Monthly Board Meeting
November 14, 2002.
Greenbelt Police Station



Board members: Gilbert Lee, Peggy Bates, Alexander Barnes, Leonie Penney, Douglas Love (left early), Mary Camp (came later),Anne Andersen (came later)


1. Call to order at 7:05 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

* Lakeside Website, * How to spend FY02 profits, * Use of Sailor; Connectivity

3. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved


=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Gilbert Lee)

Gil handed out the minutes of the October 11, 2002 Board Meeting. Among others a discussion about the wording of how to spend FY02 profits before the end of the year. Several changes were made, and one Action Item was added (instruct Boonet to create a folder for Lakeside Website). Approval of the corrected minutes was postponed until Mary Camp and Anne Andersen had arrived. By then Doug had left. The minutes were unanimously approved. Gil handed the approved Minutes to Alexander for posting.

5. The status of the October 11 Action items were reviewed (Gilbert Lee).

* The action item under which Gil was to speak to Boonet about the Status of Boonet Transition, Spam & Virus checking and Webmail programs, has been overcome by events. (Peggy spoke to Margaret - see under 8 below)

* Gil made the changes to the Articles of Incorporation. For further actions on this subject see under 13 below.

* Gil has been looking for a lawyer to review the Articles of Incorporation. Doug suggested the lawyer who helped the New Deal Cafe and gave Gilbert his name.

(see under 13 below)

* Boonet put the folder for the Lakeside Website in the wrong place (for correction, see under 13 below)

For items carried over to next month see under 13. below.

6. Vice President report (Mary Camp)

Classes (all are taking place at the Community Center, and all are given by Mary)

* The Friday, November 1 class on "File Management" has been re-scheduled for Friday, December 6. The class on "How to Buy a Computer" will take place on either November 25 or November 26.

Audit Committee Report:

* Mary will finish Review of the Audit Report (see under 13. below)

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial report

*Net income for October: -$111.01 (Note the minus: included payment of a PO Box and Voice Mail bill). Net income for 2002 so far: $584.12

* Continued discussion on how to spend FY02 profits before the end of the year. We can always use an ISP service refund as a back-up plan (refund checks or crediting user accounts). Outstanding liabilities: insurance costs, lawyer fee. What is the cost of a frontline virus checker? How about the possible subsidizing of non-profit community web-sites? Anne researched the cost of installing SSH?. The package is free, but Boonet charges a $ 60/hour installation fee. These priorities were set:

1) Insurance
2) lawyer
3) virus checker
4) SSH? application
5) refunds.

See also under 12. below

Membership report

* We have 99 members and 63 connection accounts.

* Discussion about disadvantage/advantage of carrying non-active members (no account, but we still have original deposit)

8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates)

Peggy had a talk with Boonet's Margaret Zook

* Boonet remains by itself: no merger, no transition.

* They started the testing of a new web-based e-mail package. It may be possible that this package is to be integrated with a virus-checker.

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

Discussed under 5. above

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software

Overcome by Events: Boonet is installing new software.

b) GIAC web application

Anne did some more studying. HTML has limitations. She wants some more books, like an advanced CGI book. Mary suggested looking into Amazon on line, described information available there.

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Doug: Nov. 17 - 23
Mary: Nov. 24 - 30
Leonie: Dec. 1 - 7
Anne: Dec. 8 - 14
Alexander: Dec. 15 - 21
Peggy: Dec. 22 - 28
Gil: Dec. 29 - Jan. 4
Doug: Jan. 5 - 11

12. Additional Issues

* Lakeside Website

See under 5. above and 13. below

* How to spend FY02 profits

See under 7. above. Also:

The following discussions were tabled for the future:

- donating webspace to organizations without a sponsoring member

- how to determine which organizations are eligible for reduced price/free service

* Use of Sailor; Connectivity

Alexander brought up that Sailor provides a free connection to the Internet for people living in Md. Combine that with an e-mail box from Boonet, and the use of webmail. Result: we could offer our members Internet access for $3/month!

13. Action Items:

Carried over from last Board meetings:

Gil: Check wireless Internet connection at Community Center

Gil: Ask C. Lau about Maryland Code on time limit on refund of member's equity and meaning of Section 170(c)(2)

Leonie: Prod Corrigan to call Peggy

New action items

Gil: Will e-mail revised Articles of Incorporation in RTF format to Board, so full Board can approve the same. (Note: after Board approval, the membership has to approve)

Gil: Will contact lawyer who advised New Deal Cafe (name given by Doug). Purpose: review Articles of Incorp.

Peggy: Will contact Boonet so they create the Lakeside Website folder and put it in the correct place.

Mary: Will finish Audit Committee Report

14. Closed meeting at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Leonie Penney, Secretary