Monthly Board Meeting

January 8, 2004.   Police Station




Present: Board members: Douglas Love (Chair), Mary Camp, Neil McLeod, Ed James, Alexander Barnes and Leonie Penney.  Member: Peggy Bates.


1. Call to order at 7:07 PM

2. Additional Issues to Agenda

    Under item 7 (President, Douglas Love) add:

    * Procedure Committee

    * Legal Committee

    Under item 15 (Additional Issues) enter:

    * News Review

3. Approval of Agenda

    Agenda was unanimously approved.


=== Monthly Reports ===


4. Secretary report (Leonie Penney)

a) These corrections were made to the December 11 Minutes:

    * Date of previous Board Meeting was corrected

    * Mary will buy an extension cord and a surge protector for less than $ 200

    * Peggy sent member a coupon-book

    * All details regarding Peggy's visit to Boonet were deleted and replaced by:

       Peggy reported on her visit to Boonet. A discussion was held regarding the transition.

       No transition will occur without the Board's approval

    * Under Item 18, Action Items - E - Ed, was added:

       Write up Agenda for January Meeting.

    The amended minutes were unanimously approved, and will be posted.

b) Action item: E-mail minutes to Doug, corrected copy to all.


5. Treasurer’s report (Peggy Bates)

    a. Financial Report

        Peggy handed out Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements with data for each month from January

        through  December 2003.. The Profit and Loss Statement showed a  Net Income Loss for the year of

        $ 128.21. Note that this includes $ 180.- Instructors Fees.  GIAC owes Mary money for paper and Neil for

        mailing expenses, to be paid in January.  Regarding the Balance Sheet: note item 350 - Mmeber Donations.

        This includes job credits and the logo fund: the money is earmarked.

     b. Membership Report

         We lost 3 members, have now 94 members

     c. Last month’s Action Items:

      * With Doug: get the correct second signatory from the B.o.A.

         Doug has the form that the B.o.A. wants, at home. It is signed and  he will bring it to the Bank.

         This brought up a discussion, initiated by Alexander, who should have the right to sign checks for GIAC. The

         discussion produced this motion:

         The following shall have authority to sign checks for the co-operative: the President,

         the Vice President and the Treasurer.

         The motion was unanimously approved

         Currently the President is Douglas Love, the Vice President is Mary Camp and the Treasurer is

         Peggy Bates.     

      * Check member responses on accuracy of sent individual account statements

         So far nobody has protested yet (deadline February 15).

      * Send one more mailing to "dead" members. If no response, transfer Funds to General Fund.

         Brought listing of "dead" members up-to-date. Will deal with "dead" members (about 1/3 of membership).


6. Vice President report (Mary Camp)

     a.  Classes. 

          No classes in January. Next class not yet determined (problem of inclement weather)

          Doug will help with the setting  up.

     b.  Last month's Action Items

          * Bought bulb.

          * Postponed buying Mail Washer Pro till 2004. Will buy it now, and give receipt to Peggy.

          * Will buy extension cord and surge-suppressor, and give receipt to Peggy

          * Audit Committee: Gil will join Audit Committee,  which will meet Tuesday,  February 3 (Mary, Ed, Gil).

          * Will e-mail all Board members a request for help during a class. 

             Anybody who wants to help, sends reply to everybody, to prevent duplicate help. (Ed volunteered already)

          * Will e-mail all members announcement of next class.


7.  President's Report

     a. * Legal Committee: will meet February 19

         * Procedure Committee: Postpone till next month's meeting

     b.    Last month’s Action Items: 

     * Promotional Discount e-mail to all members 

        Was taken care of by Peggy when she enclosed a discount-book with each member's individual account


     *  Send an e-mail to all our members, asking for volunteers, including people with legal training


8.   System Administrator's report (Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod) (Sysman)

     *   Peggy did not meet with Boonet during December. Discussions will continue re unbundling, switch-over,

          available technical support and costs.

     *   A problem exists with members using so much disk space for e-mail that the GIAC space limit is exceeded.

          A discussion developed over how to handle this.     One approach is to charge for over-the-limit disk-space.

     *   Mary and Ed brought up the problem of being disconnected from the Internet during daytime sessions.

     *   Peggy and Boonet are looking into an existing FTP problem.  


