Minutes of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative Monthly Meeting, November 4th, 1999


The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Greenbelt Police Station. Gilbert Lee Acting President, presided over the meeting. The meeting began at 7 p.m.

Board Members and Officers present: Bill Dupree, Ed James, Neil McLeod, Peggy Bates, Shawn O'Neil, Norma Van Allen and Doug Love who came in and asked to be excused; but left his report

Guests and members: Jim Bates.

Secretary's Report

Status of meeting minutes: Those past monthly meetings that were found were posted, the others are not available.The current month's meeting minutes are in the process of being ammended per the recent board action of disclosure. The webpages that are the responsibliity of the secretary are being done in a timely manner and the problem we had with the voice mailbox was due to Bell Atlantic line work and it is now back on and fully operational.

System Administrator Report

Dorian and Patty Merryman not present, but Neil McLeod had a report: The outstanding ISP issues are Work order processing, CGI scripts, leaving mail on the server and cd-roms for set up that have not been forth coming.These items were brought to the attention of the owner of Chesapeake at the October 25th meeting. Dorian Winterfield of GIAC and Bobby Bautista of Chesapeake will address the CGI difficulties we face(online registration etc...) We still have a large time delay in fulfilling work orders, if at all and are still behind the level of service received from SigmaNet. The mail issue is going back and forth, Chesapeake says they do it a certain way and cannot accomodate our request, GIAC has offered help in the way of technical suggestions(help)Like putting our mail on our dedicated server. Gilbert Lee will contact them and ask about the software promised and nudge them in a diplomatic manner about the remainder of items.

Outsourcing Contract Status

Doug Love who is working on the contract has not received final recommendations from Clement Lau, the other member of the committee. A report is forthcoming.

Treasurer's Report

This information is available by visiting Treasurer's Summary.

Membership Committee Report

Information can also be found here as well.The account journals are current. Norma Van Allen contacted all of our new members and asked how they liked the service and if they had any problems.

Vice President's report

Gilbert Lee asked if anyone would like to be the President and said actually it was easier to do the job than look for people, at which time the board asked him if he wanted to make the title official. He agreed and Neil made a motion seconded by Peg Bates to change his title from acting president/vice-president to president of GIAC. The vote was unanimous. The secretary will stop by the bank and check on the papers for check signing.

Legal Committee

A message from Doug Caprette to Neil asked him to set up a meeting. Gilbert said he would like to help on the subject of non-profit status. Bill Dupree cautioned to make sure that commercial traffic and money donation sources not affect the process and future effectiveness of GIAC.

Other Issues

The meeting between GIAC and the Greenbelt Library was a bit surprising. Doris the current administrator does not want any connection with GIAC and wants to terminate the account. She also wants to terminate the free use of the basement conference room for the use of the monthly classes. It is apparent that the community link we shared with the library has been severed.It is strange the library would charge money for a room to an organization who gives free classes and who could not charge people a fee to even offset the room fee itself. The implications force us to find somewhere else to provide free classes to the community. The secretary will check with alternative sites like the firehall, the community center, the pool or some of the churches here in the area.

LOGO contest

We will be beating this dog another month.Please contact Peg Bates to vote for your favorite. The secretary is tired of writing about it.

President's Comment

President Gilbert would like to thank Patty Merryman for her efforts setting up the ISP meeting with Chesapeake also everyone thanked his wife Ellen our social director, for sending the delicious peanutbutter cookies and drink.

Next Meeting

The next monthly meeting is the SECOND THURSDAY! December 9, 1999, at 7 p.m. at the Greenbelt Police station.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.