Monthly Board Meeting


September 9, 2004.  Greenbelt Police Station



Present: Doug Love (Chair), Mary Camp, Peggy Bates, Ed James


=== Preliminaries ===


The meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM


The modification/approval to agenda approved unanimously. (EJ moved, DL seconded)



=== Visitor Presentations ===


Phillip Brandis – Interested in GIAC services


=== Monthly Reports ===


Secretary (Mary Camp, Acting)

    * Approval of the August 12 th minutes (DL moved, EJ seconded) Approval of the July 8th meeting

        minutes to be reviewed and email vote.


Treasurer ( Peggy Bates )

    * financial report – $21.73 balance to date. Voicemail bill paid.

    * change in membership – lost one member, gained one member.


Vice President’s Report (Mary Camp)

    * Gave membership kits and package of GIAC pencils to board members. 

    * Class planned for October on ftp, email and webmail will use internet access.


President’s Report (Doug Love, Acting)

    * Labor Day activity results – gave out 8 membership kits and many pencils with rate information.

    *  Gilbert Lee donated his tent to GIAC.


System Administrator’s Report (Peggy Bates)

    * need to evaluate and make recommendations on Squirrel mail when available.

    * Ed needs access to webspace program to test domains that Neil would setup.


Webmster’s Report (Neil McLeod – Absent)


Director’s Report (Ed James)

    * will write up agenda for next Board Meeting on Thursday October 14th.

   * interested in packet radio for use with WiFi.


=== Old Business ===


Legal Committee (Doug Love)

    * no report.


Audit committee

    * no report.

=== New Business ===


Additional Issues

    * Doug Love reported that GATE is getting DSL for themselves. They are considering sharing if we

       would pay, but are asking too much for the small amount of time GIAC would use it.


=== Conclusion ===


Meeting Evaluation

    * no evaluation.


Next Meeting

    * 7:00 p.m. on Thursday October 14th at the Greenbelt police station.


Voice and Email Roster: Don’t forget to check

    * Sep 05 – Sep 11      Mary Camp

    * Sep 12 – Sep 19      Doug Love

    * Sep 19 – Sep 25      Neil McLeod

    * Sep 26 – Oct 02      Ed James

    * Oct 03 – Oct 09      Mary Camp


Action Items

    * Peggy Bates – send Phillip Brandis’ check for memebership to Neil.

    * Mary Camp – give Staples receipts to Peggy; email July minutes; write and send draft September

       minutes to the Board.

    * Ed James – get in touch with Neil about Squirrel mail and Perl script; compile next Board meeting


    * Doug Love – no items.

    * Neil McLeod – absent.


The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM approved unanimously. (EJ moved, DL seconded)


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp