Monthly Board Meeting
January 9, 2003. Greenbelt Police Station


Board members: Gilbert Lee, Mary Camp, Douglas Love, Alexander Barnes and Leonie Penney


1. Call to order at 7:15 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda


3. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

Leonie handed out the minutes of the December 12, 2002 Board Meeting. Some typo's were found, which Gil will correct.

Gil will then send the minutes to Alexander for posting.

The minutes were unanimously approved.

5. The status of the December 12 Action items was reviewed (Leonie Penney).

a) Checking wireless Internet connection at Community Center: Alexander talked to Karen Hasely and Tom Fischbeck, who work for Steve Robinson. Their only "wireless" is a microwave link between the Community and Youth Centers, which we cannot use.

b) Re the Maryland Code on time limit on refund of member's equity and meaning of Section 170(c)(2): Gil received from Lau 4 pages from the annotated Maryland Code plus other pertinent information.

c) Gil did not yet continue search for a lawyer, in order to review Articles of Incorp. Carry over

d) Mary finished the Audit Committee Report. Gave it to Doug and Gil, explaining her remarks and corrections.

e) Gil submitted form for the use of the Police Station by us.

f) Gil forwarded the Board approved Articles of Incorporation to Alexander, who put them on the Web

g) Gil did e-mail Peggy our decision re Insurance: (1) Ask what the annual $ 300 premium and $ 500 premium each entails.

(2) If the $ 300 premium includes a full lap-top replacement, then go ahead and buy it for one year

h) Alexander has GIAC's laptop, is trying to make it work with a Monitor

i) Alexander solved with Frodyma's problem of bouncing e-mails.

j) Mary replied to the Community Center's "Facility Rental Application".

6. Vice President report (Mary Camp)


Mary submitted the requested "Facility Rental Application" to the Community Center. She wrote that 86% of the members are Greenbelters, but that detailed information cannot be given without approval of the membership.

We are getting the fourth Friday of the month thru April. Assignment of room is still pending. The first class (File Management, part I) is on January 24, the second class (File Management, part 2) on February 28.

Audit Committee Report:

See 5. Action Items, sub d) above. Alexander is the new Chair of the Audit Committee, Gil and Mary are members.

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial Report:

Peggy was absent, but Gil handed out the reports: the Balance Sheet shows, as of 12/31/02 a total equity of $9,827.24.

The December Profit and Loss statement shows a Net Loss of $ 665.01. The January through December 2002 Profit and Loss statement shows an annual Net Income of $ 34.10. Peggy had e-mailed these notes:

1) I don't have all the information on instructor credits for the year, so when I have the complete list (Mary, please send) and enter it all, our profit will be negative for the year.

2) Insurance was not purchased, as there was insufficient time to make it happen before the end of the year (I never heard back from the insurance agency). We paid January's ISP bill in December, so I have only deferred the problem.

If anyone wants to take up the insurance quest again, be my guest.

Membership Report:

Peggy e-mailed these data:

100 Members, 65 Service Accounts, 12 Extra Mailboxes, 1 Domain Hosting

8. System Administrator report

* Peggy e-mailed this information:

I have been looking at SpamArrest as a potential service to provide to our users. Please look at They provide both spam ($150/mo) and virus ($40/mo) blocking. This cost would put us in the red each month, but perhaps our users would be willing to increase the monthly rate (~$3.00/mo) to do

it. Or, we could also offer spam blocking as an option as we would only be charged based on the number of users who were subscribed to the blocking service (the virus checking would have to be for the entire domain). If we did the spam blocking on an individual basis, I would suggest charging $2.50/month for that, and include the virus blocking as part of our basic service.

I would like to discuss this possibility with Margaret and Michael because as the ISP provider, they may need to be involved. SpamArrest does give a 30 day free trial to individuals, so if anyone would like to test drive it to see if it has an easy interface, feel free to do so and report back. I saw one review that said it slowed down the interface to reading emails, which could be too painful for us to suggest to our members.

* Concerns were raised about raising dues. Doug volunteered to set up a Panel on Spam for the Annual Meeting. Alexander and Mary would be on it (Mary's subject: do your own blocking). Ask members about their spam experience.

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

See Action Items 5-a, 5-b, 5-c and 5-f above.

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software: Alexander will check with Boonet what the status is.

b) GIAC web application: Skipped

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Also check out GIAC at !!!

Doug: Jan. 5 - 11

Mary: Jan. 12-18

Leonie: Jan 19 - 25

Anne: Jan 26 - Feb. 1

Alexander: Feb. 2 - 8

Peggy: Feb. 9 - 15

Gil: Feb. 16 - 22

12. Additional Issues


13. Action Items:

All Board members: Read Articles of Incorporation

Gil: Send corrected minutes to Alexander for posting

Gil: Read/ study material received from Lau

Gil: Continue search for a lawyer, in order to review Articles of Incorp.

Neil: E-mail questions to Boonet, discuss

Alexander: Investigate possibilities of GIAC's laptop

Alexander: Check with Boonet re status of new Web Mail software

Alexander: Bring Sujata in contact with somebody of the Museum

Alexander: Tell Jim Williamson (News Review) how to speed-test

Mary: Audit Report: make minor changes, prepare for signing

Mary: e-mail Peggy: when can Audit Committee meet at her house?

Leonie: ) Bring Sujata into contact with News Review People to help with Web-page,

Doug: ) other problems (like too slow)

Anybody: Volunteer to look into Insurance Problem!!!

14. Closed meeting at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Leonie Penney, Secretary