9.  Webmaster's Report (Neil McLeod)

     *   Looked up the depreciation rules for small businesses (expense and/or depreciate?). Found that there is

          an opportunity to expense. Peggy remarked that for 2003 all depreciation calculations have already been

          implemented. However: consider for future big expense!

     *   Received requests to post events.

     *   Finished building the 2004 calendar.

     *   Keeps working on GIAC website. Finished "Classes".

     *   Did not check on High Speed Access     



10.  Director’s Report (Ed James)

     *   Reported on WiFi progress. Set up a WAP at home.

          Question: how to share WiFi with the community?? Lively discussion:

          article(s) and/or a column in the News Review, a class/seminar, a discussion group??

          Ed will start with writing a letter/article for News Review.

          Jim Williamson and Alan Turnbull have WiFi in their homes, a whole court is already linked and "fired up".

          Keep working with Dorian on possible New Deal Cafe WiFi setup

          Contact local Amateur Radio operator(s)

     *   Additional Duties: preparing Agenda for next meeting,  ad hoc updating of website, help Mary with classes.


11. Director’s Report (Alexander Barnes)

     Continue member-priority survey


12. Anyone:



13.  Restate Director's Responsibilities, pending Webmaster's review of past Minutes.

       No new Information


14.  ISP Committee

       Take up next month


====New  Business=====


15. Additional Issues:

      a. News Review

          Alexander talked to Mary Lou. They plan to leave Alexander warned her not to

          burn their bridges: another ISP may bring even more problems.




16. Next Meeting: February 12 at the Police Station


17. Voice Mail Roster:      Don’t forget to check out !!!

      Jan. 04 - Jan. 10    Leonie Penney

      Jan. 11 - Jan. 17    Alexander Barnes

      Jan. 18 - Jan. 24    Mary Camp

      Jan. 25 - Jan. 31    Douglas Love

      Feb. 01 - Feb. 07   Neil McLeod

      Feb. 08 - Feb. 14   Ed James


18: Action item's from this meeting:

A - Doug:    *  Send an e-mail to all our members, asking for volunteers, including people with legal training

                   *  Write ad for System Administrator, once Task List for S.A. is complete.

                   *  Participate in Legal Committee meeting, February 19

                   *  Continue work on Procedure Committee and Mission Statement

                   *  Discuss Non-Profit Status

                   *  Submit signed signatory form to Bank of America.

    - Doug and Neil: work on high-speed access for GATE and GIAC classes

B - Mary:  Will buy surge-protector, extension cord, and Mail Washer Pro (for Laptop) - will give Peggy all


                 Will participate in the Audit Committee meeting, February 3.              

                 Will e-mail all Board members a request for help during a class. 

                        Anybody who wants to help, sends reply to everybody, to prevent duplicate help.

                 Will e-mail all members announcement of next class.

 C - Neil:    will continue Organization of  procedural decisions made during Board Meetings

                 will continue determination  from Boonet what tools are available for managing user

                 mail space

                 will write to Network Solutions re domain

                 will survey users to which extent they are interested in using High

                 Speed Access.

D - Peggy: Continue checking  member responses on accuracy of sent individual account statements.

                 will send 1 more mailing to “dead” members. If non-responsive, transfer money to

                 General Fund

                 will continue discussions with Boonet re unbundling, switch-over, available technical

                 support and costs.

E - Ed       will write WiFi letter/article for the News Review

                will write up Agenda for February meeting

                will perform ad-hoc updates of Website

                Continues contact with Dorian/New Deal Cafe

                Contact local Amateur Radio operator(s)

F - Leonie  E-mail minutes to Doug, corrected copy to all.

G - Alexander   continue member priority survey

H -  Anybody: *who wants to help Mary in her class will send  reply to everybody, to prevent

                       duplicate help.

                     *find in previous minutes minimum amount allowed in checking/savings account


19: Tabled/Skipped  Items:

      *   Item 13: Restate Director's responsibilities, pending Webmaster's review of past MinutesResponsibilities

      *   Action Items involving "Anybody"

      *   ISP committee



20. Meeting Evaluation (Doug Love)

Much improved


21.Closed meeting at  9:45  pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Leonie Penney, Secretary