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Thursday, September 11, 2003

MailWasher Free


  • FREE
  • Works with POP3 mail servers


Over just one weekend, I used MailWasher Free to block spam from one e-mail account:

    WebMan @ Greenbelt
The experience was so positive that I couldn’t force myself to confine my testing to only one mailbox and upgraded the product right away to its big brother version, MailWasher Pro (see other review).

Except for handling only one e-mail account at a time and not working with Hotmail accounts, MailWasher Free is functionally the same as MailWasher Pro.

USER-SAFE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – In my opinion, before spending money for any spam-blocking product, you should try this one; it could be all you will ever need.

-Reviewed by Neil McLeod



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