Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting - March 10, 2005

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Mary Camp, Ed James, Neil McLeod (Resigned: Doug Love)

OFFICERS:     Peggy Bates

GUESTS:       Steve Kane




1.      Meeting called to order at 7:03pm. (Peggy Bates)


2.      Approval of Agenda (EJ moved, MC seconded, unanimous approval)




3.      Steve Kane:  Attending to observe GIAC Board.  Steve has overall computer background and is interested in ways to reach out to the community, particularly getting older people on computers.




4.      Secretary (Mary Camp) [acting]

·         Approval of meeting minutes

-         January 13 meeting – Final minutes. (EJ moved, MC seconded, unanimous approval)

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – January 13, 2005

-         February 10 meeting - Draft minutes.  E-mail any changes.


5.      Treasurer (Peggy Bates)

·         Financial report

-         Negative $221 for February.  Negative ~$330 year-to-date.

-         Balance Sheet – February 28, 2005

-         Profit & Loss – February 28, 2005

·         Membership report

-         46 dial-up accounts, 8 non-connection accounts.  Lost 1 member.  Total of 89 members.

-         Membership Report – February 28, 2005


6.      Vice President (Mary Camp)

·         Class on Firefox and Thunderbird planned in mid-April; manual not available until March 23.


7.      President [vacant]


8.      System Administrator (Peggy Bates / Neil McLeod)

·         Significant support activity during past month. (Duty Directors)

-         None.

-         Discussed handling GIAC voice mail.  If message is picked up, send e-mail to the GIAC mailbox.

·         Greenbelt News Review network upgrade. (Neil)

-         Linksys wireless and DSL service have been installed.

-         Peggy, Ed and Neil will meet at Community Center to test GNR WiFi signal range and strength.

·         Enable subscriber access to control panel mailing lists. (Neil)

-         Started testing options to decide which to offer.

·         Need to update ‘all_principals’ list to reflect change in Board members. (Mary)

-         Peggy will update list.


9.      Webmaster (Neil McLeod)

·         Greenbelt News Review photo sharing. (Neil)

-         Agreement in concept has been made with Mary Lou Williamson to access and review all photos submitted to GNR and to contact photographers about putting images in Greenbelt Gallery.

·         Upgrade GIAC Website format.

-         Page format should be free-width, with minimum fit-width changed from 640x480 to 800x600.  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript may be used.

-         Special Meeting:  All Directors will meet at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 19, at Greenbelt Police Station to design a new GIAC webpage layout.


10.  Director (Ed James)

·         New Deal Café WiFi is stable.

·         Upgrade Perl script program to determine disk usage.

-         Neil previously set up EDJAMES.COM Control Panel for Ed’s private testing.  Ed needs to schedule a CP orientation meeting with Neil.

·         Ed will compile an agenda for the April 14 Board meeting.


11.  Audit Committee (Mary Camp) [acting]

·         All but one item is done for the 2003 audit; then the report can be written.


12.  Legal Committee (Neil McLeod) [acting]

·         Discussion of tax-exempt initiative.  Doug Love gave his folder on the subject to Ed.  If necessary to get it, Neil will pick up folder from Ed.  Ed will be on the Legal Committee.

·         Need to specify a new GIAC Resident Agent to replace Doug Love.

·         Neil to get signature form for checkbook from Bank of America.




13.  None




14.  Additions to Agenda

·         Discussed February 10 meeting.

·         Discussed accelerated dial-up service.

·         Discussed domain hosting setup fee--will not charge to non-profits.

·         Neil will prepare amendment to Bylaws for annual meeting vote to cover situation of committees with fewer than three members.




15.  Voice/E-mail Roster        Don't forget to check

Mar 06 - Mar 12   Neil McLeod

Mar 13 - Mar 19   Ed James

Mar 20 - Mar 26   Mary Camp

Mar 27 - Apr 02   Ed James

Apr 03 - Apr 09   Neil McLeod

Apr 10 - Apr 16   Ed James


16.  Action Items from Today's Meeting

·         Peggy Bates:  Send latest contacts PDF to all, accounts database to Neil; make questionnaire on service; see if check mailed to Centerway.

·         Mary Camp:  Finish audit; make PDF files from membership forms; install new video driver on laptop; find Norton Anti-Virus 2003 bill for Peggy; correct February minutes, write draft March minutes, send both to the Board.

·         Ed James:  Meet with Neil to work on Perl program; compile next Board meeting agenda.

·         Neil McLeod:  Amend committee bylaw; continue work on GNR network; meet with Ed; get Bank of America signature form.


17.  Scheduled Meetings

·         Special Meeting:  1:00pm, Saturday, March 19, at Greenbelt Police Station

·         Monthly Meeting:  7:00pm, Thursday, April 14, at Greenbelt Police Station

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – April 14, 2005


18.  Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.



- 04/17/05 Posted by Mary Camp
- 09/01/05 Edited & reformatted by Neil McLeod