Monthly Board Meeting
April 10, 2003. Greenbelt Police Station


Board members: Gilbert Lee, Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Douglas Love, Alexander Barnes, and Leonie Penney


1. Call to order at 7:14 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

Annual Meeting, Website Resource Advocate

3. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved (Peggy moved, Doug seconded)

=== Monthly Reports ===

4. Secretary report (Gilbert Lee)

Minutes were not available

5. Last month's action items were not available (Gilbert Lee).

Exception: Gil got Elizabeth Hubley (our new member) going.

6. Vice President report (for Mary Camp)


File Management part 2 was given on March 28. Very successful: 8 people participated.

The next class (Graphics) will be given on Friday, April 25

Mary will have to negotiate a class-room for the next 4-months block (the current block went thru April).

Once Communigate (see 8 below) is functional, Mary will give a class on Webmail.

Audit Committee Report:

The Committee will meet on Saturday, April 19, 1 p.m. at Peggy's house


Mary mailed out Membership Kits as requested.

Mary went to Katherine Holcombe's house and fixed her problem.

7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial Report:

Peggy handed out a statement showing the Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2003 and Profit & Loss statements for January through March 2003 and for March 2003.

It turns out that we have made a Net Income of $ 1,075.47 during the first three months of the current year.

Question: how are we going to spend this money??

The following suggestions were somewhat discussed and will be considered at our next meeting:

(1) Buy a Projector and also Windows 2000 for the laptop (Mary)

Alexander moved and Doug seconded: "Mary will bring to next month's meeting info, including cost, regarding a possibly to be purchased projector for our approval". Unanimously approved.

Remember: only the depreciation will be an expense!!

(2) Give our members a Rebate (Alexander)

(3) Buy Insurance (Leonie)

Membership Report:

We have 103 Members, 62 Connections and 2 e-mail only accounts.

8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates)

Peggy and Lee went to Boonet on March 31. Discussed:

* DSL: Members can get it directly from Boonet for $ 49.50/month.

* Communigate (to replace Endymion): Boonet did get Communigate but has not yet made it available(installed) to(for) its users.

It has some Spam-blocking, which could be made available at three levels (Boonet,, individual user).

* FTP-only access: Peggy can now set this up.

* Security Set-up: Boonet will make it possible for Sysman to administer the needed functions on Website.

* Virus checking program: is available for a yearly fee, as an add-on to Communigate.

Doug is interested to get the following function/info from Boonet:

(1) on line data-base capability
(2) explanation of method to use CGI on Boonet

9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

No action

10. Special Projects

a) New Web Mail Software: Communigate (see 8 above)

b) GIAC Web Application: no action

c) Laptop: the laptop seems to have a separate video card. Alexander got it to work with an auxiliary monitor. The laptop does now everything except for simultaneous multiple monitors

d) Connection Free Account. It is possible to use the Internet without having to dial into the Service Provider.

Alexander explains how to do it:

1) Go to any MD library and get a Sailor account sign up form; complete the 10-line form; and turn it in.

(Note: this account is good for only 3 months. So, apply for another account in a couple of months. This is not a lot more trouble than writing monthly checks to a commercial ISP.)  In a couple of weeks the user will receive a call informing him that he has a package at his local library.  The package will include a list of toll free numbers for the MD counties, a username & password, and instructions for their use. Take the package home; call the number closest to you; login. At this point you are able to do at home anything you'd be able to do on one of the computers at the library or a cyber cafe.

2) For POP access contact an ISP such as The ISP will provide you with a username & password for your POP client (Microsoft Outlook [Express], Eudora [Lite], Netscape Communicator) and URLs for the POP ( & SMTP ( servers. Enter those in the e-mail client that you are using and you are done.

Alexander gives the following as rationale:

* To encourage use of State supplied Internet connectivity; that will encourage the State to continue to support and enhance this resource;

* to lead the way in developing a business model that will build on the State supplied connectivity; so that users will have an easy-to-use alternative to the commercial providers that are intent on charging 250$/yr or more;

* to provide competition for those providers so that they may lower or at least hesitate to raise their prices.

We, therefore, start with the premise that a significant portion of MD could have their needs supplied by the State for free: unlimited Web browsing; e-mail via free services such as YaHoo, Hotmail, etc.  However, for users who want POP (including SMTP) service, a capable ISP must be found. The problem is that some, if not most, ISPs rely on connectivity authorization to assure security. So, one must find a provider willing and able to provide authentication that does not rely on the user dialing in for authentication. is doing that for me.

11. Voice Mail Duties (301-419-8044)

Don’t forget to check out GIAC at !!!

Gil: Apr. 6 - 12
Doug: Apr. 13 - 19
Mary: Apr. 20 - 26
Leonie: Apr. 27 - May 3
Anne: May 4 - 10
Alexander: May 11 - 17
Peggy: May 18 - 24

12. Additional Issues

A. - Annual Meeting: Hopefully on June 10, 2003. Meet Monday, April 21, at Peggy's house for preparations.

B. Website for City Resource Advocate: Alexander is willing to take on this task, provided the City lets him do what is needed. Leonie will inform Christal Batey of this.

13. Action Items:

Peggy: Delete Mailroom on our Website

This was the only Action Item I wrote down. Please give me more, and I will incorporate them (Leonie)

14. Closed meeting at 9.03 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Leonie Penney, Secretary