Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting - May 1, 1997

GATE Office, Greenbelt Community Center


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Anne Andersen, Matt Elliott, Doug Love, Dan Macy, Neil McLeod (Absent: Ed James, Clement Lau, Laila Zaghal)

MEMBERS:     Patty Merryman, Greg Meyer, Dorian Winterfeld

GUESTS:       John Woodruff (US.NET)




1.      The meeting was called to order at ~7:00pm, with Dan Macy presiding.




2.      Volunteers

·         Volunteers were requested for several tasks that have been vacant.  The following Members volunteered for these jobs:

-         Doug Love:  Take and publish meeting minutes on the website; announce meeting notices via e-mail.

-         Neil McLeod:  Set up accounts for new Members; set policy.

-         Patty Merryman:  Produce and distribute fliers as requested via e-mail.

-         (Need a volunteer):  Recruitment.

-         (Need a volunteer):  Membership kit production.

-         (Need a volunteer):  Maintain current event bulletin on home page.


3.      Administrative Procedures

·         Dan stressed that the current holders of GIAC offices are writing up procedures for the next persons to hold office.  As an example, Neil mentioned that all expenses must be pre-approved.  (The current Officers have been volunteering a great deal of materials and office supplies, as well as time, and this may not be done by the next set of Officers.)


4.      Website Development

·         Dan noted that the GIAC home page needs redesigning, and the other pages could also be redesigned to bring more life to them.  A number of pages are not filled out yet.

·         Neil pointed out that the Community Directory pages are designed to all look the same because they should resemble one long page.  He suggested that a webpage maintenance and design group should meet regularly.  Volunteers are needed for this type of group.

·         Matt said that Keith Jahoda wants to add GHI events to the Community Calendar.  It was decided that the best way to do this would be to have all updates typed out in the format of the calendar and e-mailed to Alexander Barnes.

·         Matt also brought up the idea of putting Greenbelt Photo Club pictures on the website.   After some discussion it was agreed that Matt should attend the Photo Club meeting and solicit digitized photos.  They don't have dues and can't buy an account.  Patty suggested that we cycle the photos through a few at a time so that not a lot of space is used up.  


5.      Classes

·         Doug has ordered a PC-to-TV board for his Pentium that will enable use of a video projector in the classes.




6.      Software

·         Dan briefly discussed Net.Medic, software that allows the user to get very specific information about his/her Web connection.  The Web address for a demo version of Net.Medic is


7.      Annual Meeting

·         The following GIAC offices will need to be filled:

-         President:  Be a liaison with the provider, be a diplomat between Members, encourage volunteers, and make sure people do their jobs.  

-         Vice President:  A backup for the President.  He has been writing articles for the News Review.  It is suggested that the Vice President will coordinate the classes.  

-         Secretary:  Take notes at meetings and publish minutes on the website, keep corporate records, and send out meeting notices.  

-         Treasurer:  Keep the accounts and do the taxes.

In addition to Officers (and Directors), there will need to be other slots filled:

-         Webmaster:  Set up new Members, set policy, deal directly with the ISP, make changes, and provide technical support.  

-         Site Coordinator:  Coordinate webpage volunteers, control structure and content of the pages.  

These last two positions don't need to be Officers, but could be.   

·         Doug Love, Anne Andersen, and Greg Meyer made themselves available for offices.   Mike Sams, Dave Stein and Dorian Winterfeld had also expressed some interest in helping out GIAC, but were not present when this was discussed.  

·         Greg Meyer expressed some interest in the Vice President job, and asked how much work an officer must do.   Dan said, "About 3 hours a week", continuing with the fact that the class dates are already set for the rest of the year, so the Vice President only has to arrange the teachers.   Neil interjected that the President and Vice President jobs are external relation jobs, and the Secretary and Treasurer jobs are internal to GREENBELT.COM.




8.      John Woodruff (US.NET) - Proposal to change ISPs




9.      Scheduled Meetings

·         An early “June” Board Meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Monday, May 19, at the GATE Office to handle Director nominations.

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – May 19, 1997

·         Elections and other decisions by the Membership will be handled at the Annual Meeting on June 10.  

-         Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting - June 10, 1997

-         Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting - June 10, 1997


10.  The meeting was adjourned.



- 05/03/97 Posted by Doug Love
- 05/05/00 Edited by Neil McLeod

- 09/01/05 Reformatted by Neil McLeod