Monthly Board Meeting

August 14, 2003.   Dining room 2, Community Center




Present: Board members: Douglas Love (Chair), Alexander Barnes, Neil McLeod, Ed James,

and Leonie Penney.  Officer: Peggy Bates (left at 8:30 p.m.)




1. Call to order at 7:06 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

   Under 7.        VIP Discounts

   Under 8.5      Webmaster Report

   Under 13.A    Monthly business cycle


3. Approval of Agenda

    Expanded  Agenda was unanimously approved.


=== Monthly Reports ===


4. Secretary report (Ed James for Leonie Penney)

    Ed  handed out the minutes of the July 10, 2003  Board Meeting.

    To item 7.5 (Treasurer Report) was added the fact that Peggy Bates resigned as Director, but

    continues the function of Treasurer. 

    The amended minutes were unanimously approved. Ed will see to it that they are posted on the Web.


5. Action items from last month:

     A. Spam Blocking Committee

     Neil gave the Committee’s report. Committee members are Neil, Austin, Dorian Ed and Mike Moore.

     The Committee came up with these basic rules:

      a) Thou shall have no false positives (i.e. no legitimate messages are to be blocked by spam filters)

      b) We don’t have enough people to implement many rules (i.e. GIAC cannot maintain filtering rules for all


      Based on these basic rules, the Committee is evaluating the existing products.

      The Committee’s report will be posted on the website.

      Doug expressed his gratitude for the work of the Committee


6. Vice President report (Doug Love for Mary Camp)


    The "How to Buy a Computer" class was taught on Friday July 25th. Two men reserved

    copies of the handouts _ unfortunately they were the only two that showed up.

Labor Day Festival

    * We will have an info-table. Shifts of two people each should be present Saturday,

       August 30, between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.    Let Mary know of your availability !!

    * Mary will make up membership kits, to be handed out at our info-table.

    * We will not participate in the Parade

Audit Committee

    The Committee will be formed in January


7. Treasurer report (Peggy Bates)

Financial Report:

     Peggy handed out a statement showing the Balance Sheets as of July 31, 2003 for the end of each of the first

     7 months of 2003.  She also gave us the monthly Profit and Loss statements for the same 7 months, both

     separately for each month and in Total.

     Peggy pointed out: (a) the June Promotion expense of $967 (promotional discount) and

                                 (b) the 2003 net income of $445.04 as of the end of July. This, together with future

                                      2003 income, will have to be spent!!


Membership Report:

     58 users (lost 3 in July), 100 member (lost 1 in July)

VIP Discounts

    Service credits are earned by actually performing the duties of  each position. Details of the VIP program

    providing for the service discounts are documented on the GIAC Website for ongoing reference.

ISP and GIAC charges

    Peggy handed out a sheet showing ISP charges and GIAC charges for Internet services. One service

    has been charged to subscribers without being approved by the Board. This is the "Basic Service with

    the mailbox removed" (i.e. no dialup, 5 Mbytes webspace).   It appears that Boonet does not charge

    for this service.  After discussing several aspects, the Board unanimously approved to establish  a monthly

    GIAC charge for this item of $2.00.

    All approved charges will be posted on the GIAC Website (this had not been done). 


8. System Administrator report (Peggy Bates and Doug Love)

   a) What the job requires:

   * Interface with Boonet

   All the duties of the System Administrator  are documented on the GIAC website.

   b) Selection of a System Administrator

   With the resignation of Gil Lee we need a new System Administrator.


8-A. Webmaster Report (Neil McLeod)

    There is no Webmaster Report this month


9. Legal Committee (Gilbert Lee)

    With the resignation of Gil, there is no Legal Committee Report this month.

    Doug and Neil volunteered to resurrect the Legal Committee. Thanks!

    Note: A third member is needed for the Legal Committee (required by the Bylaws)!


10. Special Projects

a) notice of free month of service.

    Doug will send the following text, proposed by Alexander, to all members:

   “ A review of GIAC finances recently indicated that we could afford to give

    our members a free month of service and that we need to do so in order to

    avoid tax liability.  The GIAC Board passed such a motion and announced it

    at the annual meeting.

    We now inform you all that you may skip one month's payment for GIAC services.

    GIAC Board of Directors”

b) and c) Labor Day info table and Parade: see under 6. above (Labor Day Festival)

d) solve rest of New Deal problems: removal of logfile and simplification of billing

e) Director’s Responsibilities. See under 13. A “Monthly business cycle” below.

f) establish Web-only charges. See under 7. above (VIP Discounts, Service Schedule)


11. Location of Next Meeting.

      The Police Station.  Neil will send Leonie the text, which Leonie will e-mail to J. Curley

       at the police station.


12. Voice Mail and Roster:


Aug 17 - Aug 23            Neil McLeod

Aug 24 - Aug 30            Alexander Barnes

Aug 31 - Sep 06            Ed James

Sep 07  - Sep 13            Leonie Penney

Sep 14  - Sep 20            Doug Love

Sep 21  - Sep 27            Mary Camp


13. Additional Issues:

A. Monthly Business Cycle

     Neil handed out “Monthly Cycle of Previous GIAC Boards”, which contained 6 items.  Item 4 (processing

     meeting minutes) was discussed. It was decided that Leonie will send a  preliminary copy within a couple of

     days after the meeting to Doug, who will correct/add to it. Leonie will then e-mail the corrected copy to all

     Board members. 

     In the past that copy was  posted on the Web. (except that  in the past Peggy was Leonie’s editor).  If

     anybody later suggested a change, that change was incorporated in the Web copy.



14. Action Items:

A - Doug                  Promotional Discount e-mail to all members

B - Mary                  Labor Day info desk schedule

C - Doug                  Put Webmaster Report on next month’s Agenda

D- Doug                   Put Charitable Contributions on next month’s Agenda

E - Neil and Doug     Restart Legal Committee

F - Neil                    Post Spam Committee Report on Web

G - Leonie                e-mail Minutes to Doug, corrected copy to all

H - Neil and Leonie   Get request for next meeting place to Police Station

I  - Doug                  Put "solve rest of New Deal problems" on next month's Agenda

J - everybody           Remember to form an Audit Committee in January

K - everybody          Locate a System Administrator and a third member for the Legal Committee



15. Meeting Evaluation

* Meeting should be run more formally, with only one speaking at a time.

* Have Chair and Secretary sit next to each other to improve flow of Meeting.


16. Closed meeting at  9:10  pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Leonie Penney, Secretary


Very Minor Corrections added

Doug Love, President


Also input from Neil and Peggy