Minutes for the October 11, 2002 Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order 7:10 PM, Present Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Alexander Barnes, Anne Andersen, and Gilbert Lee.
  2. One additional items was added: insurance for the laptop
  3. The approval for the Agenda was unanimous.
  4. Secretary: Minutes of the September 12, 2002 were reviewed, corrected, and approved.
  5. The recording secretary will forward the approved minutes to A. Barnes.

  6. Action Items: No previous action items were available for review.
  7. VP: Upcoming classes: Nov 1 – File Management; Nov 18 – How to Buy a Computer
  8. Audit Committee Report Status is pending,

  9. Treas: For the month of August – net $113; from Jan to Aug - net $582
  10. Discussed ideas for spending FY02 profits before end of the year:

    Pay the Community Center for Internet connection.

    Free one-month service for all subscribers.

    Projector: Prices are coming down, but still not within our budget.

    Nothing decided.

  11. Sys. Admin: There are100 Members and 64 Internet Subscribers.
  12. Legal Comm: Still correcting the Articles of Incorporation
  13. Two action items were initiated – Talk to Clement about Maryland code in reference to the amount of time has to elapse before the GIAC is not obligated to refund member’s equity. Find a lawyer to review Article of Incorporation.

  14. Spec. Proj:

Web mail is spear headed by A. Barnes and J. Bates.

GIAC Web App. – Anne is doing more research and studying HTML 4.

Action Items – October 11, 2002 to be completed by November Monthly Meeting

Check wireless Internet connection at Community Center – G. Lee

Speak to BooNet (M.Frodyma) about Status of BooNet transition, Spam (filtering) Virus

checking (block), Webmail programs – G. Lee

Make changes to the Articles of Incorporation – G. Lee

Ask C. Lau about Maryland Code on time limit on refund of member’s equity and meaning of

Section 170(c)(2) – G. Lee.

Find a lawyer to review the Articles of Incorporation – G, Lee.

Send email to Leonie about insurance for laptop – G. Lee

Create Lakeside folder for Alexander Barnes – Peggy Bates