GIAC Monthly Board Meeting MINUTES

July 11, 2002. Greenbelt Police Station


Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Leonie Penney, Anne Andersen


1. Call to order at 7:15 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

- Labor Day Festival

3. Approval of Agenda

Moved - approve agenda as amended, Peggy Bates; seconded, Gilbert Lee: unanimous approval

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

Leonie handed out the minutes of the June 5 Annual Membership Meeting, the corrected June 5

Annual Board Meeting and the June 13 Board Meeting.

Proposed by Peggy to review Membership Minutes at home, especially the individual Reports. Agreed.

Moved by Peggy, seconded by Gil: Approve June 13 minutes. Unanimous acceptance.

5. The status of the June 13 Action items were reviewed. Six were carried over (see under 13. below)

6 Vice President report (Mary Camp) Classes (all are taking place at the Community Center, and all are given by Mary)

- July 11: seven people (in addition to Mary) participated in an animated planning session

- July 24: "Alternatives to MicroSoft products". Mary will prepare disks containing these Programs

which can be downloaded for free. Attendees can obtain them for a nominal fee.

- August 8: "How to Buy a Computer"

- September: Mary not available

- October ?: "File Management"

- November, "How to Buy a Computer"

Audit Committee Status

- Mary will finish Review of Audit Report, sign and pass on to Doug

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial report

-Net income for June: - $117.52 Net income for 2002 so far: +$403.16

June income negative due to Annual Membership Meeting (plaques, special appreciation award, refreshments, etc.)

Membership report

Peggy gave everyone an up-to-date membership list

-We have 101 members and 65 connection accounts.

-Added the Greenbelt Video Store, Janet Grotke and, for service, Kathleen Pape

-Familee discontinued service.

(Note: Mary gave membership kit to Greenbelt Video).

8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates)

Jim and Peggy Bates went to Boonet to discuss the outstanding items on the "to-do" list, which included discussing virus protection, security, the system manager telnet interface and Web-mail and spam. BooNet has some business decisions to make before implementing virus protection and/or spam blocking This decision may also affect the web-mail interface. Peggy will be contacting them in August to revisit these issues.

* Margaret is updating their telnet interface with our System Administrator.

* Peggy learned more about how-to-process on the Server, which uses Linux.

* Jim has been experimenting with Endymion.

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

New versus Old Articles of Incorporation. Gil will e-mail us the amended articles (old and new).

On October 3, at 7 PM, (Thursday night) the directors will meet at Peggy’s house to finish reviewing and approving the Articles of Incorporation.

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software

Jim Bates has been experimenting with Endymion (see sub 8. above)

b) GIAC web application

Anne has been doing some research.

c) Labor Day Festival

Mary received from the City a booth-application form, which she gave to Peggy for further processing

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Leonie: Jul 7 - Jul 13

Anne: Jul 14 -Jul 20

Alexander: Jul 21 - July 27

Peggy: Jul 28 - Aug 3

Gil: Aug 4 - Aug 10

Doug: Aug 11 - Aug 17

Leonie: Aug 18 - Aug 24

Mary: Aug 25 - Aug 31

Anne: Sep 1 - Sep 7

12. Additional Issues

- Insurance: Peggy called Dan Corrigan, gave him the info he needed. He would call her back,

but never did. Leonie will "prod" him by telephone.

13. Action Items:

Carried over from last Board meeting:

Leonie: Send May 9 and June 13 minutes to Neil for posting

Peggy: Put out a call for a volunteer to prepare and coordinate a customer satisfaction survey

Peggy: Call Maureen Gaffney about promotional items for GIAC

Mary: Send heads up on Labor Day Activities to members

Mary: Information e-mail to membership regarding IE security issue

Mary: Give Receipt to Peggy for Supplies and Software

Gil: e-mail next amended article to the board members for review.

New action items

Gil: Remind Alexander of monthly Board meetings, voice mail duty, pick up Minutes at Leonie’s

Leonie: Prod Corrigan to call Peggy

Anne: Work on GIAC web-application

Mary: Finish review of and sign Audit Report, pass on to Doug

Mary: Change e-mail links for officers on web page to>

Mary: Contact Marianne Olah regarding Microsoft outlook and reading e-mail.

Peggy: Update accounting for Instructor Credits

Peggy: Contact Boonet again re virus and spam programs

Peggy: Mail application and check to Labor Day Committee

13. Closed meeting at 8:50 pm.