Monthly Board Meeting

May 13, 2004. Police Station



Present: Douglas Love (Chair), Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Ed James & Neil McLeod




The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM


The agenda was approved unanimously.


The minutes of the April (8th) meeting were approved unanimously.



=== Monthly Reports ===


Secretary (Mary Camp)

    * corrected March 11th minutes sent to all. Doug did not receive, will be resent to him.


Treasurer (Peggy Bates)

    * no change in membership - 52 subscribers.

    * projected year-to-date is $626.85.


Vice President’s Report (Mary Camp)

    * 3 people attended ‘How to Can Spam’ on 5/05 (Wed) by Neil McLeod.

    * future class topics may include free alternatives to MicroSoft Office, ‘How to Buy a Computer’,

       buying a digital camera, spyware, firewalls, viruses.

    * need list of email addresses to inform users of classes.


President’s Report (Doug Love)

    * Leonie Penney has resigned as Secretary effective with the end of her term.

       Alexander Barnes emailed his resignation to the board - it was accepted.

   * discussed to-do items for Annual Meeting on June 1st: Dining Rm #2 reserved, Elizabeth Hubley

      will provide refreshments. Will request at annual meeting help with 501C3 tax-empt papers from


   * meet at Peggy’s 7:00pm on Friday May 21st to prepare for annual meeting.

   * Mary will buy Avery postcards for annual meeting notice. To be sent to membership on May 22nd

   * bought dial-up service and signed contract with IKANO.


System Administrator’s Report (Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod)

    * dial-up activated May 7th in preparation for ISP transfer.

    * documentation being prepared for users to transfer. Users will be emailed about transfer and mailed

       instructions on May 15.

    * ISP transfer to take place on Thursday May 20th. Mail on Delmarva will be available until May 31st.

    * websites have been transferred to new ISP and will updated at domain transfer.

    * user who’s computer was hijacked for spamming has been cleaned and domain has

       been removed from Spam Cop’s blacklist.

    * will investigate virus and spam filtering with new ISP and possibility of buying Spam Soap


Webmster’s Report (Neil McLeod)

       * items reported in Sysman report.


Director’s Report (Ed James)

    * will write up agenda for next Board Meeting on Wednesday June 9th.

    * will look into WiFi and who has it.





Legal Committee (Doug Love)

    * No committee report (see President’s report above).


Audit committee

    * Mary Camp reported she and Gil Lee met. Have not finished, so far no discrepancies outside of

       account number on work order.


Next Meeting

    * 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 9 th at the Greenbelt police station.


Voice and Email Roster: Don’t forget to check

    * May 09 – May 15    Leonie Penney

    * May 16 – May 22    Mary Camp

    * May 23 – May 29    Doug Love

    * May 30 – Jun 05      Neil McLeod

    * Jun   06 – Jun 12      Ed James


Action Items

    * Peggy Bates – make postcards, annual meeting preparation

    * Mary Camp – schedule audit committee meeting, write and send draft May minutes, final April to

       board, and resend final March to Doug. Buy postcards for Peggy.

    * Ed James – compile next Board meeting agenda.

    * Doug Love – prepare for annual meeting.

    * Neil McLeod – work on preparing to move GIAC from Boonet.


The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp