GIAC Monthly Board Meeting
February 13, 2003. Greenbelt Police Station

Present: Board members: Gilbert Lee, Peggy Bates, Douglas Love, Alexander Barnes, Anne Anderson and Leonie Penney; Member: Neil McLeod; Visitor: Ed Schramko


1. Call to order at 7:10 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda


3. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved, after part of item 12 c. (Additional Issues - GIVES) was moved ahead of the Secretary Report.

=== Monthly Reports ===

12 c. Our guest, Ed Schramko, explained what GIVES (Greenbelt Intergenerational Voluntary Exchange Service) does. It is basically an organization that developed and maintains a structure to facilitate "Greenbelters helping Greenbelters". For discussion on possibilities to have a GIVES page accessible from the Greenbelt Community Site: see below under 12 B.

Ed is interested in joining GIAC.

4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

Leonie handed out the minutes of the January 9, 2003 Board Meeting. Some typos were found, which Alexander will correct, then post the minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved.

5. The status of the January 9 Action items was reviewed (Gilbert Lee).

Gil: Did not finish reading/ studying material received from Lau (carry over)

Gil: Still searching for a lawyer, in order to review Articles of Incorporation (carry over)

Neil: E-mail questions to BooNet, discuss. Taken care of: see item 12 B below

Alexander: Still investigating possibilities of GIAC's laptop. Anne has some input. (Carry over)

Alexander: Check with BooNet re: status of new Web Mail software. Taken care of. See System Administrator Report

Alexander: Bring Sujata in contact with somebody of the Museum. This project is off the ground and running

Alexander: Tell Jim Williamson (News Review) how to speed-test <> (Carry over)

Mary: Audit Report: make minor changes, prepare for signing (Carry over)

Mary: to e-mail Peggy: when can Audit Committee meet at her house? Done: beginning of March.

Leonie: Bring Sujata into contact with News Review People to help with Web-page,

Doug: other problems (like too slow). First check with Sujata whether she has time. (Carry over)

Anybody: Volunteer to look into Insurance Problem!!! (Carry over)

6. Vice President report (for Mary Camp)


File Management part 1 was given on January 24. Very successful: 10 people participated.

The next class (File Management, part 2) will be given on Friday, February 28.

Audit Committee Report:

The Committee will meet in March at Peggy’s house. .

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial Report:

Peggy handed out a statement showing the Balance Sheets as of December 31 for the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. She also gave us the Balance Sheet for January 31, 2003.

We then received a Profit & Loss statement for the years 2000, 2001, 2002 and for the period 2000 thru 2002. The first year shows a Net Profit, the last two years a small Net Loss. However, the interest on our CD was not included in the 2002 figures, which will bring the actual "loss" close to zero. Also, the January 2003 payment for the ISP took place in December 2002. This influences also the January 2003 Profit and Loss statement, which Peggy also gave us. It shows now a Net Income. However, rather then returning some money to our users, it is proposed to spend it on items that are good for GIAC. Such as a SPAM-preventing program, a VIRUS-checking program, insurance for the laptop and improved Web-mail services. Continued under System-Administrator Report below.

Membership Report:

We lost 2 members, lost 2 service accounts and gained 1 mailbox for these totals:

98 Members, 63 Service Accounts, 13 Extra Mailboxes, 1 Domain Hosting

8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates)

I: We are losing members to DSL. Possible solutions:

a) Tell members that they can contact BooNet directly to set up a contract with Covad ( BooNet’s DSL provider)

b) Doug presented the Board with a DSL offer he had received from a friend at Comcast. There seems to be the possibility of getting cooperative members a group rate on the Comcast high-speed Internet service. However, before making an offer, Comcast wanted the names of our members. Doug replied by asking, as starters, for their base rate. He also reminded his friend that all we're looking for is connectivity, that we already have a great ISP.

Neil has had mixed experience with Comcast. They keep increasing the rate! Leonie described her very negative experience with Comcast Management.

