Minutes for June 3rd 1999

GIAC Board Meeting

Meeting called to order promptly at 7 pm Our President's opening remarks had to do with the dissapointment she experienced with the class provider we were to hire. They were late to the class and thanks to Doug Love we were able to hold the class. When the company did show up they were dismissed and our president felt they were not reliable.

Vice President's Report

There was no Vice Presidents report.

Secretary's Report

The Secretary changed the voice mail to reflect the ISP change.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer asked that the audit report be delayed until the July minutes are presented and it was granted by the board.Chris also reported that although the total number of members decreased by four the share value has risen for the cooperative - a healthy sign. Thanks to Jim Heagy our former secretary, for the generous donation of his $50 coop fee when he left. Chris will also check on the fees for a certificate opposed to a money market account for the reserve funds. Neil motioned to put $7k contingent upon fees and keeping out appropriate operating funds. It passed unanimously.

Membership meeting

The upcoming Membership meeting was discussed. It will start at 6:30pm with refreshments and proceed with the meeting at 7pm in the Greenbelt Community Center 2nd floor multipurpose room where board of directors will be elected.About 8:30 pm those Directors will elect the new officers. Patty Merriman came with a list of people already willing to take an active role in the COOP but she said we needed more people to step forward.Doug love said he would like to assist the secretary with the registration for voting and ballots. ISP items:
  • SigmaNet has been dropped as our ISP due to inconsistancies in service.The transition to Chesapeake is proceeding, 12 websites need testing,there is small problems with some cgi scripts and we are waiting for the final change of the domain name transfer. Chesapeake sent in a service application to make the account change. As for Sigmanet: the Board feels a complaint is in order. We have our Domain name back. Also a reminder Neil McLeod is retired as webmaster so as far as account transactions Neil is out of the loop. So, please we desparately need someboby who can learn to phone in account set ups to the new ISP.
  • President's thanks:

    Nancy Revis thanked all who has stuck in there and supported her and the COOP through her presidency and she hopes more COOP members will come forward and continue to make GIAC the great organization it is.Nancy was called away at 9pm so the meeting was adjourned with any unfinished business set to be addressed at the last meeting(member's meeting).

  • Classes:

    If you can pass on some of your expertise in the field of computers and the internet we would like you to volunteer to give a class, contact us via e-mail. The COOP is all about helping others. Please volunteer to help and to be part of the active process of running the COOPERATIVE. Respectfully submitted Bill Dupree Secretary GIAC