Monthly Board Meeting
December 12, 2002. Greenbelt Police Station



Board members: Gilbert Lee, Douglas Love, Alexander Barnes, Leonie Penney, Mary Camp, Anne Andersen (came later)

Member: Neil McLeod. Visitor: Sujata Deb Roy


1. Call to order at 7:04 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

*Neil: Hosting of, Community Center, etc. *Alexander: speed of Access to webmail *Mary: use of Community


* Sujata: describes what she has to offer. Discussed at this time. Looks for practical experience as an "intern". Experienced in

web design. Gil suggests: do History of Greenbelt. Doug and Leonie suggest: help News Review. Alexander suggests: web-

page of Museum. Sujata will send Gil disk with sample of her work. Contact with Sujata will continue.

3. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

Leonie handed out the minutes of the November 14, 2002 Board Meeting. Anne will e-mail Alexander to change SH? into SHH

SHH (item 7) to update before posting. The minutes were unanimously approved.

5. The status of the November 14 Action items were reviewed (Gilbert Lee).

a) The action item under which Gil will check wireless Internet connection at Community Center: he e-mailed Steven Robinson

(who is in charge), did not get any reply. Suggested: approach again.

b) Gil and Lau get together this weekend re the Maryland Code on time limit on refund of member's equity and meaning of Section 170(c)(2)

c) Insurance: we were given a premium price-range of $ 300 - $ 500. We want to know what these entail. If the $ 300 premium includes a full laptop replacement, then go ahead and buy it for one year. Gil will e-mail Peggy this.

d) Gil will forward the approved Articles of Incorporation to Alexander, who will put them on the Web.

e) Gil contacted the "New Deal Cafe lawyer" twice. No response, even though Gil said the second time that he is willing to pay.

Anne suggested Dan Macy (a member of Incorporation). Gil will contact him.

f) The matter of the folder for the Lakeside Website has been taken care of.

g) Mary has not yet finished the Audit Committee Report..

6. Vice President report (Mary Camp)

Classes (all are taking place at the Community Center, and all are given by Mary)

* Two people came to the "How to buy a Computer" class. The class on Managing Files will be rescheduled in January (Mary was sick)

Mary borrows the City's projector. We cannot use it with the new laptop. Alexander will try to get the laptop to work with a monitor.

For the problem of using a room in the Community Center see Additional Issues (item 12.) below.

Audit Committee Report:

* Mary will finish Review of the Audit Report (see under 13. below)

* Mary has bills and will have more. This has to be taken into account when making decisions about spending surplus money.

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates) skipped

8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates) skipped

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

Discussed under 5 (action items) above

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software: temporary on hold until Boonet has clarified its position in this respect (what is will or will not supply).

b) GIAC web application: Moved to next month's agenda

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Also check out GIAC at !!!

Leonie: Dec. 1 - 7
Anne: Dec. 8 - 14
Alexander: Dec. 15 - 21
Peggy: Dec. 22 - 28
Gil: Dec. 29 - Jan. 4
Doug: Jan. 5 - 11
Mary: Jan. 12-18

12. Additional Issues

a) Hosting of Neil will e-mail his questions to Boonet.

b) Webmail speed. Complaint News Review.Use DSL to download pictures (?) Problem may be the local trunkline.

Test your DSL speed.

c) Services of Sujata Deb Roy. See under item 2. above (Additional Issues to Agenda)

d) Insurance: see item 5-c above (Action Items)

e) Boonet: e-mails to Frodyma bounce. Action item for Alexander to solve.

f) Use of space in Community Center for classes. Mary received a letter from the Community Center: a "Facility Rental Application" to be filled out and returned by December 20. All kind of questions re our membership: names, addresses, telephone numbers. The City is worried about non-Greenbelters. Alternative: rent for $ 15/hour. Mary will reply, state that she cannot send that info, as "we have not had an opportunity to clear it with our membership".

g) Can people-out-of-State become a member of GIAC? O.K., provided they have COVAD DSL. Then they can get on

as local.

h) Gil will have to submit a form for the use of the Police Station by us.

13. Action Items:

Carried over from last Board meetings:

Gil: Wil check wireless Internet connection at Community Center (contact: Steven Robinson)

Gil: Will continue contact with C. Lau to clarify the Maryland Code re time limit on refund of member's equity and meaning of Section 170(c)(2)

Gil: Will continue search for a lawyer, in order to review Articles of Incorp. He will contact Dan Macy (a member of Incorporation), as suggested by Anne.

Mary: Will finish Audit Committee Report

New action items

Gil: Submit form for the use of the Police Station by us.

Gil: Will forward the Board approved Articles of Incorporation to Alexander, who will put them on the Web

Gil: Will e-mail Peggy our decision re Insurance: (1) Ask what the annual $ 300 premium and $ 500 premium each entails. (2) If the $ 300 premium includes a full lap-top replacement, then go ahead and buy it for one year.

Gil: ) Continue contact with Sujata.

Alexander: Try to have GIAC's laptop work with a Monitor.

Alexander: Solve with Boonet problem of bouncing e-mails to Frodyma.

Mary: Will reply to the Community Center's "Facility Rental Application"

14. Closed meeting at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Leonie Penney, Secretary