Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting – November 10, 2005

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Anne Andersen (arrived 7:17), Peggy Bates, Mary Camp, Ed James, (Resigned: Phil Brandis, Neil McLeod)

OFFICERS:     Terry Henderson

MEMBERS:     Neil McLeod





1.      Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Meeting chair:  Peggy Bates


2.      Introduction of Directors, Members, and Guests


3.      Changes to Agenda

a.      Proposals (additions/deletions) and approvals

b.      Approval of final agenda (PB moved, MC seconded, unanimous approval)




4.      Scheduled Guests (15 minute limit)


5.      Unscheduled Guests (3 minute limit)

Appointment of volunteers to roles and tasks




6.      Secretary (Terry Henderson)

a.      Approval of meeting minutes


1)     Meeting October 12 – ballot D-051027 not completed – extended to 11/18

2)     Fourteen meetings 1999-2003 not submitted


3)     Meetings June 7, 2005, not submitted

·         Sign-up sheet – please forward to Neil for posting (Peggy)

·         Ballot summary – please forward to Neil for posting (Peggy)

4)     Meetings 2004/2002/2001 not submitted

5)     Membership meeting 2000 – Treasurer’s report needed (Peggy)

b.      Old action items

Orientation Meeting:  6:00pm, Wednesday, November 2, at Paint Branch Golf Course - Done

c.      New action items

Buy paper


7.      Treasurer (Peggy Bates)

a.      Financial report

b.      Membership report

One new membership (Gayle Rawley)

c.      Old action items

1)     Send latest contacts PDF to all. – No progress

2)     Send accounts database (or spreadsheet) to Neil. – Upload spreadsheet ASAP / Neil will reconcile

3)     Relocate GIAC bank account and CD.

·         CD must now wait until August 2006?? - Yes

·         Bank account can be opened ASAP?? - Yes

·         Need Articles of Incorporation and Mary Camp’s signature.

4)     Submit Treasurer’s 2005 Annual Meeting notes [membership report, financial report, audit reports]. – No progress

5)     Remit payments and documents to Maryland SDAT. - Done

d.      New action items

1)     Continue New Deal Café WiFi support after December?

·         Motion:  Continue wireless support Jan-Dec 2006 – source of financing to be Neil’s webmaster job credits

(PB moved, MC seconded, unanimous approval)

2)     Upload Member journals.

3)     Describe current and retroactive procedures used to bill users for extra webspace. – Neil will ask Peggy via e-mail


8.      Vice President (Mary Camp)

a.      Classes report

1)     Scheduled classes – November 17 and November 30. DVD player not working?

2)     Proposed class topics

·         Someone (non-member) inquired about teaching classes. Mary suggested that she look at the URL to see what classes have been taught.

b.      Old action items

1)     Make sign for New Deal Cafe showing GIAC's sponsorship of WiFi hotspot. – In progress by Phil Larkin

2)     Email members about contest to design new GIAC and GREENBELT.COM logos. - Done

3)     Email members about classes. - Done

4)     Configure and test wireless relay. (Neil) – No activity

c.      New action items - None


9.      President (Any Directors) [acting]

a.      Old action items

1)     Recruiting for principals and committees. (Neil) - Ongoing

·         Invited – Rich Potter, Linda Siadys

2)     Update posted Board procedures per past minutes. (Neil) - In progress

3)     Enforce Board procedures. (Directors) - Ongoing

·         Contact Anne Andersen to determine her intentions. (Peggy) – No activity; overtaken by events / Closed

4)     Draft bylaw proposals. – Referred to Legal Committee

b.      New action items

1)     Labor Day Festival due dates need to be recognized next year.

2)     Schedule meeting room for 2006

3)     Directors are to report absences/vacations to secretary so these can be reflected in the minutes and duty rosters.


10.  System Administrator (Peggy Bates / Neil McLeod)

a.      Technical support activity report (Duty Directors)

1)     Peggy Bates (Neil)

·         Problem with limits on number of e-mails that can be sent at one time.

