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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Spam Inspector for Outlook Express
(Spam Inspector for Outlook)
(Spam Inspector for AOL)
Alias: Postal Inspector
by Giant Company


  • $29.95 with 30-day money back guarantee
  • 15-day free trial
  • Free updates for life


The software evaluated is for Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0/6.0. The website offers similar versions, specifically for Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 and AOL 7.0/8.0.


The download took about 23 minutes, using the dial-up modem via ( The installation was very easy and painless; it created a very nice taskbar on top of the Microsoft Outlook taskbar. After the installation, the wizard gave me an option of selecting all or some in my email address book be transferred to the "friend" list; I chose all of them, since I could delete any one from the "list" at any time. Any questionable email was moved to the "Delete mail" folder (be sure to uncheck in the Outlook option list not to delete any emails in that folder, so I can look at the list and decide whether to put the sender to "friend" list or "enemy" list or neither). Any suspicious email showed up in red font. You can even choose to block any emails written in foreign language or written in some strange collection of letters and numbers.

In short, I was very pleased with the easiness of this anti-spam software and had no problems with it. One caution ... it does not evaluate all the emails currently in the mail folders … just screens all emails that are downloaded AFTER the installation of the software. It even has a number of extra features that I am still exploring. The basic set-up at the installation really does meet all the expectations of protecting my email box from spammers. I anticipate similar performance for the versions for Microsoft Outlook and AOL mailboxes.


This is a real keeper and I do recommend Microsoft Outlook and AOL users to consider this anti-spam product. Its website advertises that it also supports POP, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, MAPI, and even HOTMAIL and MSN (Outlook 2002 only).

-Reviewed by Mike Moore
-Used and Deemed “Pretty Good” by Dorian Winterfeld



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