Monthly Board Meeting

December 11,  2003.   Police Station




Present: Board members: Douglas Love (Chair), Mary Camp, Neil McLeod, Ed James, Alexander Barnes and Leonie Penney.  Member: Peggy Bates.


1. Call to order at 7:10 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda


3. Approval of Agenda

    Agenda was unanimously approved.


=== Monthly Reports ===


4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

a) Leonie  handed out the minutes of the November 13, 2003  Board Meeting.

    Correction: we have 97 members..

    The amended minutes were unanimously approved, and will be posted.

b) Action item: E-mail minutes to Doug, corrected copy to all.


5. Treasurer’s report (Peggy Bates)

    a. Financial Report

        Peggy handed out Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements with data thru November and estimates for December. The Profit and Loss Statement showed a November net-Profit of $ 86.20 and for the year an estimated Total Net Income of $ 671.16. If we pay the January ISP bill in December and also pay Mary $ 180.00 for 6 classes, then we will not have a profit in 2003. In January we will pay for a bulb ($ 300) and for an extension cord and surge protector (less than $200).

     b. Membership Report

         No change from last month.

     c. Last month’s action items:

      * Mail coupons to members:

         Sent envelopes with a coupon-book and an individual account statement. Audit duty is on members. If no response

         by February 15, statement o.k.

      * Send one more mailing to "dead" members. If no response, transfer Funds to General Fund.

         Transferred to next month.

      * Get the second signatory from the B.o.A.

         See under 7 below.


6. Vice President report (Mary Camp)

     a.  Classes. 

          No classes in December, next class not yet determined (problem of inclement weather)

     b.  Audit Committee

          Mary will put a Committee together. Ed volunteered. Mary will ask Gil to join.

     c.  Action items from last month

     * Assist with Mailing.  Done

     * Send packet to prospective member. Done

     * Buy bulb for projector. To be done in January.

     * Send Peggy a list of 2003 classes, instructor’s names and what to do with stipend. Done


7.  President's Report

Is in the process of setting up a Procedure Committee, to help running our meetings more efficient. Is also working on a Mission Statement. Has contacted some professional friends to assist him.

     Last month’s Action Items: 

     * Promotional Discount e-mail to all members                                          )   To be done

     *  Send an e-mail to all our members, asking for people with legal training  )   next week

     * Legal Committee Report.

        Met with Clement Lau, who is looking over what we have and what we will need in order to qualify for

        501 (c) 3 (tax exempt status). We need copies of our ads in the News Review. We also need a correct paper

        for the Agent Change Form and an appropriate Bank Form.  Doug and Peggy will get together on the Bank

        Form: Doug will set up an appointment. The form will be scanned to the Board members for approval, then

        signed by the Secretary.

     * Write News Review ad for System Administrator, once Task List for S.A. is complete.

        Situation has not changed.

     * Possibility of an Intern

        - to do what? Not needed for help putting Agenda together: Ed and Alexander volunteered.

          We do need an Archival Secretary and Sysman.

          Peggy suggested we go to the Membership first: to find volunteers. Get paid help if technical task is


     * Identify who was Secretary on dates of missing Board-meeting Minutes.  Done

     * High-speed access for GATE and GIAC classes. Not yet done.

     New Action Item:

     * Discuss Non-Profit Status.


8.   System Administrator's report (Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod) (Sysman)

       * Mary is not getting cc'c sent to herself, using Endymion. Problem with Engymion.

       * Peggy reported on her visit to Boonet. A discussion was held regarding the transition.

          No transition will occur without the Board's approval.

       * High Speed Access:

          -News Review is interested in using City's High Speed Access after hours. The City Manager may have

           send a letter regarding this issue to the City.  

          -GIAC needs High Speed Access for it's classes.  Neil will pay for the one-time installation charge.

            Neil will send a survey to users to which extent they are interested in using

            High Speed Access.


9.   Webmaster's Report (Neil McLeod)



10.  Director’s Report (Ed James)

      Action Item:  Continues setting up WiFi access point at home.


11. Director’s Report (Alexander Barnes)

     Action Item: see under 14 b. below


12. Anyone:

      Action Items:

      (1) Help Mary with classes 

      (2) Find in previous Minutes Minimum amount allowed in checking/savings accounts.   

