Monthly Board Meeting


August 12, 2004.  Greenbelt Police Station



Present: Mary Camp (Chair), Peggy Bates, Ed James and Neil McLeod,


=== Preliminaries ===


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM


The modification/approval to agenda approved unanimously. (EJ moved, NM seconded)



=== Visitor Presentations ===




=== Monthly Reports ===


Secretary (Mary Camp, Acting)

    * The minutes of the July 8th meeting to be reviewed and email vote by August 19th


Treasurer ( Peggy Bates )

    * financial report – changes to non-profits still in transition.  Peggy and Neil to look over member

       accounts, a PDF file

    * change in membership – lost one member, one member reinstated.


Vice President’s Report (Mary Camp)

    * ‘How to Buy a Computer’ class – 10 attendees. Elizabeth Hubley printed and posted the class

        announcement Mary sent her.

    * Community Recognition form for this year filed with Greenbelt.

    * no class planned for September. Class planned for October on ftp, email and webmail will use

        internet access.


President’s Report (Mary Camp, Acting)

    * support for non-profit organizations – group will need to either be a recognized non-profit by

       Greenbelt or will submit copy of non-profit forms to GIAC to receive free webspace.

    * Labor Day Festival – will participate only in Info Day, not enough volunteers for parade. Gilbert Lee

       will provide his tent.


System Administrator’s Report (Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod)

    * services rate structure – done. will put into new membership kits.

    * additional ISP issues – 1 account suspended for multiple access.

    * mailbox limit exceeded – Peggy will talk to users find out why over limit. If abandoned mailbox she

       will offer to close it and open new one.  Neil and Ed to write script to determine webspace use

       and report to Peggy at beginning of the month.

    * discussion of GIAC as value reseller for Centerway host. Need to look at future of

    * Neil and Ed will evaluate and make recommendations on Squirrel mail when available (August 16th).


Webmster’s Report (Neil McLeod)

    * Labor Day Festival website – Mary mentioned that LDF graphic is slow to load.


Director’s Report (Ed James)

    * will write up agenda for next Board Meeting on Thursday September 9th.


=== Old Business ===


Legal Committee (Doug Love)

    * no report.


Audit committee

    * no report.


=== New Business ===


Additional Issues

    * Mary will update and print new membership kits. Suggested changes should be emailed to her.

    * Doug Love had indicated after the Annual Meeting in June that he would be President only through

       the summer when graduate school and work will take his time.  Motion to accept his resignation by

       the board was passed unanimously. (NM moved, MC seconded)

    * Discussion on marketing GIAC’s services to out of area users, such as in other states, conclusion was

       that it is better to do marketing in Greenbelt first.


=== Conclusion ===


Meeting Evaluation

    * no evaluation.


Next Meeting

    * 7:00 p.m. on Thursday September 9th at the Greenbelt police station.


Voice and Email Roster: Don’t forget to check

    * Aug 04 – Jul 10       Mary Camp

    * Aug 15 – Jul 17       Doug Love

    * Aug 22 – Jul 24       Neil McLeod

    * Aug 29 – Sep 04      Ed James

    * Sep 05 – Sep 11       Mary Camp


Action Items

    * Peggy Bates – send member accounts to secure directory for Neil to review.

    * Mary Camp – coordinate Labor Day volunteers and equipment, arrange for pencils, prepare posters,

       and make updated materials for new membership kits for Info Day; write and send draft August

       minutes to the Board, inform Doug that his resignation from the presidency was accepted.

    * Ed James – write Webspace use script with Neil; evaluate Squirrel mail; compile next Board meeting


    * Doug Love – not present.

    * Neil McLeod – review member accounts; make pencil flags for Info Day; write Webspace use script

       with Ed; evaluate Squirrel mail.


The meeting adjourned at 9:39 PM approved unanimously. (NM moved, EJ seconded)


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp