Monthly Board Meeting

April 8, 2004. Police Station



Present: Board members: Douglas Love (Chair), Alexander Barnes, Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Ed James & Neil McLeod




The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM


The agenda was approved unanimously.


The minutes of the March (11th) meeting were approved unanimously.



=== Monthly Reports ===


Treasurer’s Report (Peggy Bates)

    * lost 1 member, suspended 1 member in March.

    * Income exceeded expenditures by $70 in March, projected year-to-date is $883.


Vice President’s Report (Mary Camp)

    * Approximately 5 people attended the Inexpensive Graphics Software class on 3/31 (Wed).

    * The next class is scheduled for 5/05(Wed) on ‘How to Can Spam’ by Neil McLeod.


President’s Report (Doug Love)

    *Discussed to-do items for Annual Meeting on June 1st: reserve room, recruit volunteer(s) for

      refreshments, Sysman and Secretary.

    *Waiting for some info for legal form before requesting legal expertise from community.


System Administrator’s Report (Peggy Bates)

    *ISP issues: no support from Delmarva without increase in cost. Need someone to arrange for

     dial-up so GIAC can unbundle services. Need to develop financial plan for unbundled



Webmster’s Report (Neil McLeod)

       * Reiterated proposal presented at March 11th meeting for hosting GIAC.


Director’s Report (Ed James)

    * Will write up agenda for next Board Meeting on May 13.


Director’s Report (Alexander Barnes)

    * Working on WiFi survey.






Legal Committee (Doug Love)

    * No committee report (see President’s report above).


Audit committee

    * Mary Camp reported there was no meeting in March.


ISP committee

    * Doug Love will investigate dial-up services and hold meeting for those willing to help.



    * Need a credit card for GIAC business, particularly for to pay for dial-up service.


Next Meeting

    * 7:00 p.m. on May 13th at the Greenbelt police station.


Voice and Email Roster: Don’t forget to check

    * Mar. 28 – Apr. 03    Leonie Penney

    * Apr. 04 – Apr. 10    Alexander Barnes

    * Apr. 11 – Apr. 17    Mary Camp

    * Apr. 18 – Apr. 24    Doug Love

    * Apr. 25 – May 01    Neil McLeod

    * May 02 – May 08    Ed James

    * May 09 – May 15    Leonie Penney


Action Items

    * Peggy Bates – email annual meeting To-do list to board.

    * Mary Camp – schedule audit committee meeting, arrange May class with Neil McLeod,

       write final March minutes and April draft minutes.

    * Ed James – compile next Board meeting agenda.

    * Doug Love – Reserve room for annual meeting, review dial-up service providers, email

       members asking for ISP volunteers.

    * Neil McLeod – work on preparing to move GIAC from Boonet, give Mailwasher class in



The meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp