Minutes of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative Monthly Meeting, October 7th, 1999


The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Gilbert Lee Acting President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7 p.m.

Board Members and Officers present: Bill Dupree, Doug Love, Ed James, Neil McLeod, Peggy Bates, Patty Merryman, Ellen Lee, Shawn O'Neil

Guests and members: Jim Bates, Richard Menis, Mary Camp, Heather Peterson, Tim Farris of the Greenbelt News Review and his driver.

The office of president is vacant along with a board seat. Gilbert asked if anyone in attendence could take the position. Since everyone who usually attends the meeting does the work and is up to their ears in work Gil asked that an e-mail be put out to canvas the total membership to fill the positions.

ISP Elimination of Volunteer Incentive Program

The VIP program was terminated in September due to lack of response and the last of the service credits were given. Another reason given by Neil McLeod was "...that most people wanted to be customers not volunteers" and those people would not see any change in their rates. The organization still needs volunteers for key roles in guiding the co-op and making it useful and interesting to the community. We need a president and a System Administrator. The developement of an outsource agreement will be in abeyance until the ISP service remains reliable to the point where it can be trusted for business use. We will follow the temporary agreement until otherwise changed by the Board.

ISP Committee Report

Dorian was waylayed and did not attend.However Patty Merry reported that a meeting is set up with Joyce Brown the owner of Chesapeake Online on October 25th 1999 at 7pm in the conference room of the police station. This is a Board action to iron out problems the ISP and GIAC face.We still had issues from our transition from SigmaNet and need attention on details like workorders and cgi scripts that make some of the resident sites in our directory interactive,the members will be represented by the board.

Again it was reiterated that a System Administrator is needed. He or she needs no technical expertise, we have individual members that do that and the account work is handled by outsourcing to CENTER Enterprises and our treasurer Peggy Bates. We just need someone to over see the operation and be a liason to the ISP. So far we had Dorian pencilled in but we kind of roped him into it, so if anyone would truely like to help in this capacity contact the Board or Gilbert Lee at familee@greenbelt.com

Class Schedules

Our Vice President has an interesting line-up of classes: For October we will present webpage building using FrontPage Express Part I. For November Y2k issues. In December WebPage construction continued Part II. From December on, Gil would like volunteers to share their expertise with the public and the membership. Remember GIAC compensates instructors $30 in web service or cash.

Labor Day Festival

This information was ammended to the minutes for lack of time in the October meeting, it took no board action and is posted strictly for information purposes for the Board, officers and members.

No Truck! No Float! there! The Board and officers would like to thank all the volunteers who manned their shift at the information booth, who wired the tree and who braved the elements to provide Internet information to the masses. Maybe next year we will make the parade.

Treasurers Report

You are seeing the numbers this month by virtue of a Board vote to bare all about GIAC's financial goings on. Bill Dupree explained the reason for not posting but instead steering members to the information last month because of privacy issues. Jim Bates felt uneasy as did Ed James. It was then discussed that maybe we should just post our membership increases. Still Ed James was uneasy due to too much information on the web and that our process be simple. It was moved by Peggy Bates and seconded by Patty Merryman that we post number of members and that a separate vote be taken on the financial numbers.6 aye no opposed. Then it was motioned by Doug Love and seconded by Neil McLeod that we put all the information up. Doug reason being that we should be proud of the fact we are a stable organization, Neil said our business is on the table and nothing is secret. Mary Camp stated that other large non stock private companies put out a year end statement to attract business. A vote was called and the vote was split 4 aye 2 opposed the numbers will be posted.The ammended report can be viewed here.

Legal Committee

The legal files and application and resource materials were forwarded to Doug Caprette. We will get a progress report at a later meeting

Membership Committee

With the institution of Quiken the account files are manageable and reports to the secretary and treasurer are being received from our outsource company, CENTER Enterprises. This should leave more time for PR and new member recruiting. Membership packets were given to the secretary for distribution when needed.

Social Director

One of the most important positions on the Board is that of Social Director. If the Board is not happy then the whole flow is off. Not since Jeanette Bass and Cathleen Cooney have we found someone with the qualifications to maintain this high tech support function. With the addition of Ellen Lee we are again a happy bunch of propeller heads. Ellen provided cookies and 7-Up,along with napkins and cups. Thanks to her and her helper,Thomas, the Lees' son.

Secretary's Report

Some of the meeting minutes are still unaccounted for (February and March 1999)January was found and posted. If you attended those meetings the present secretary requests you submit information to fill in the missing data, since he was in an acting capacity from January until April. These transcripted minutes cannot be located for what ever reason. The secretary was also asked to compile an attendance record of the board and officers and will do so going back to this years elections. It is important to know your committment to plan organizational stradegies. The status of the President's News Letter was discussed; it was found to be redundant, as all the information resides on the Community Calendar and GIAC webpages already.So we will call it defunct. As part of the membership committee along with the treasurer and the missing system administrator we will try to utilize free advertisement in the Journal, PennySaver and other such avenues to relay GIAC's information about classes and the need for volunteers and board members. VP Gil Lee reported that the Greenbelt News Review wanted to charge him $30 for an ad about position needs. Gil pared it down but they still required $15.We decided to rewrite the ad as an article for the periodic Greenbelt's Business section of the News Review as there is no charge for this type of similar information. So our treasurer Peggy Bates suggested using the resourses at hand and put out a "Help Wanted" e-mail.Gil and Neil volunteered to work on it.Future information will be posted as a websie bulletin.

Unfinished Business

Heather Peterson was concerned about access to her directory in GIAC. Neil explained that everyone can look but not touch. On the technical side we can only change passwords and rename directories, only the member can change the content.

The LOGO CONTEST has been dragging on for months now and the board wanted a decision. It will stay open until November 1st and then the board asks you e-mail your choice of design. Peggy Bates will e-mail the announcement.

The status of the Library account will be investigated, we have use of the conference room for the free classes until December 99'. The Library wants to charge us $30 a night for its use. Neil and Gil will set up a meeting with the Library. In the past we have looked at the Community Center with its T-1 connection but availability of space is limited and our budget does not support an on going lease.

On the political front: Kelby Brick, lawyer and new candidate for city council asked to speak at our board meeting,but in keeping with our non-commercial, non-political and unbiased mission in the community and the fact that it is a business meeting we had to decline. We did however make it known that he was invited to our meetings and we would love to have him join GIAC.

The remainder of the agenda items will of course be carried over to next month's meeting. Please submit your new items early on for the board to prepare for and to address them.

Next Meeting

The next monthly meeting is November 4, 1999, at 7 p.m. December's meeting date has been moved tothe second Thursday the 11th at the same place.REMEMBER! BOARD MEMBERS and OFFICERS, the special ISP meeting October 25th at the police station at 7pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.