2)     Neil McLeod & Susan Taylor (Neil)

·         Problem sending messages to domains ‘’ and ‘’.

3)     Susan Taylor (Neil)

·         Explained virus removal messages (to a virus-innocent Macintosh user).

4)     Katy Pape (Mary?)

·         Problem with e-mail?

5)     Ed James (Neil)

·         Checked transient dial-up connection problem.

6)     Gayle Rawley (Neil)

·         Diagnosed dial-up connection problem in Windows 98.

7)     Cathy Holcombe (Neil)

·         House call to diagnose Outlook Express problems in Windows XP.

8)     Lynnda Kratovil (Neil)

·         Mailbox overflow – ~5 MB movie attachment.

9)     Ed James (Neil)

·         Coordinated a comedy of e-mail problems with VR November 5-10 (SAT-THU).

10) Elizabeth Hubley (Neil)

·         Explained e-mail authentication timeout and reset browser startup page.

b.      Old action items

1)     Report Greenbelt News Review network upgrade status. (Neil) – No activity

2)     Submit 2005 Annual Meeting notes [ISP report]. (Peggy) – No activity

3)     Upload membership roster. (Peggy) - Done

c.      New action items

Upload work orders. (Peggy)


11.  Webmaster (Neil McLeod)

a.      Community Website report

1)     Apply monthly and weekly Community Calendar updates. - Ongoing

·         Build 2006 calendar. – Please forward any suggestions

2)     Upgrade eGroups (YahooGroups) page. – Done

3)     Posted trial page linking to local blogs (diaries).

b.      GIAC Website report

1)     Post procedural decisions made during Board meetings. -  In progress

2)     Upgrade Minutes section. – In progress.

·         Locate (or create) financial and membership report files.

3)     Integrate PayPal sign-up procedure into Online Registration form. – No progress

c.      Old action items

1)     Solicit photographs for Community Gallery.

·         Posted 35 photographs of 2005 Pooch Plunge by Linda Siadys.

·         Working on Halloween photos.

2)     Upgrade GIAC website format. – In progress

d.      New action items - None


12.  Director (Ed James)

a.      Old action items

1)     Promote & support community WiFi usage. – No activity

2)     Organize & coordinate Greenbelt Linux User Group (GLUG). – Close

3)     City Council co-op certificate? – Circulate to Principals, then file

4)     GATE interview? – Circulate to Principals

b.      New action items - None


13.  Director (Anne Andersen)

a.      Old action items

1)     Develop neighborhood webpages. – Project abandoned / Closed

2)     Explain missing one meeting, several ballots, two duty weeks - Vacation plan was announced by e-mail in July

3)     New Deal Café Open House planning.  - Security issues discussed.  Mary mentioned RATware (remote access Trojan).  Membership kits will be available.  Neil will help Anne set up WiFi on her laptop.  No date set for this event.

b.      New action items

Select and act on a new Director project ASAP.


14.  Audit Committee [vacant]

a.      Old action items

1)     Complete 2003 audit report. (Mary) – No activity

2)     Collect materials for 2004/2005 audits. (Neil) – In progress

·         Requested audit procedures from Mary on 10/14 - Done

·         Requested Member journals from Peggy on 10/18 – No activity

3)     Give copy of previous audit procedures to Neil. (Mary) – Given at this meeting / Done

b.      New action items

Create read-protected directory for audit documents. (Neil) - Done


15.  ISP Committee [vacant]

a.      Old action items

Develop and propose new service offerings.

·         Negotiate IKANO DSL reseller package. (Peggy) – No activity

·         Document read-protected directories. (Neil) – No activity

b.      New action items - None


16.  Legal Committee (Neil McLeod) [acting]

a.      Old action items

1)     Review and update legal documents. – Ongoing

2)     Amended Articles of Incorporation.

·         Prepare GIAC filing package, including Ballot M-050908 hardcopies. (Neil) – Done / given to Peggy for filing

3)     Draft bylaw proposals. (Neil) – ballot D-051101 not completed – extended to 11/18

4)     Compete IRS tax-exempt application (Form 1023). (Clement)

5)     Implement nonprofit hosting program.

