Minutes for August 10th 1999

GIAC Special Membership/Board Meeting

Meeting called to order promptly at 7 pm Our Acting President's opening remarks had to do with getting volunteers to do the work of running GIAC or outsourcing the work for a fee.

Vice President's Report

There was no Vice Presidents report.Instead Acting President Gilbert Lee deferred to Neil McLeod to report on the status of VIP(Volunteer Incentive Program) and what areas need to be handled. Neil gave a history of VIP since year 1 of GIAC, saying it has not brought out the kind of help needed to carry the corporation. Being afraid that raising the activity fee will drive off member/customers. Neil stated he has always wanted GIAC to grow and in the business sector as well. GIAC must make a decision to actually do the work or outsource and pay someone. We, GIAC need a treasurer, ISP administrator, President and accounts/system administrator. Neil said a choice to outsource was more likely to occur given GIAC's members reluctance to step forward and volunteer, no matter what the activity charge/rebate incentive offered. A couple of members sent in their responses to the question: Jeanette Bass who has just retired from GIAC due to health reasons said we should increase our fees by $5 draw up duties and a contract and get someone to do the things we don't or won't do. Keith Jahoda said that the web site is irreplaceable. We all agree we have had problems getting people to show up and help and now it is going to cost us like any other group.Doug Love suggested we give it to the ISP committee but Neil McLeod said no they have not performed in their assigned tasks. Steven Harper asked for a show of hands to go on to questions about outsourcing and how much in the way of funds were available to do the jobs. It was explained by Neil Mcleod that we have $4000 in reserves which is our refundable coop fees, $3000 in advanced payments that are operating funds that pay the ISP and expenses and a surplus of $3000 depending on the number of accounts in our bank account. This is not a large amount due to the fact GIAC has kept its prices down and passed the savings on to the members while depending on the members to fill the duties needed to run the organization. Patty Merryman a GIAC member and owner of Center Enterprises (Centerway.com)offered just such an outsourcing alternative saying Centerway.com has maintained its own Internic identity and had maintained the business directory of Greenbelt.com with Neil McLeod's help. When asked about the terms of services and the relationship between GIAC and Centerway. It was explained that Centerway would do the work for $5 an account and take the Greenbelt.com name for itself. Although the members and officers present were comfortable with dealing with someone we knew, they felt it was short of an ultimatum to give up our name for service and needed time to assess the offer.Those present felt that the name of Greenbelt.com represented GIAC and was owned soley by the corporation. Some members said we should ask the ISP, others said we should let GIAC get smaller, but none said give up ownership of the name. A licence agreement was acceptable among the members and officers. Doug Love is to draft a proposal and contract for both name use and outsourcing of the work. GIAC needs money to survive. If we let the ISP do the billing and accounts and charge minimal yearly dues we can run GIAC as the original mission statement purposed. When Centerway purposed to leave us with all the papers and duties Peggy Bates offered to do the job even with no instructions. Than Centerway.com came back with an interim purposal that they do the Treasurers duties and web accounts and we do the ISP laison work for $4 an account until we work out the licence terms. A motion from the floor to accept the interim purposal was made by Steven Harper and seconded by Jim Bates and passed. Since Centerway.com had undertaken this work in good faith and straightened out the records the body voted to pay them from August first. The vote was unanimous. A motion to table the elimination of the VIP program with the exception of the officers was tabled.

Secretary's Report

The Secretary changed the e-mail buttons to reflect the current changes.

Treasurer's Report

The audit report was finished and the accounts were put into Quicken for Dos by Neil McLeod. New check authorization is necessary, Bill Dupree will get the papers.


We lost two great members Jeanette Bass due to health problems and Cathleen Cooney we will miss them both.
  • Other Business:

    We are again having a Labor Day Information table. Please, Please, Please, email or call Doug Love or Neil McLeod to sign up for a shift. Also get a hold of Patty Merryman if you would like to participate in a parade event involving GIAC. The remainder of the agenda will be carried over due to the late hour and seriousness of the issues addressed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:26 pm

  • Classes:

    If you can pass on some of your expertise in the field of computers and the internet we would like you to volunteer to give a class, contact us via e-mail. The COOP is all about helping others. Please volunteer to help and to be part of the active process of running the COOPERATIVE. Respectfully submitted Bill Dupree Secretary GIAC