Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative

Monthly Board Meeting July 2, 1998

Conference Room, Greenbelt Police Station




DIRECTORS:   Tom Crompton, Jim Heagy, Doug Love, Neil McLeod, Chris Morris, Nancy Revis, Brian Schieber (Absent: Carol Bailey, Ralph Bram)

MEMBERS:     Friazeal Anderson, Claude Revis, Jeff Silvis

GUESTS:       Larry Smith




1.      The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, with Nancy Revis presiding.




2.      Secretary (Jim Heagy)

         Jim read the minutes of the previous (monthly) Board Meeting.

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting June 4, 1998

-         Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting - June 9, 1998


3.      Treasurer (Chris Morris)

         Chris distributed financial statements to each Director present. The year-to-date income is $593.32. The share value is $61.59.

         The question arose as to whether GIAC was pursuing an interest-bearing account for GIAC funds. Chris stated that he was going to try to work out a deal with NationsBank.


4.      Membership Committee (Neil McLeod)

         Neil distributed a membership roster to each Director present.

         Greenbelt Elementary School has moved its website to another provider (PG County Schools). This was done so without informing GIAC, with the result that approximately 60 e-mail messages had to be forwarded, one at a time, to their new account. The event underscores the importance of informing GIAC of an ISP change beforehand.

         Neil reported that some GIAC Members, without ever asking for help, have resigned after getting upset over failure to ever connect. Members are reminded that GIAC will help them with their initial setup and that technical support is available for problems that arise after initial setup.

-         GIAC technical support documentation


5.      ISP Committee No report


6.      Legal Committee (Neil McLeod for Claude Revis)

         Neil reported that revision to the GIAC Articles of Incorporation, pursuant to GIAC's application for tax-exempt status, was stalled due to lack of committee activity.


7.      Audit Committee (Tom Crompton)

         Tom reported that review of GIAC FY97 financial activities is essentially complete; one committee member (Ralph Bram) still needs to review the financial information.




8.      Volunteer Incentive Program

         Neil McLeod distributed an outline of the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP), discussed in previous meetings. The program is designed to bolster volunteer support by offering a broad range of approved activities that Members can select from and perform each month. Successful completion of an activity will be posted on the GIAC Website, earning the member a "credit" for the month. Failure to perform a monthly activity will result in a $3 activity fee.

         A motion was made to accept the VIP. The motion carried unanimously.

-         Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)


9.      Internet Service Provider

         Problems continued to plague members trying to reach NASA URLs. Bounced e-mail messages to and from NASA sites were reported, as well. Jim Heagy agreed to set up a meeting with SigmaNet representatives to discuss these and other ISP problems.


10.  Classes

         The July class will be "Windows 95 Basics", taught by Bill Dupree, at 7:00pm on July 21 in the large meeting room at the Greenbelt Library.

         Doug Love volunteered to teach the August class. The tentative title is "Back to School".

         Teachers are needed for GIAC classes for the months of September through December. There was a suggestion to hold an advanced class (HTML, website design, etc.) on one or more of these months, in the event that no teachers were available for general interest topics.

         Note that reliable class dates and times can be found online in the Community Calendar.


11.  Labor Day Festival

         GIAC is still seeking volunteers to serve at the GIAC information table on Information Day (Saturday, September 5) at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. Doug Love volunteered to help with GIAC Labor Day Parade activities (Monday, September 7). Jim Heagy and Neil McLeod also volunteered to serve on the Festival Committee.


12.  Volunteers

         The need to fill committee slots was raised. Jeff Silvis volunteered to serve on the ISP Committee. Doug Love volunteered to be a Delegate Webmaster.




13.  None




14.  Scheduled Meetings

         The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday, August 6, in the conference room at the Greenbelt Police Station.

-         Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting August 6, 1998


15.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.



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- 05/15/00 Edited by Neil McLeod

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