      Both items skipped.


====Old Business=====


13.  Restate Director's Responsibilities, pending Webmaster's review of past Minutes.

       No new Information


14.  ISP Committee

       a   Review Greenbelt Services Offered

            See under 8 above (System Administrator's Report and the new possibilities resulting from Boonet's

            merger with Del Marva). We also went over our various charges.

       b    Develop and propose new service package(s)

             As part of his ongoing survey of GIAC members, Alexander was told by Alan

             Turnbull that he had recently acquired a broadband Internet connection that

             included e-mail.  He was thinking about ending GIAC service because he

             couldn't justify the expense.  He did say he loved the ""

             e-address and was very interested in keeping that if the cost could be

             reduced significantly.  He e-mailed this to Alexander who forwarded that

             e-mail to the Board.  After discussion the following motion was made by

             Alexander, seconded by Ed and amended by Neil:

            We provide e-mail only accounts at the same rate that we charge for extra mailboxes, with

            the proviso that this is a temporary rate under review

            Approved 5-1, Camp opposed.

       c   Endymion Professional Edition

            See 8 above: Del Marva has an enhanced web-mail program available.

       General: at this time it does not seem that an ISP Committee is needed.


====New  Business=====


15. Additional Issues:





16. Next Meeting: January 8 at the Police Station


17. Voice Mail Roster:      Don’t forget to check out !!!

        Dec. 14 - Dec. 20    Doug Love

        Dec. 21 - Dec. 27    Ed James 

        Dec. 28 - Jan.   3     Neil McLeod

        Jan.   4  - Jan.  10    Leonie Penney 

        Jan.  11 - Jan.  17    Alexander Barnes

        Jan.  18 - Jan.  24    Mary Camp



18: Action item's from this meeting:

A - Doug:    * Promotional Discount e-mail to all members

                   *  Send an e-mail to all our members, asking for people with legal training

                   *  Write ad for System Administrator, once Task List for S.A. is complete.

                   *  will get proper form to change the GIAC Resident Agent with the Maryland Corporation

                       Commission. Discuss with Clement Lau.

                   *  Continue work on Procedure Committee and Mission Statement

                   *  Discuss Non-Profit Status

    - Doug and Peggy: will get the correct second signatory from the B.o.A.. Doug will set up an appointment.

       Then scan form, send to Board for approval. Have signed by Secretary.

    - Doug and Neil: work on high-speed access for GATE and GIAC classes

B - Mary:  Will buy a bulb for not more than $ 350.-

                 Will ask Gil to join the Audit Committee; finish putting Committee together              

                 Will e-mail all Board members a request for help during a class. 

                        Anybody who wants to help, sends reply to everybody, to prevent duplicate help.

                 Will e-mail all members announcement of next class.

                 Will buy Mail Washer Pro for laptop.


C - Neil:   will look up the depreciation rules for small businesses (expense and/or depreciate?)

                 will forward to Mary facts re prospective member Scott Legendre

                 will continue building a Calendar for 2004

                 will continue Organization of  procedural decisions made during Board Meetings

                 will continue determination  from Boonet what tools are available for managing user

                 mail space

                 will write to Network Solutions re domain

                 will survey users to which extent they are interested in using High

                  Speed Access.

D - Peggy: Check member responses on accuracy of sent individual account statements.

                 will send 1 more mailing to “dead” members. If non-responsive, transfer

                                                                                    money to General Fund

                 will continue discussions with Boonet re unbundling, switch-over, available technical

                 support and costs.

E - Ed      will continue setting up WiFi access point at home

                will write up Agenda for January meeting.

F - Leonie  E-mail minutes to Doug, corrected copy to all.

G - Alexander   continue member priority survey

H -  Anybody: *who wants to help Mary in her class will send  reply to everybody, to prevent

                       duplicate help.

                     *find in previous minutes minimum amount allowed in checking/savings account


19: Tabled/Skipped  Items:

Director’s Responsibilities

Webmaster's Report

Action Items involving "Anybody".


20. Meeting Evaluation (Doug Love)

Better than last time


21.Closed meeting at  10:16 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Leonie Penney, Secretary