. Closed meeting at 9:10 pm.

Summary of Action Items:

Leonie    Ask Jim Cassels about insurance for CO-Operative
Gil    Send Audit Report to Board
Peggy    Write check to Gil for Rubber Stamp
Mary    Buy Norton System Works Professional 2002, Word Perfect
Mary    Give Receipt to Peggy for Supplies
Peggy     Put out a call for a volunteer to prepare and coordinate a customer satisfaction survey.
Peggy    Set up a meeting with BooNet to cover outstanding reporting issues. (Probably in June)
Gil    Modify Annual Meeting Agenda & Send to Peggy to be Posted (High Priority)
Leonie    Determine cost of an Ad for News Review and report on Monday 20th
Mary    Will send the promotional goods website info to the board members
Gil    Call Anne and put her on notice that she is on probation as a director.
Peggy    Send jpeg logo to Mary
Peggy     Call Maureen Gaffney about promotional items for GIAC.
Gil    Order the Plaque

Annual Meeting Action Items:
All    Meeting on May 20th at Peggy's house - 7:30 PM for work on the Annual Meeting and the Ask the experts class
Peggy    Find Minutes and Actions Items from last year's annual meeting and send around.