·         Develop a working list of Greenbelt nonprofit organizations. (Neil) - Done

·         Draft “invitation” form letter(s) for candidate organizations. (Clement/Neil) – Almost done / pending approval

6)     Committee Meeting:  1:00pm, Wednesday, October 26, at Neil’s. – Cancelled

b.      New action items

1)     Ed James has quit the committee.

2)     Committee Meeting:  1:00pm, Saturday, November 19, at Neil’s


17.  Membership Committee [vacant]

a.      Old action items

1)     Update membership forms and save as PDF files. (Mary) – No activity

2)     Need committee volunteers to support recruiting activities. – No activity

3)     10th Anniversary Celebration – No activity

·         Need a vote to authorize the expense

·         Set a working date – Saturday, April 1?

·         Who will coordinate planning, invitations, food, etc.?

b.      New action items - None




18.  None




19.  Decision by the Board on its intentions to maintain the Cooperative and its mission:

a.      Important issues if YES:

1)     Teamwork (response, attendance, voting)

2)     Recruiting of Members and Principals

b.      Important issues if NO:

1)     Nonprofit status

2)     Disposition of GREENBELT.COM

c.      Discussion:

1)     Neil asked for a reaffirmation of Board intentions and commitments, hoping to halt the increasingly conspicuous waning of involvement by the Directors and to avoid subsequent recriminations among the Principals.  Neil wishes to continue GIAC’s mission but has been discouraged lately by chronic failures of other Principals to fulfill their jobs/roles.  Having been repeatedly burned by apathy and nonfeasance, Neil will henceforth confine his involvement to the duties and activities of his own volunteered roles as Community Webmaster and alternate System Administrator (both of which involve support of GREENBELT.COM) and he intends to rightfully leave the direction and fate of GIAC in the hands of its Principals.  All new tasks of the Legal Committee related to the pursuit of nonprofit status will be suspended pending demonstration of continued commitment and productivity on the part of Officers and Directors.  Neil identified the following key issues that he believes are critical to the ongoing viability of GIAC (and necessarily preliminary to his personal re-involvement in GIAC activities):

·         Completion of the 2003 audit report (prior to the initiation 2004/2005 audit activities).

·         Demonstration of responsible stewardship of GIAC’s financial resources, including showing more administrative respect and consideration for those Members who follow the rules than for those who don’t, as well as making every effort to maintain GIAC’s long term financial (i.e., cash flow) viability; specifically, rigorous adherence to long-established billing policies for Member service accounts.

·         Finalization of and commitment to outstanding bylaw proposals that were designed to minimize the negative impacts of “dead wood” Principals and Members.

·         On the other hand, if the Principals can/will no longer commit to the levels of support that are needed to realistically maintain and advance GIAC’s activities and mission, Neil asked the Board in that case to plan and finalize the Cooperative’s inevitable demise with appropriate levels of competence and dignity.

2)     Peggy stated that she wishes to continue; however, her personal resources are limited by the demands of her new job.  She is currently making efforts to enlist help from other resources.

3)     Mary stated that she wishes to continue.

4)     Ed and Anne were noncommittal.




20.  Voice Mail Roster           (GIAC e-mail monitored daily by Ed James & Neil McLeod)

Nov 06 - Nov 12   Phil Brandis (final duty)

Nov 13 - Nov 19   Anne Andersen

Nov 20 - Nov 26   Ed James

Nov 27 - Dec 03   Mary Camp

Dec 04 - Dec 10   Peggy Bates

Dec 11 - Dec 17   Neil McLeod


21.  Scheduled Meetings

·         Audit Committee: 

·         Legal Committee:  1:00pm, Saturday, November 19, at Neil’s

·         Membership Committee: 

·         Monthly Meeting:  7:00pm, Thursday, December 8, at Greenbelt Police Station


22.  Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Terry Henderson, Secretary

December 1, 2005