GIAC Monthly Board Meeting June 13, 2002 Greenbelt Police Station MINUTES

Present: Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Leonie Penney, Anne Andersen (came later).


1. Call to order at 7:10 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda - Insurance - GIAC Webmail - Promotional Goods - Internet Security Problems

3. Approval of Agenda moved - Approve agenda as amended, Peggy Bates, seconded -Gilbert Lee: unanimous approval

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney) Review of May Minutes: Some minor changes suggested and incorporated. Moved - Approve minutes as amended, Peggy Bates, Seconded Gil Lee: Unanimous approval Review of preliminary Minutes of June 5 Annual Board Meeting. Several items are to be moved to Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting.

5. Vice President report (Mary Camp) Classes - Thursday, June 20 at the Senior Classroom 7-8:30 Matt Elliott, Data Compression Mary will work out with him the details of his renumeration. Audit Committee Status (Doug Love) - Report finished, awaiting signatures from the Audit Committee (Mary, Doug, Gil)

Membership report - We have 98 members and 64 connection accounts. - Added one (Hanna) removed two (Nancy Allen, Andrew Levin) - Nancy Revis is leaving next month. 6. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates) Financial report - Net income for May: $ . Net income for 2002 so far: $

7. System Administrator report BooNet was down within the last two weeks. Ed James called and BooNet was aware of the problem and working on it.

8. President report (Gilbert Lee) Nothing to report beyond Articles of Incorporation, covered later.

9. Special Projects Annual Meeting - We went over the Annual Meeting Preparation checklist, set up Meeting on April 25th to prepare the agenda and to prepare the membership mailing.

Annual Meeting Action Items:
Gil Reserve 1st Tuesday in June for the Annual Meeting (June 4th)
Gil Determine who is coming and who is going with respect to Directors
Mary Send an Annual meeting message to the membership regarding nominees for Directors.
Gil Find stock postcards to stick into printer, and deliver to Peg
Peggy Find Minutes and Actions Items from last year's annual meeting and send around.
Gil Check out the trophy store.
New Web Mail Software Jim Bates will look into setting up the Web-Mail professional version to include mailboxes etc. After he gets Linux up and running on his own computer. GIAC Application Form on the Web
Anne Andersen was going to work on an application form for GIAC. Haven't heard from her.
Logo - Peggy will call Maureen Gaffney about promotional products to see if she can join us for the next meeting. - Mary will bring the a catalog with products we could put our logo on.

10. Legal Committee report Status of tax-exemption initiative: Doug is trying to put together the application for GIAC for 501c status. Doug will make a copy of the 501c application from the Astronomy club and give to Peggy so she can gather the financial information needed for our application.

Status of Articles of Incorporation update Each monthly meeting we will review part of the Articles of Incorporation so we can get through them to further the tax exempt status initiative.

Reviewed Articles I and II in the Draft. There are minor typographical errors that Gil Lee will fix. Peggy Bates moved we accept the first two as amended. Doug Love seconded - carried unanimously.

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Gil: Mar 31 - Apr 6 Doug: Apr 7 - Apr 13 Anne: Apr 14 - Apr 20 Mary: Apr 21 - Apr 27 Leonie: Apr 28 - May 4 Peggy: May 5 - May 11 Gil: May 12 - May 18

12. Additional Issues: Removal of Non-active directors. Karl Grotke has missed three consecutive meetings, and no longer has an active email account. Gil Lee moved Karl Grotke be removed as a director for non-performance of directors duties. seconded by Peggy Bates, passed unanimously Anne Andersen has missed two consecutive meetings with no notice. Gil will call Anne and put her on notice that she is on probation as a director.

There were Action item from last years annual meeting that are still pending: Peggy will find the minutes and report on what the Items from last year were.

The Mayor of Greenbelt (J Davis) told Doug Love that Greenridge House may need the help Greenridge House is getting a high-speed line to allow internet access to its residents, and may need help in getting on-line. We might be asked for help in giving classes to Greenridge Residents

13. Closed meeting at 9:07 pm.

Summary of Action Items:

Peggy Write check to Gil for Rubber Stamp
Leonie Send May 9 minutes to Neil for posting
Mary Give Receipt to Peggy for Supplies and software
Peggy Put out a call for a volunteer to prepare and coordinate a customer satisfaction survey.
Peggy Set up a meeting with BooNet to cover outstanding reporting issues. (Probably in June)
Peggy Call Maureen Gaffney about promotional items for GIAC.
Peggy Send Endymion info to Alexander Barnes
Mary Start Labor Day planning + send heads up on Labor Day Activities and members. Peggy Discuss Antivirus s/w for Server with Boonet Leonie Call Corrigan and ask for e-mail note re insurance Mary Information e-mail to membership regarding IE security issue.