II: Regarding Web-mail services: Peggy talked with Michael about upgrading Web-mail and the Mailserver. There are problems: it seems to drag out.

Suggestion: hire our own person to upgrade our Mail server and Web-mail server

III: We had a relay-problem with Toadnet: they blocked our e-mail. Cause: Toadnet uses the Osirisoft list to check for SPAM, and Osirisoft had blackballed us. So Margaret put a patch on our server, Osirisoft checked us again, and now we are clean!

IV: Peggy (accompanied by one or two Board members) will discuss with BooNet: DSL, a SPAM preventing program, a VIRUS-checking program and improved Web-mail services. She will also ask whether the VIRUS-checking program will slow down the interface. And she will bring up the subject of mixed-case directory names.

V: Before the next Board Meeting, we all should look at <> to learn more about Spamarrest.

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

See Gil’s two Action Items under item 5 above.

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software: See System Administrator Report 8-II and 8-IV above.

b) GIAC web application No progress this month: carry over.

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Don’t forget to check out GIAC at !!!

Peggy: Feb. 9 - 15
Gil: Feb. 16 - 22
Doug: Feb. 23 - Mar. 1
Mary: Mar. 2 - 8
Leonie: Mar. 9 - 15
Anne: Mar. 16 - 22
Alexander: Mar. 23 - 29

12. Additional Issues

A. ISP, Pete Norloff: Because of recent issues with BooNet (and a rather unpleasant e-mail exchange), Leonie recommended highly her ISP of many, many years, Pete Norloff. Alexander wanted to have specifics (what Norloff does and does not offer, price). Leonie said she wanted first to find out whether the Board was interested in switching at all. If not, then she did not want to waste either her or Norloff’s time. Alexander felt that, even is we are not interested in switching right now, we should always investigate other possibilities. Peggy noted that too much checking might backfire (make us a nuisance). Upshot: we are not right now interested in switching, but if a Board member wishes to spend the time to investigate another ISP, by all means do so.

B. FTP access for donee webmasters: Peggy will instruct BooNet to allow delegate Webmasters to dial in and FTP to donated and delegate websites

- Nomenclature standard for delegate subdirectories. See 8-IV System Administrator Report above.

Development/maintenance guidelines for delegate webmasters

(1) content (static/dynamic)
(2) Server features (short-term/long-term)
(3) Maintenance Defaults.

This was discussed in conjunction with Ed Schramko’s request for a GIVES web-page.(See 12.c above, following item 3).

Neil presented the Board with a highly appreciated expose on the subject. As soon as I receive from Neil a copy of his presentation, I will incorporate it in the Minutes and forward it to the Board

- Cable Modem Service: see 8-I System Administrator Report above.

C. GIVES request for a web-page. See 12 C. following item 3 above and 12 B. above.

13. Action Items:

All Board members: Read Articles of Incorporation

All Board members: Look at <> (Learn about Spamarrest).

Gil: Finish reading/ studying material received from Lau

Gil: Continue search for a lawyer, in order to review Articles of Incorp.

Alexander: Investigate possibilities of GIAC's laptop (Anne has some input)

Alexander: Tell Jim Williamson (News Review) how to speed-test <>

Alexander: Develop a proposal for our members to connect to using Sailor (dial-up and POP) combined with a SMTP-only service (total cost $ 5/month ?)

Mary: Audit Report: make minor changes, prepare for signing during early March meeting of Committee at Peggy's house.

Peggy: Set up meeting with BooNet to discuss DSL, SPAM program & VIRUS checking program

Peggy: Check back with Michael on upgrading of Webmail and Mailserver.

Peggy: Instruct BooNet to allow delegate Webmaster to dial in and FTP to donated and delegate websites.

Leonie: Type Minutes in Word Perfect, export in RTF (better posting format)

Leonie: Bring Sujata into contact with News Review People to help with Web-page and

Doug: other problems (like too slow). First check with Sujata whether she has time.

Anne: Create GIAC web application

Anybody: Volunteer to look into Insurance Problem!!!

14. Closed meeting at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Leonie Penney, Secretary