Monthly Board Meeting

November 11, 2004. Police Station



Present: Mary Camp (Acting Chair), Peggy Bates, Ed James, Doug Love & Neil McLeod,


=== Preliminaries ===


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM (DL moved, EJ seconded)


The modification/approval to agenda approved unanimously. (DL moved, EJ seconded)



=== Visitor Presentations ===


Dorian Winterfeld brought for signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between GIAC and the New Deal Café (NDC) for establishing a WiFi hotspot at the Roosevelt Center. Added to the MOU statement that the NDC will advertise sponsorship by Camp and Winterfeld signed MOU. Lynxsys router being bought and donated to NDC by third party - no charge to GIAC.


=== Monthly Reports ===


Secretary (Mary Camp, Acting)

    * after small corrections minutes of the October 14 meeting were approved unanimously. (NM moved,               DL seconded)


Treasurer (Peggy Bates )

    * financial report – $286 to date. WiFi $55/month for $660/year.

    * membership – 91 total members, 49 with dial-up accounts.

    * policy for Greenbelt non-profits – 5Mb of webspace + 1 mailbox without charge – will post on ISP         transition web page.

    * board discussed motion to pay Centerway Enterprise $50/month for domain hosting. It was passed

        unanimously (DL moved, EJ seconded).


Vice President’s Report (Mary Camp)

    * Oct 28 ‘Internet Security’ class had about 10 attendees,  Nov 10 ‘How to Buy a Computer’ class only 1.

    * flyers for the Nov 10th class and the Nov 17th ‘How to Buy Computer Peripherals’ class were sent to

       Elizabeth Hubley as PDF files. She will print and post the Nov 17 th flyer.

    * Internet Security CD for members will have Firefox version 1.0 as it was released last week.

    * went to Lenora Gooding’s house Oct 30 and set up her new computer. Peggy can start charging her

        account for monthly service again.


President’s Report (Doug Love, Acting)

   * non-profit organization support discussion – will look at.

   * phone calls – John Bird taken care of.   Will take care of H. Auerbach’s email while in hospital, Neil and

      Peggy will what is needed.


System Administrator’s Report (Peggy Bates and Neil McLeod)

    * Web-mail packages – Horde was upgraded but had problems, then downgraded to as before and is

        working again. Squirrel Mail is on and working fine.

    * Neil and Ed need shell access to telenet for testing space usage program.

    * discussion of Anne Andersen’s concerns and suggestions about unbundled service, particularly dial-up,

       and Peggy’s reply to her.

Webmster’s Report (Neil McLeod)

    * News Review is getting DSL. Helping set up webpage and upgrade network.

    * putting up photos with thumbnails.


Director’s Report (Ed James)

    * will write up agenda for Thursday December 9th board meeting.



=== Old Business ===


Audit committee (Mary Camp, Acting)

    * reported committee has not finished. Members, Mary Camp, Gil Lee and Doug Love, need to

       finish the audit before Dec 12 th or the end of the year. Need to setup next year’s committee.


=== New Business ===


Additional Issues

    * NM brought for consideration ‘what should we have as initiatives’.  Ideas for advertising

       ‘ mailbox’ such as a flyer to post and brochure for GHI welcome package were

       briefly discussed and will be considered further.



=== Conclusion ===


Voice and Email Roster: Don’t forget to check

    * Nov 07  – Nov 13      Doug Love

    * Nov 14  – Nov 20      Neil McLeod

    * Nov 21  – Nov 27      Ed James

    * Nov 28  – Dec 04      Mary Camp

    * Dec 05   – Dec 11      Doug Love



Next Meeting

    * 7:00 p.m. on Thursday December 9th at the Greenbelt police station. Will stuff envelopes with

       monthly coupons and Internet CD.


Action Items

    * Peggy Bates – make sure Leonora Gooding not changed Aug-Oct; temporary upgrade for

       Hopi Auerbach’s mail space.

    * Mary Camp – give receipts to Peggy; email request for audit committe volunteers; send October

        minutes to Neil; update Internet Security CD and burn copies; buy CD mailers;continue with audit;

        write and send draft November minutes to the Board.

    * Ed James – work on Perl program; work with Dorian on WiFi; compile next Board meeting agenda.

    * Doug Love –

    * Neil McLeod – work with Ed to test Perl program for web space.


The meeting adjourned at 9:37 PM approved unanimously. (DL moved, NM seconded)


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp