Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting – July 14, 2005

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Anne Andersen, Peggy Bates, Phil Brandis, Mary Camp, Ed James, Neil McLeod


GUESTS:       Debbie Cooley




1.      Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM

a.      Meeting chair:  Neil McLeod

b.      Recording secretary:  Mary Camp


2.      Introduction of Directors, Members, and Guests


3.      Changes to Agenda

a.      Proposals (additions/deletions) and Approvals

Proposed discussing 19.b before 19.a - looming event (NM)

b.      Approval of Final Agenda (Peggy moved, NM seconded, unanimous approval)




4.      Presentations by Scheduled Guests (15 minute limit) – None.


5.      Presentations by Unscheduled Guests (3 minute limit) – None.




6.      Secretary's report (Mary Camp) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Take ownership of Secretary's webpages.

·         Identify all Minutes not finalized and approved.


-         May 2005 – resend

-         Feb/Mar/Apr 2005 not finalized - review, finalize in email vote

-         Six meetings 2000-2003 not finalized - review, finalize in email vote

-         Fourteen meetings 1999-2003 not submitted - everybody look for copies


-         June 7, 2005 not submitted - officers and directors submit reports

-         2001/2002/2004 not submitted - officers and directors find and submit reports

-         2000 not finalized - review, finalize in email vote

Table for now. (Peggy moved, EJ seconded, unanimous approval)

·         Email all other page updates to Neil for posting.

2)     June 9 meeting – Final minutes approved July 10.  Neil’s comments were omitted.

·         Web Ballot D-050703

b.      New Action Items

1)     Add Neil’s comments to June 9 minutes and email to Neil.

2)     Discuss iterative process in Minutes approval ballots.

·         Within two weeks of the next monthly meeting email draft and final Minutes to Neil for posting.

3)     Discuss documentation of online proposals and votes in the Minutes.

·         Reference: GIAC Bylaws Article IV Section 7 - any ‘No’ vote brings the ballot back to the next monthly meeting.


7.      Treasurer's report (Peggy Bates)

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Send latest contacts PDF to all.

2)     Send accounts database to Neil.

3)     Making 2003-2005 history of returned mail - In progress

4)     Take ownership of Treasurer's webpages.

·         Peggy will update listing of what she does.

·         Email all other page updates to Neil for posting.

5)     Check L. Gooding’s account- there was activity in May so no credit given. Done

b.      Financial Report

Paid for food for Annual Meeting. Net income in June $25.91.

c.      Membership Report

1 new member, no members resigned.

d.      New Action Items

1)     Check if GIAC’s $99 payment for New Deal Café modem will be returned.

2)     Propose PayPal implementation. Done

·         Implementation of PayPal and distribution of PayPal transaction costs were approved on July 8 via web ballot.

·         Web Ballot D-050620

3)     Implement PayPal.


8.      Vice President's report (Mary Camp)

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Take ownership of Vice-President's webpages.

·         Email all updates to Neil for posting.

·         Classes taught Jan 2004-Jun 2005 not posted  - Mary email list to Neil

2)     Make sign for New Deal Cafe showing GIAC's sponsorship of its WiFi hotspot.

3)     Email members about designing new GIAC logo contest.

b.      Upcoming Classes

1)     Wednesday July 27 - "How to Buy a Computer".

2)     Wednesday August 3 - "How to Buy Computer Peripherals".

c.      Proposed Class Topics

Linux - deferred till Ed James gets a new laptop.

d.      New Action Items

1)     Email members about classes.

2)     Email members about volunteering at GIAC’s Labor Day booth.


9.      President's Report (Director) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Continue recruiting for Principals and Committees. (Neil) – Ongoing

·         Invite Aaron & Jill St. John, who attended the annual meeting. Done

·         Invite again all other special attendees to annual meeting. Done

·         Invite Girl Scout mom & leader Theresa Henderson. Done

·         Invite Richard Majewski of the Greenbelt Tennis Association. Done

·         Invite Girl Scout mom & leader Beverly Smith - [August]

2)     Update posted Board procedures per past minutes. (Neil) - In progress

3)     Enforce Board procedures. (Directors) - Ongoing

b.      New Action Items – None.


10.  System Administrator's Report (Peggy Bates/Neil McLeod)

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Report significant support activity during past month.

·         Send to Leonore Gooding her local IKANO numbers in Waldorf. (Mary) Done

·         Install Firefox on Abbie Weiner’s computer for Internet access. (Mary) Done

·         Martha Dodson - Windows 95 new user setup. (Neil)

-         Discovered during problem diagnosis:

-         Ping is not available on ValueReseller (VR) servers.

-         VR plans to relocate Centerway to the Greenbelt server.

·         Mystery caller - informed her GIAC is not a public computing facility (Neil)

·         File restored for user’s webpage (Neil)

·         Spurious email bounce / Katy Pape (Neil)

2)     Report Greenbelt News Review (GNR) network upgrade status. (Neil)

·         GNR office windows renovation underway until Labor Day (?).

·         WiFi distance test - walls are the problems.  Outside relay plan - idea needs further testing.

·         Router snafu: Router snafu - After WiFi testing at GNR on Saturday, Neil incorrectly recabled router, causing GNR panic on Tuesday.

3)     Will consider buying at year-end a WiFi hand-held presenter device that controls the mouse and projector.

4)     Take ownership of Sysman's webpages. (Peggy)

·         Email all page updates to Neil for posting. (Peggy)

5)     Send feed back on service survey to Neil to post on web. Email members to respond. (Peggy)

·         Asked if anyone wants to do.  Board to email items for survey to Neil.         

6)     Close suspended accounts. (Peggy) - still to do

7)     Verify tools for managing user mailspace.

·         Forward mail quota messages to Neil. (Peggy)

·         Neil still not getting mailbox full notifications. - Check again

8)     Send updated roster to Peggy. (Neil) Done

b.      New Action Items

Online Registration used one time. Will advertise this feature when PayPal is implemented. (Neil)


11.  Webmaster's Report (Neil McLeod)

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Post procedural decisions made during Board meetings. - In progress

2)     Take ownership of Webman's webpages. - Updates in progress

3)     Continue solicitation of photographs for Community Gallery.

·         Process photos contributed by Sharon Natoli. - To do

4)     Continue solicitation of material for neighborhood webpages.

5)     Upgrade GIAC website format.

·         Investigating website Content Management System (CMS) offered by Value Reseller

6)     Change Greenbelt Astronomy Club reference to Astronomical Society of Greenbelt. Done

7)     Take digital photo of “Domestic Tranquillity” frieze for Mary. Done

b.      New Action Items

Ask for copy of BooNet’s disk utilization script - will get from Ed


12.  Director's Report (Ed James)

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Upgrade Perl script program to determine disk usage.

·         Neil has cgi directory Ed can access.

2)     Take ownership of additional project(s).

b.      New Action Items

1)     Send Boonet’s disk utilization script to Neil

2)     Set up Greenbelt Linux Users’ Group (GLUG) - In progress

3)     Work with people in GHI to set up WiFi in their courts - In progress

4)     Review Linksys device specifications for using with GNR. Done


13.  Director's Report (Anne Andersen)

a.      New Director orientation - will look at minutes of past meetings.

b.      Old Action Items

Take ownership of project(s) - Make webpages for Greenbelt neighborhoods.

c.      New Action Items

Make webpages for Greenbelt neighborhoods.

·         Get link from Neil listing neighborhoods.

·         Meet with Neil re Community Website standards.

·         Solicit content for neighborhood webpages.

·         Identify photographs needed / inform Neil.


14.  Director's Report (Phil Brandis)

a.      New Director orientation - was briefed by Neil.

b.      Old Action Items

Take ownership of project(s) - Will work on GIAC’s tax-exempt status.

c.      New Action Items - None.


15.  Audit Committee Report (Mary Camp) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Reschedule meeting with Peggy to finish 2003 and start 2004.

2)     Start 2004 audit.

b.      New Action Items - None.


16.  Legal Committee Report (Neil McLeod) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Review and update legal documents.

2)     Review contents of Legal Committee folder. – Reviewed Doug Love’s 2 page report

3)     Document bank account signatory forms procedure.

4)     Complete Registered Agent change forms - needs to know who will be the agent

5)     Finalize Articles update proposal to Members.

6)     Complete Articles filing to Maryland.

7)     Finalize Bylaws update proposals to Members.

8)     Compete tax-exempt application to IRS.

b.      New Action Items

Look for new bank for GIAC. (Neil)


17.  ISP Committee Report (Neil McLeod) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

Develop and propose new service offerings (mailing lists, threaded tech list, etc.) - Table till next meeting.

b.    New Action Items - None.


18.  Membership Committee Report (Neil McLeod) [acting]

a.      Old Action Items

1)     Membership kit to Amitiyah Elayne Hyman. Done

2)     Bring Membership kits for Neil. Done

3)     Make more membership kits.

4)     Update membership forms and save as PDF files.

5)     Need people on committee.

b.      New Action Items - None.




19.  Continued or Tabled from Previous Meetings

a.      Discussion of possibly offering DSL service - Table till next meeting.

b.      Prepare for Labor Day Festival.


1)     Determine Information Day table location - Mary called Dave Pitts. Done

2)     Fill out application and send in fee. (Mary/Peggy) Done

·         Discuss issues concerning table rental. Decided to rent table.

3)     Recruit volunteers for booth. (Mary)

4)     Awning (Peggy)

5)     Banner (Neil)

6)     Purchase security lock cable for GIAC laptop ~$35? - Discussed and decided no

7)     Other preparations/supplies/handouts/ Pencils. (Mary)

8)     Use New Deal Café WiFi connection. (Neil)

·         Confirm with NDC - coordinate via Dorian?

·         Backup phone wire?

·         Multiple laptops?


Roving WiFi laptop, using GNR DSL. Netcam? Microphone? - Table till next mtg

·         Get GNR permission


Labor Day Parade - little to no interest




20.  None.




21.  Voice Mail Roster

Jul 10 - Jul 16   Anne Andersen

Jul 17 - Jul 23   Ed James

Jul 24 - Jul 30   Mary Camp

Jul 31 - Aug 06   Peggy Bates

Aug 07 - Aug 13   Neil McLeod

Aug 14 - Aug 20   Phil Brandis

Aug 21 - Aug 27   Anne Andersen

Aug 28 - Sep 03   Ed James

Sep 04 - Sep 10   Mary Camp


22.  Next Meeting - 7:00 PM, Thursday, August 11, at the Greenbelt Police Station.


23.  Meeting adjourned at 9:46 PM (MC moved, Peggy seconded, unanimous approval)



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Camp

August 6, 2005