GIAC Report
Thursday, September 11, 2003

Spam Arrest


  • ~$2.00/user/month (or less, depending on number of active users)
  • $199 one-time setup fee per domain
  • A single-user version of Spam Arrest is also available ($3.33/month or less, depending on length of subscription).


Spam Arrest was selected as the premier example of a subscription type host-based product. It operates as a “challenge-response” system in which all incoming messages (except those from user-predefined whitelist addresses and previously verified senders) generate a “challenge” to the sender that must elicit a human response (first time only) to verify that the sender is not an automated system (e.g., a spamming program). For safety, unverified messages are kept for seven days to allow examination by the user.

Enabling this product immediately halts all incoming messages not previously whitelisted or verified.

-Reviewed by Ed James
-Report by Neil McLeod



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