Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting – January 8, 1998

Senior Room, Greenbelt Community Center


M E E T I N G   M I N U T E S


DIRECTORS:   Tom Crompton, Jim Heagy, Clement Lau (late arrival), Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Chris Morris, Nancy Revis (Absent: Anne Andersen; Resigned: Matt Elliott)

MEMBERS:     Bill Dupree, Matt Elliott, Patty Merryman, Dorian Winterfeld

GUESTS:       Claude Revis




1.      The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, with Nancy Revis presiding.


2.      Transition

·         Bill Dupree was voted unanimously to fill the remainder of Matt Elliott's vacated Board position.  We welcome Bill's enthusiasm (and the rest of him!) to the GIAC fold.




3.      Secretary (Jim Heagy)

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – December 4, 1997


4.      Treasurer (Chris Morris)

·         Chris distributed financial statements to each Director present.  Chris reported that our combined Federal and MD tax obligation for FY 1997 is $477.  Part of the burden is the tax on advance service fees.  If/when the change to nonprofit status occurs, we may be able to file an amended 1997 return to recoup some of this tax.  

[Note:  GIAC did not have to wait for nonprofit status to recoup this improper tax payment.  Mary Halford, Business Manager for the Greenbelt News Review and GIAC volunteer, confirmed later the assertion of several Directors that advance service payments are not income and should not be taxed.  In 2000, Mary converted GIAC’s accounting basis from cash to accrual and filed amended returns for tax years 1997-1999 to recover state and federal taxes erroneously paid by Chris. –Webmaster]


5.      Membership Committee (Neil McLeod)

·         Neil distributed a service payment summary and a membership roster to each Director present.


6.      ISP Committee (Matt Elliott)

·         The ISP Committee recommended SigmaNet to be GIAC's new Internet service provider.  SigmaNet is a local ISP, whose office is in the NYMA building just behind the Greenway Center.  Sanjay Mishra, a vice president and system administrator at SigmaNet, is the point of contact.  The recommendation to switch GIAC's ISP to SigmaNet was approved unanimously, contingent on acceptable responses from references provided to GIAC by SigmaNet.




7.      None




8.      Service Rates

·         Pricing guidelines for Member service accounts at SigmaNet were discussed and debated.  It was agreed to keep the monthly fee for a basic service account at $12/month.  Each basic service account comes with 1 mailbox, 1 website account with 5.0MB of disk space, and technical support from SigmaNet.

·         Pricing for other services was discussed and debated.  It was decided to impose a $10 reactivation fee to Members to have a suspended account reactivated. 




9.      Scheduled Meetings

·         A follow-up Special Board Meeting to finalize service rates and to plan the ISP transition was scheduled for January 17, 1998. 

-         Minutes of the Special Board Meeting – January 17, 1998

·         The next regular meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, February 5, in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.    

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting – February 5, 1998


10.  The meeting was adjourned at ~10:00pm.



- 01/__/98 Posted by Jim Heagy
- 05/15/00 Edited by Neil McLeod

- 09/01/05 Reformatted by Neil McLeod