Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting - May 12, 2005

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Mary Camp, Ed James, Neil McLeod

OFFICERS:     Peggy Bates




1.      Meeting called to order at 7:06pm. (Peggy Bates)


2.      Approval of Agenda (NM moved, EJ seconded, unanimous approval)






3.      Secretary (Mary Camp) [acting]

·         Approval of meeting minutes

-         April 14 meeting - Draft minutes posted April 17.  No comments received.

-         March 10 meeting - Draft minutes posted April 17.  No comments received.

-         February 10 meeting - Draft minutes posted April 17.  No comments received.

-         Send e-mail for Directors to vote on.


4.      Treasurer (Peggy Bates)

·         Financial report

-         Through April $35.66 due to WiFi expenses.

-         Balance Sheet – April 30, 2005

-         Profit & Loss – April 30, 2005

·         Membership report

-         90 members: 38 co-op only, 52 service accounts, 5 non-profit websites.

-         Membership Report – April 30, 2005


5.      Vice President (Mary Camp)

·         Class on “Firefox and Thunderbird” or “Desktop Customization” postponed until after June.

·         Met with Neil on May 5 - Got laptop working with Greenbelt News Review private WiFi hotspot [in support of GIAC classes in the Community Center].


6.      President [vacant]


7.      System Administrator (Peggy Bates / Neil McLeod)

·         Significant support activity during past month. (Duty Directors)

-         Ask Abbie Weiner about Leonore Gooding’s situation [and if Abbie will be secretary]. (Mary)

·         Greenbelt News Review network upgrade. (Neil)

-         Finishing the upgrade has been affected by window replacement at the Community Center.

·         Enable subscriber access to control panel mailing lists. (Neil)

-         Susan Taylor wants a mailing list for 100+ addresses.


8.      Webmaster (Neil McLeod)

·         Will finish Annual Meeting pages by May 14.

·         Obtained permission to publish GNR photos on the Community Website.


9.      Director (Ed James)

·         Upgrade Perl script program to determine disk usage.

-         Still needs to schedule a CP orientation meeting with Neil.

·         Will write up agenda for June 9 Board meeting.


10.  Audit Committee (Mary Camp) [acting]

·         All but last item done for 2003 audit and then have the report to write.

·         Planned May 7 meeting was postponed.

·         Committee Meeting:  6:00pm on Sunday, May 15, at Peggy’s to complete 2003 audit report and start 2004 audit.


11.  Legal Committee (Neil McLeod) [acting] – No report




12.  Prepare for Annual Meeting.

·         Discussed bylaw change, who is up for election, vacancies, and recruiting members for the Board.

·         Room reserved for annual meeting. (Mary)

·         Will email Elizabeth Hubley about refreshments. (Mary)

·         Special Meeting:  For all Directors scheduled at 1:00pm, Saturday, May 14, at Peggy's to prepare for annual meeting.




13.  Additions to Agenda

·         Publicize New Deal Café WiFi.

-         Peggy will send Mary and Neil her flyer to review and post.




14.  Voice/E-mail Roster        Don't forget to check

May 08 - May 14   Ed James

May 15 – May 21   Mary Camp

May 22 – May 28   Ed James

May 29 – Jun 04   Neil McLeod

Jun 05 – Jun 11   Ed James


15.  Action Items from Today's Meeting

·         Peggy Bates:  Send latest contacts PDF to all; accounts database to Neil; make questionnaire on service; get more postcards; make flyer about WiFi send to Mary and Neil.

·         Mary Camp:  Finish audit; make PDF files from membership forms; check new video driver on laptop; e-mail Elizabeth Hubley about food for annual meeting and make her a CD; correct February minutes, email March and April minutes to the Board; write draft May minutes.

·         Ed James:  Schedule meeting with Neil to work on Perl program; compile next Board meeting agenda.

·         Neil McLeod:  Amend committee bylaw; continue work on GNR network; meet with Ed; get Bank of America signature form; review nonprofit papers.


16.  Scheduled Meetings

·         Special Meeting:  1:00pm, Saturday, May 14, at Peggy Bates

·         Audit Committee:  6:00pm, Sunday, May 15, at Peggy Bates

·         Annual Meeting:  6:30pm, Tuesday, June 7, at Greenbelt Community Center

-         Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting – June 7, 2005

-         Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting – June 7, 2005

·         Monthly Meeting:  7:00pm, Thursday, June 9, at Greenbelt Police Station

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – June 9, 2005


17.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.



- 08/08/05 Posted by Mary Camp
- 09/01/05 Edited & reformatted by Neil McLeod